Have a Look at These Top Avalon Pontoon Boat Reviews

avalon pontoon boat reviews

Are you looking for a good all-around boat that provides luxury and comfort? Have a look at some of the top Avalon models. Avalon has been manufacturing quality pontoon boats since 1974 and has successfully captured a portion of the luxury market.

Is Avalon a Good Pontoon Boat?

If you’re looking for a boat that’s reliable and has a reputation for durability, the answer is yes. Avalon boats are among the best pontoon boats on the market. However, if your idea of a good pontoon boat is something that’s incredibly powerful or designed exclusively for anglers, there may be other pontoon boat companies that can meet your needs.

Overall, Avalon makes excellent pontoons that are well-rounded and dependable. If those are qualities that you’re looking for as you shop around for your ‘toon, have a look these top five Avalon pontoon boat reviews:

Avalon WindJammer Quad Lounge

avalon windjammer quad lounge

The WindJammer Quad Lounge is a mid-ranged pontoon boat that’s designed for people who enjoy spending long days on the water. It is comfortable, spacious, and comes with a 42-gallon fuel tank.

When it comes to comfort, the WindJammer Quad Lounge perfectly lives up to its name. It comfortably seats 14 people onboard. The seats are large and comfortable, and are built with aluminum seat frames welded by the manufacturer instead of the typical roto-molded bins that come with many other models. The biggest advantage of this is that it provides much more ventilation, preventing mold and mildew.

Overall, the Quad Lounge is a reasonably priced pontoon boat that comes in 20’, 22’, and 24’ sizes. It comes with premium features like built-in speakers, a Bluetooth stereo system, and hydraulic steering. Boat prices range from $15,000 to $18,000, so you get all of the luxury without the price tag.

Avalon 26 Paradise

The 26 Paradise was designed to be one of Avalon’s performance pontoons. It’s equipped with a Mercury Verado 275 engine that puts out 250 horsepower, making it one of Avalon’s quicker models. It comes with a number of premium features that improve the boat’s overall performance. Its hydraulic steering system and patented Wave Glider system, which is designed to reduce drag and make the boat easier to sail.

If you’re looking for a boat that’s built for luxury and comfort, the 26 Paradise is right for you. This pontoon comes standard with a lot of features that many other boats on the market don’t have. Some of its finer points include:

  • A plush helm seat.
  • Seats that convert to lounges.
  • An optional pop-up white rack.
  • Electric-powered water faucet.
  • Sliding drawers for maximum storage space.
  • An umbrella table for eating in the shade.

While Avalon’s 26 Paradise is marketed as one of the company’s performance boats, its true specialty is luxury. Its comfortable seating and top-of-the-line stereo system, which comes with one gigabyte of internal memory, make the boat feel more like a living room than a pontoon. This makes it one of the best boats for get-togethers on the water with your closest friends and family members.

With a suggested retail value of $55,000, the Avalon 26 Paradise isn’t cheap. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find another luxury pontoon that comes with the same premium features under $65,000.

Avalon 2585 Paradise Elite I/O

Are you looking for something that is heavy-duty, powerful enough for watersports, and is perfect for relaxing on the water with your closest friends? If you want a breathtakingly beautiful boat that can meet these demands while delivering luxury and style, the 2585 Paradise Elite is the boat for you.

With a suggested retail value of $75,000, the 2585 Paradise Elite isn’t for the budget pontooner. However, if you’re in the market for a new boat and money isn’t an issue, you’ll find no Avalon pontoon complaints with this model. What you will get is a 25’ boat that can comfortably seat you and 13 of your closest companions.

Some of the finer features that come with the 2585 Paradise Elite include:

  • Additional storage under the seats.
  • A built-in floor ski locker nearly 2’ deep and 6’ long.
  • It comes with glass holders and a wine rack installed.
  • Integrated GPS system.
  • Equipped with lighted cup holders.

The handling on the 2585 Paradise Elite is phenomenal. Its MerCruiser 350 MAG engine has more than 300 horsepower and can take the boat up to 40 mph. This makes the 2858 Paradise Elite an excellent boat for tubing and wakeboarding.

Overall, the 2858 Paradise Elite is a solid boat that’s perfect for any job. The only drawback to this pontoon is that the captain and first mate’s seats are so wide that they limit the walking room, which is hardly a serious problem.

Avalon Excalibur Elite 29

The Excalibur Elite 29 is an upper-range pontoon boat that’s 29’ long and capable of comfortably seating approximately 14 people. Like many of the other Avalon models, the Excalibur Elite is a luxurious pontoon boat that’s perfect for spending long days on the water.

The benefit of the Excalibur Elite 29 is that it comes with a number of features that aren’t available on your standard pontoon boat. For example, it has an electric wine rack near the helm that extends outward once a button is pushed. Another popular feature is the optional Water Glider package, which adds a third pontoon and lifting fins to the boat. This feature greatly reduces drag and helps the Excalibur Elite sail more smoothly on the water.

If you are searching for a fully-loaded boat that’s under $60,000 then look no further than the Excalibur Elite 29. Here are some additional highlights that help set this boat apart from other pontoons in the same price range:

  • Comes with a 12-volt refrigerator that keeps food and drinks ice cold.
  • Elegant woodgrain accents in the helm make the boat look stylish and vintage.
  • Captain’s chair is extra-large and made from a comfortable plush material.
  • Stereo system comes with iPod jack and USB ports so you can play your own music.
  • Helm has a built-in Garmin 431 fish finder that’s already loaded with various maps.

Not many boats on the market provide the same durability and luxury that comes with the Excalibur Elite 29. With a maximum speed of 30 mph and a total of 200 horsepower, the Excalibur isn’t the fastest pontoon around. However, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in comfort and style. It has a vintage look and feel that’s guaranteed to turn heads of anyone nearby.

Avalon Ambassador 2785 RL


Image from avalonpontoons.com

When you’re looking to pull out all the stops, the Ambassador 2785 RL is the pontoon for you. This 27’ long boat is luxurious and powerful enough to reach a maximum speed of nearly 45 mph. Its sleek design has a vintage feel while incorporating modern aspects, like two-tone aluminum walls.

While all Avalon models are praised for their excellent comfort, the Ambassador takes this to the next level. Its lounges and helm seats feel more like recliners than actual chairs. Other features that add to the boat’s comfort and luxury include a built-in refrigerator, electric wine rack, and illuminated cup holders.

What sets Avalon models like the Ambassador apart from other luxury pontoon boats is the number of premium features that come standard with this boat. For other luxury pontoons, you’d have to pay extra for perks like:

  • Built-in Garmin GPS and fish finder.
  • Jensen stereo system compatible with iPod and USB drives.
  • Hydraulic steering.
  • Faux teak wooden deck.
  • 5’ long ski locker.
  • Sink with electric-powered faucet.

With an engine capable of putting out 300 horsepower, the Ambassador is also a great for watersports. If you want a luxury boat that provides a relaxing experience on the water, as well as the ability to waterski or wakeboard, then the Ambassador is perfect for you.

How Are Avalon Pontoons?

If you’ve done any research on Avalon pontoon boats, you already know that they have a reputation for excellence. After reading various Avalon pontoon boat reviews, you’ve probably noticed that few people have bad things to say about Avalon boats.

For the most part, Avalon pontoon boat problems are minimal and hardly take away from the boating experience. Some common issues with Avalon pontoons include:

  • Lack of legroom at the helm because of oversized seats.
  • Unprotected underdeck wires.
  • No saltwater packages.

While it’s unfortunate that Avalon pontoon boats aren’t suitable for saltwater without modifications. However, other problems with their pontoons are generally minimal and can be remedied.

One of Avalon’s biggest selling points is their customer service. In the event that your pontoon boat should experience any problems, Avalon will make it their priority to repair your boat in a timely manner. This is why you rarely come across someone who’s unhappy with their Avalon pontoon.

Final Thoughts

Avalon pontoons are perfect for people who’re looking for a well-rounded boat that delivers luxury without breaking the bank. Many of the models have ample power for waterskiing and wake boarding, and they’re all suitable for lounging on the water.

What sets Avalon apart from other pontoon companies is that you get special features like hydraulic steering, LED cup holders, and extra storage space free with most models. While there may be more luxurious pontoon boats for sell, nobody offers more bang for your buck than Avalon.

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