Bass Boat Names: 42 Clever, Unique & Funny Suggestions

bass boat names

Bass fishing is a highly popularized form of fishing that is most notorious in Japan. In the US, bass fishing is still as sought after and is considered to be one of the greatest and most satisfying recreational activities to get into. This is why we are here to present to you our top bass boat names for you to get ahead of the purchase and know what and how to name your boat.

If you would like to know the greatest bass boat names as well as a few pieces of advice when naming a boat, then read on!

Our Best Suggestions

Listed below are a few of the bass boat names we have thought of that can be used for your bass boat (or at the very least, serve as reference for whatever bass boat name you will choose in the future).

Ultimate Recreation

Give your boat name something that is light-hearted and straight to the point with “Ultimate Recreation.”

This boat name is great to show to others that you are in the bass fishing game not to take everything seriously, but to just have fun and to enjoy the ride.

Gone Hunting

For those who are into the sport of hunting on land and would like to shift to something that would pose a unique set of challenges, then “Gone Hunting” is a great name for your first-ever bass boat.

Choose this boat name if you want to let people know that you are experienced in the field of hunting animals for sport.

Drop the Bass

For the music heads out there, “Drop the Bass” is the perfect witty boat name for your bass boat that exemplifies the intensity and internal vibrations of dropping the bass in a musical sense as well as actually fighting and struggling to gain the upper hand when trying to capture bass fish.

Get this name on your bass boat if you want to let others know that you are also a fan of music, particularly the bass-heavy genres.

Bring the Bass

“Bring the Bass” is a play on “Bring the Heat,” and signifies your need or thirst for the greatest challenges the seas can provide (trust us when we say bass fishing is tough and should not be taken lightly).

This is a great boat name for those who would like to express their aggression and ferocity, as well as their fearlessness in fishing for bass.

The Gamesman

“The Gamesman” is a boat name that is a few notches classier than the boat name “Gone Hunting” which was mentioned earlier. This boat name shows a certain sophistication and slight elite status and is sure to turn some heads every now and then.

Get this boat name if you would like to show to others that you are an expert or professional in navigating the seas and hunting for bass fish.

The Spotted Bass

Taken from one of the most commonly caught bass fish in North America, “The Spotted Bass” is the most ideal and convenient boat name you could give to your bass boat that sounds simple and elegant at the same time.

If you are in quick need of a bass boat name that is relevant to the sport of fishing for bass, then this name will solve your problems almost instantly.

Angler Nation

For those looking to express their love for the community of anglers and recreational fishermen and fisherwomen, the “Angler Nation” shows pride for people uniting under a common banner and working towards a more united front.

Give this boat name some consideration if you have been engaging in (or plan to engage in) community or group-related angler activities such as bass fishing.

The Champion

In certain states in North America, annual bass fishing competitions are held to see which angler gets the largest (or most number of) bass fish within a given time period. “The Champion” is a boat name that exemplifies the spirit of competition through confidence, pride, and preparation.

Get this name for your boat if you feel like venturing into the competitive sport of bass fishing, or if you feel like you are a champion recreational bass angler in your own right.

Sea of Opportunity

If you are looking for a witty yet general boat name for your bass boat, then “Sea of Opportunity” is the opportunity you might have been looking for all this time.

This boat name is great if you want your bass boat to not be identified solely for the purpose of bass fishing, but also perhaps to be used to travel short distances across small bodies of water or to hunt for other kinds of fish species.

Some More Clever, Funny & Even Naughty (Possibly Offensive) Names for Bass Boats

  • Reel Happy
  • Bass Crapper
  • The Ranger
  • Happy Hooker
  • Bass-O-Nater
  • Got Hooked
  • Silver Surfer
  • Angler Management
  • Bass Junkie
  • Fishy Business
  • Skeeter Bite (if you have a Skeeter bass boat)
  • Worth The Weight
  • Night Basser
  • Bass Blaster
  • A Salt Weapon
  • 4-Play
  • Blew By You
  • The Salty Dog
  • Bite Me
  • Depth Star
  • Bass Chaser
  • Inglorious Bass-Turd
  • Reely Nauti
  • Bass Hole
  • My Dixie Wreck
  • Bass 2 Mouth
  • Smooth N Wet
  • Bass Catcher
  • Wet Dream
  • Slip N Slide
  • Master Baiter
  • Salty Test Tackles
  • Sea Bass
  • The Bass Father

Quick Tips on Choosing Boat Names

There actually is no list of comprehensive guidelines and regulations when it comes to labeling your bass boat, but there are still some rules you have to follow, and some of these are of great importance in order to avoid or come out of life and death situations.

  • Keep your bass boat name short and sweet. Any boat name longer than 3 words is just downright impractical. It would be hard for other vessels to properly identify you and the text you will have painted on the necessary parts of your boat will be relatively small and therefore hard to see from certain distances.
  • Avoid bass boat names that are similar to (or completely identical with) emergency signals or call signs. Avoid terms like "Mayday! Mayday" or "Fire Alert" as this may lead to legal implications on your end and miscommunication during emergency or tense situations. These boat names could be banned.
  • Your bass boat name can be changed, but several people consider changing a boat's name bad luck. Whether or not you believe in superstition, changing your boat name may not be the best thing to do (unless you have purchased a second-hand bass boat or truly no longer like the initial boat name you have given it).


Bass boat names may be fun and quirky, but trust us when we say that regardless of how wacky, silly, cheesy, or corny your selected boat name is, at the end of the day, it is still your boat. So, as long as you choose a boat name that is to your liking without being offensive or discriminatory to others, then you are all set!

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