Bass Boat Wraps: Top 11 Design Ideas and Tips

bass boat wraps

Thinking about customizing your bass boat? Before you consider an expensive custom paint job, you might want to look into bass boat wraps instead. Bass boat wraps are applied by literally wrapping your bass boat in a vinyl film that’s designed with virtually any print or pattern you can think of.

Wraps are durable, easy to apply, and best of all, affordable. So if you’re looking to give your bass boat a fresh new look, here are a few vinyl wrap design ideas to show you the endless possibilities you can explore for your boat.

11 Bass Boat Design Ideas

For the record: there’s really no limit as to what you can do with your bass boat wrap. Companies that provide vinyl wrapping services can print pretty much anything on vinyl and apply the sheet to your boat to achieve any custom look you want. But just to give you an idea as to what your boat can look like, here are some popular bass boat wrap designs.

1. FX Skeeter from Tyler Wrap Co.

FX Skeeter wrap

This sporty FX Skeeter wrap comes from Tyler Wrap Co., a Texas-based company specializing in boat and car vinyl wrapping. They have a team of six expertly trained professionals that provide clean, efficient bass boat wrapping services that focus on branding.

Most of their clients join bass boat tournaments and choose their service for their bright designs, professional application, and excellent brand placement.

2. Clear Wrap from JD Incorporated

JD Incorporated cler vinyl wrap

Maybe you like the paint job on your bass boat, and you’re really more interested in protecting it than in changing the way it looks all together. JD Incorporated has you covered.

This Texas-based company provides a clear vinyl wrap that’s entirely transparent, letting your boat’s actual color and print shine through. Their clear wrap is perfect for boat owners who just want that added layer of protection without obstructing their boat’s original look.

3. Big Bass Dreams by Gator Wraps

Gator Wraps

Another trusted provider in the vinyl wrapping and decal industry, Gator Wraps has served thousands of clients with their world-class vinyl wrapping that provides maximum protection, color, and shine. They’re based in California and see quite a lot of clients yearly just in time for tournaments.

4. Carhartt by VFX Wraps

VFX Bass Boat Wraps

VFX Wraps specializes in matte finish wraps that are definitely on a different aesthetic plane compared to the standard glossy finish. They’ve worked with some pretty big names in the industry which says a lot about the caliber of their services. 

What’s particularly alluring about their service is that they also wrap trailers, which can be a tough job requiring loads of skill and dexterity.

5. Red Crest by Watercraft Designs

Red crest watercraft designs

Maybe you’re not really looking for branding and simply want to upgrade your boat’s look. The red crest design from Watercraft Designs might be just for you.

This subtle yet powerful aesthetic uses a dark gray background accented by edgy red fish patterns that give it some serious contrast. The striking colors also make it super visible on the water so neighboring boats know exactly where you are.

6. Digital Camo by Graphic Boat Wraps

Digital Camo by Graphic Boat Wraps

Graphic Boat Wraps caters mostly to casual bass boat owners who just want to give their boat a fresh new look. Their digital camo print is one of their bestsellers, and provides boaters with a timeless look that’s both sporty and discreet. 

The company also offers solid, two-tone, and color changing wraps that can definitely give you that subtle yet stylish look you’re hoping to achieve.

7. Custom Patriotic Print by JH Design Unlimited

JH Design Unlimited

JH Design Unlimited offers wrapping services for vehicles, boats, and trailers. Their comprehensive service package means that you can have all of your big boy toys wrapped at discounted prices. While they’re pretty big on wrapping for brands, they also provide custom prints and colors that let you expand your creative horizons. Their patriotic print is one of their most popular, and really makes you feel that red white and blue running through your veins.

8. P51 Mustang Chrome by 360 Wraps

Now, here’s something you don’t see everyday. The guys at 360 Wraps recreated the iconic P51 Mustang look on a bass boat - complete with a polished chrome finish. 

The ultra shiny layer of vinyl comes with pseudo bolts and seams to make it look as authentic as possible. You can bet this boat design will get you everyone’s attention out on the water.

9. Lund by Wrap It Up!

Lund wrap design

The low-key sophistication of the Lund wrap design by Wrap It Up! can easily make any jaw drop. The deep, dark, rich purple color accented by white wispy patterns can turn any old bass boat into nothing short of a work of art. 

Toss in the expert application by the guys at Wrap It Up!, and you’ve got yourself a polished vinyl wrap job that can last years to come.

10. Malibu by Wrap Guys

Malibu vinyl wrap

There’s just something about the Malibu vinyl wrap from Wrap Guys that attracts attention. Maybe its the perfect contrast of bright colors, or the subtle, clean lines. Whatever the case, this one’s a wrap for the ages.

Both vintage and contemporary, this particular design can make your bass boat look as fresh as your catch. And because it doesn’t use exaggerated whites, you can expect the wrap to age gracefully even with extended water and sun exposure.

11. Military Style by Arizona Color

Military Style Boat Wrap

Who doesn’t love a good military-themed boat wrap? This pick from Arizona Color touts some pretty mean teeth - literally. The creative design tries to mimic a realistic gunmetal sheet aesthetic, complete with metal nails to give that authentic military look.

The best part of course is that while it might look like legitimate metal, the wrap provides maximum protection against rust and damage for the length of its lifespan - or even longer, depending on how well you take care of it.

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How Are Bass Boats Wrapped?

Vinyl wrapping is a delicate process and you should probably leave it to the professionals if you want a clean job. But if you were curious about the process, or if you’re looking to learn, here’s a quick rundown of the steps involved:

Preparing the Bass Boat

Vinyl wrap is ultra tight and clings to your boat’s surface without reservations. This means that any dings, dents, and deformities will definitely shine through. That said, your boat will likely be prepared beforehand by removing any inconsistencies in the surface - especially those that are likely to show.

Preparing the Wrap

Yes, even the wrap will have to be prepared. Choosing the right size is a major part of the process. It’s also important to picture out how the wrap will appear on the boat if there are prints and brand logos involved.

Laying Out the Vinyl

Cut the vinyl into sections to fit each panel of your bass boat. With the help of a friend, stretch out the sheet and remove the backing to reveal the adhesive underside. Lay the vinyl wrap as flat as possible on the surface of your boat to avoid producing bubbles under the wrap.

Flat it Out

Professionals often use a handheld squeegee to push out air bubbles that might be trapped under the surface. For larger bubbles, it’s possible to pull up the wrap and apply heat to allow the vinyl to lay flat on the surface. This can be especially tricky when working with dynamic bass boat panels that might not be perfectly flat.

Clean the Edges

Working on the edges can be especially challenging. Heating the vinyl to activate the adhesive can help guarantee a secure fit around edges. When the whole panel is covered and the borders are secure, then you can get to work with a fine cutter or a precision knife to get rid of the excess.

A vinyl wrap job today can be just about the same cost or cheaper than a brand new paint job. And because it can last for over a decade with proper care, they’re definitely worth the price considering the kind of lasting protection they provide.

How to Take Care of a Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap will require just about the same amount of TLC as a non-wrapped bass boat, so it pays to know how to take care of it to make sure it maxes out its lifespan.

  • Use mild soaps - Steer clear of harsh chemicals. Read labels to make sure you’re using a product that’s right for a vinyl wrap.
  • Avoid stiff cleaning tools - Hard bristle brushes and rough rags can damage your vinyl wrap. Stick to hand cleaning or soft bristle brushes and microfiber towels instead.
  • Don’t forget to wax - Polishing wax for vinyl wrap can keep your boat looking brand new, and can add a layer of protection to its vinyl cover.

That’s a Wrap

Bass boat wraps are an affordable, accessible, and versatile way to get your bass boat looking fresh and new. Take cues from these popular designs to find the perfect wrap for your boat, and enjoy maximum protection against scuffing and scratches for the next decade.

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