Best Fishing Boat Names: 127 Cool, Funny & Unique Ideas

best fishing boat names

The best fishing boat names are names that can either be common yet substantial, or rare and unique. They can also be somewhere in the middle. What we are trying to say is identifying the best fishing boat names is highly speculative and subjective, but if you are waylaid by the boat naming process and confused as to how to actually finalize a name, then hopefully our ideas will help.

If you would like to be inspired by what we thinking are the best fishing boat names in the world, as well as learn about a few key pieces of information you should consider when deciding on a name, then read on!

Our Best Suggestions for Fishing Boat Names

Listed below are our favourite fishing boat name suggestions we have identified (according to category):

Cool Fishing Boat Names

Eat, Ship, Repeat

From the famous phrase “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” comes the very witty and cool fishing boat name “Eat, Ship, Repeat.”

If you are the type of person who wants to keep things simple and mellow, then this fishing boat name is practically the epitome of coolness.

Here's some more cool ideas:

  • Get Reel
  • Anglers Dream
  • Gone Fishin'
  • Reefrunner
  • Fishy Business
  • Reel Em In
  • Fish Biz
  • Reel Escape
  • Reel Estate (see more boat names for real estate agents)
  • Knot 4 Reel
  • Reef Madness
  • Reel Magic
  • Bait Master
  • Get Reel
  • Hooked
  • Rod and Reel
  • Hook, Line And Sinker
  • Rigged and Ready
  • Wicked Fishing
  • Talkin' Bass
  • Searchin
  • Arti-Fishal
  • Reel Twisted
  • Reel Obsession
  • Fish Fever
  • Get The Net
  • Anglers Edge
  • Nothing But Net
  • Pier Pressure
  • Silver Lining
  • Fish Tales
  • Catch 22
  • The Codfather
  • Lookin 4 Fish
  • Trawlin' You
  • A Reel Lady
  • Breaking Bass
  • Afishscent
  • Flounder Pounder
  • Off The Hook
  • A Salt Weapon
  • Hell On Reels
  • Cast Off
  • Fishin' Impossible
  • Here Fishy
  • Cast And Cruise
  • The Reel Deal
  • Crappie Time

Faith-based Fishing Boat Names

The Divinity

For those looking for a more god-like or spiritual fishing boat name that is more neutral in terms of religion, “The Divinity” is something that will definitely have some heads turning (in a good way).

If you are a fan of astrology, faith, and other similar activities, then this fishing boat name would also be a worthy competitor for your shortlist.

Heaven’s Ward

For those looking for something more holy and pure, perhaps being a ward for heaven is meant for your fishing boat name.

“Heaven’s Ward” is something you can use as a label to express your faith in God.

*For more similar ideas see: Christian Boat Names 

Funny and Clever Fishing Boat Names

Miss Conduct

“Miss Conduct” is a fishing boat name you use for yourself if you used to be one of those kids that were always sent to the principal’s office. Good times!

Hugh Jass

Taken from a very funny exchange of dialogue between Bart Simpson and Moe from the hit TV series “The Simpsons,” this fishing boat name will surely get the attention of those in the know.

For those who are not familiar with this, it would be absolutely hilarious to make them say your fishing boat name over and over again.

Ships and Giggles

If you are the kind of fishing boat owner to take things lightly, and would like your vessel to emanate the same vibes and energy to anyone who sees it, then “Ships and Giggles” would be one of the best boat names for you.

More funny ideas:

  • Fish Outta Water
  • Barnacle Bait
  • Squid Row
  • Nauti Fish
  • Chasin' Tail
  • Worm Dangler
  • Good Tackle
  • Anita Reel Job
  • Fishcapades
  • Nuclear Fishin'
  • Tunacolada
  • Fish n Ships
  • Error 404: Fish Not Found
  • Fin n' Tonic (see more alcohol related boat names)
  • Reely Expensive
  • Stinky Anchovy
  • Fishing For Compliments
  • Holy Ship
  • Fish Magnet
  • Shark Bait
  • The Crusty Barnacle
  • Presidential DeBait
  • Prawn Shop
  • 4ward My Calls
  • Knot On Call
  • Squid Pro Quo
  • Reel Confusion
  • Nice Rods
  • Bite Me
  • Reel Damages

Intimidating Fishing Boat Names


If you want to name your boat after a cosmic giant sea serpent that is said to be the child of dragon gods and is tasked to hold the Earth together, then consider the fishing boat name “Bahamut.”

The Destroyer

If you want others to feel intimidated by the size of your sea vessel, or if you are trying to compensate for the lack thereof, then this fishing boat name will do you good in terms of the intimidation factor.


If you get into the weird part of YouTube, you will end up seeing countless videos of the vicious big-toothed Megalodon and how if it exists today, our world would be a totally different ecosystem.

Some more intimidating ideas:

  • Grim Reefer
  • Fish Stalker
  • Bass Hunter
  • Sushi Hunter
  • Big Bass Boat
  • Fish Eater
  • The Big Fish
  • Reef Chief
  • Trophy Hunter
  • The Rodfather
  • Great White
  • Exterminador

Classic Fishing Boat Names

Black Pearl

The “Black Pearl” is the pirate ship of the legendary Jack Sparrow, portrayed by none other than Johnny Depp. If you want a throwback ship to a throwback time when the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise dominated the movie industry, then this fishing boat name is definitely for you.

Jolly Roger

For those really wanting to go back to their childhood days, Captain Hook’s pirate ship “Jolly Roger” is something to behold.

Give this pirate ship name to your fishing boat for the nostalgia effect. You would definitely have good vibes and positive mental associations with your fishing boat with this name.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Seized by Blackbeard from the French-owned slave ship, this 1700s-era boat name is sure to capture the attention of historians and well-educated individuals in the realm of sea travel.

If anything, this fishing boat name would be an amazing conversation-starter and would surely make you look highly knowledgeable with regard to the stories of the seas.

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Sexy Fishing Boat Names


If you are feeling naughty and in the mood, or if this is your general disposition in life, then give your fishing boat name the name “Seaductress” and let the world know that you are in it for the sexual energy.

Sensual Taste

For those looking to put food and sexual acts together, which are arguably two of the best things that exist in the world right now, the fishing boat name “Sensual Taste” will definitely tickle your senses (and a few other body parts as well).

Intimate Gaze

If you yearn for that connection with someone, the feeling of love and adoration that is almost bordering on idolatry, then perhaps the fishing boat name “Intimate Gaze” is something for you to give heavy consideration to.

If anything, this will definitely make people think about you in a different light.

More sexy boat names:

  • Lure Me
  • Shellfish In Bed
  • Easy Catch
  • Fishnets

Rude & Naughty Names

  • Master Baiter
  • Salty Test Tackles
  • Happy Hooker
  • Dirty Oar
  • Happy Oar
  • Knotty Hooker
  • Wet Dream
  • Motor Boater
  • Prawn Star
  • Mother Rudder
  • I've Got Crabs
  • Playbuoy
  • Nice Aft
  • 4 Play
  • Reel Tight
  • Morning Wood
  • Bass-Hole

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Tips and Advice for Trying to Come Up with a Name for a Fishing Boat

There are not a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to giving your fishing boat a name. However, there are a few universally accepted practices (both written and unwritten) that must be followed for the sake of safety, practicality, and ease of communication.

Check out the list of tips and advice you need to know for your fishing boat below:

  1. Keep your fishing boat name short and sweet. It is such an eyesore to look at an extremely long boat name that had to be painted on the boat with unreasonably small text size. A common practice all around the world, regardless of the shape, size, or purpose of the boat, is to limit the word length to approximately three words (English language). Two words is the most ideal and one word is the most practical (but it would be rather difficult to thinking of a one-word boat name that best represents you).
  2. Our suggestions for the best fishing boat names are not absolute and everything in this list is subjective. If you happen to not like or fall in love with any of our fishing boat name suggestions listed above, that is completely fine. As a fishing boat owner (or future fishing boat owner), the honor and privilege of giving your boat any name are totally up to you. If you feel like a more personal fishing boat name is more appropriate, or perhaps a word (or string of words) that is not common to fishing boats is more fitting, then please go with that fishing boat name instead.
  3. Absolutely avoid naming your boat after emergency signals and call signs (see banned boat names). Unlike the pieces of advice mentioned earlier, this one is actually enforced by the regulations of the US Coast Guard. They have provided a provision stating, more or less, that boat names should not be identical or similar in sound to any of the emergency signals or call signs used in sea travel. Names to avoid include (but are not limited to) “Mayday, Mayday,” “Capsized Boat,” and “Fire Alert.”


Picking a fishing boat name is such a fun and exciting process. Unlike airplanes and cars, fishing boats truly require a label so that each can be properly identified during communication and emergency situations.

Take your time, a few days if you must, and make sure to get your name right the first time (as it is allegedly bad luck to change your boat name a second time). We hope these fishing boat names have inspired some great ideas for you.

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