Banned Boat Names Against the Rules (What’s Not Allowed!)

banned boat names

If you were not aware, banned boat names are actually a thing. There are some boat names that do get away with being overtly sexually charged or offensive, but there comes a point where authorities must draw a line, which is why certain provisions of rules and regulations have been put in place to avoid boat names that could quite literally spell the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

If you would like to learn more about the technicalities of banned boat names, as well as look at a few examples of boat names that have been banned, as well as some boat names that should be banned but have not, then keep on reading!

Boat Name Registration Rules

According to the US Coast Guard’s documentation regulations, here are the primary rules to be aware of when registering your boat and your boat’s name:

  • Boat names should not exceed 33 characters (the rough limit would be 3 words).
  • They should not be identical, phonetically or actually, to any words used to solicit assistance during sea travel.
  • Boat names should not contain any language, actually or phonetically, that is obscene, indecent, profane, or racial.

These rules have been enforced throughout the year, but there are some boat names that were still able to circumvent the regulations (as seen in one of the following sections).

Sadly, naughty and offensive boat names are still rampant in the seas because there is no actual governing body or committee that is dedicated to screening the registered names of every single boat and taking legal action when necessary.

However, this should not be an indication that you should find ways to give your boat a name that is illegal (or borderline illegal). If anything, this should be a sign for you to actually abide by the rules and help authorities by minimizing the incidents of illegal, inappropriate, or obscene boat names.

Examples of Boat Names that are Not Allowed and Can be Banned

In this section, we take a look at boat names that we are confident will never see the light of day, simply because it is clearly in violation of the standards set by the rules and regulations of the US Coast Guard.

These boat names are also bad because they can be cause for confusion. In emergency situations, especially when it is a matter of life or death, it is important to have a boat name that is clearly identifiable and cannot be misconstrued for something else.

If you want to make sure you can travel the seas safely and without any legal worries, then absolutely avoid the boat names listed below:

Rescue Incoming

This is pretty straightforward. “Rescue Incoming” is prohibited because it may be confused as, quite literally, rescue is incoming.

Emergency Situation

If you name your boat “Emergency Situation,” you might as well accept the fact that you will eventually be apprehended by the proper authorities.

The Government Ship

Of course, under no circumstances will any governing body allow “The Government Ship” to be a name of a privately owned seacraft in order to avoid any confusion, fraud, or unnecessary fear or intimidation.

Mayday! Mayday!

It may sound intense and dramatic, especially when used in films and television shows, but the use of “Mayday! Mayday!” as a boat name is downright ridiculous and irresponsible.

Sinking Vessel

This does not even need much explanation. Do not give your boat this name ever.

Coast Guard

Given that the US Coast Guard is in charge of rules and regulations of the seas, we are absolutely confident that this boat name will never ever be accepted, regardless of the circumstances.

The Navy

Just like the entry above, “The Navy” is simply a boat name that cannot be used lest others misconstrue the privately-owned boat as an actual Navy vessel.

Police Authorities

Policemen also have a certain degree of jurisdiction over the seas, but giving your boat the name “Police Authorities” is as good as walking into a jail cell for having committed a crime. If you're a police officer check out some great boat name ideas for cops.


Perhaps the most debatable boat name on this list, we still feel that this boat name should be prohibited forever because it may elicit the idea of “man overboard,” which is to say that a crew member or passenger of the vessel has fallen off the boat and is in danger.

Electrical Failure

“Electrical Failure” is another prohibited name as it signals some sort of malfunction or issue with the electrical components of the vessel.

On a side note, see some of our boat name ideas for electricians.

Examples of Rude or Offensive Boat Names that Have Not Been Banned

We have scoured the internet for the worst boat names that actually exist, and here are a few of the sexually charged boat names we have found:

Constantly Wet

In reference to a female’s private part, this boat name was allowed supposedly because the term “constantly wet” can refer to the boat itself.

In-Her Course

This is a corny way of saying that you are a very sexual being or a very sexually desperate man.

Boobie Bouncer

This is one of the most juvenile names we have encountered and should be banned out right.

Deep Ship

This boat name is kind of witty, but nevertheless, this boat name should be reviewed by the proper authorities.

Just Swallow

“Just Swallow” is yet another sexually charged boat name and is indicative of a very intimate sexual act that should not be used as a display of a boat’s identity.

Test Tackles

This one is actually pretty funny and is a joke name that we may actually let off the hook, but under professional, wholesome, and even moral conditions, this name should probably be removed from any boat that has it.

Hate Names

Another thing to consider is any names that express a form of hatred to a group of people, whether it be their sexual orientation, religious beliefs or race will most likely be banned.

It would be pretty impossible to register such a name, and it is our strong belief that this is just totally un-acceptable and should never have to be tolerated. Let's keep it peaceful at least out on the open waters!


If you are worried about your boat being banned from travel due to its name, then we hope that this guide has helped put you at ease.

Aside from this discussion on banned boat names, we have so much more ideas. We have boat name suggestions for practically anything you can think of under the sun. Whether it be patriotic names, funny names, boat names for lawyers, pilots, you name it! Be sure to check them all out for some great inspiration.

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