Best Gas Caddies for Pontoon Boats: Top 3 to Save on Fuel

best gas caddies for pontoon boats

If there’s one thing that might make a pontoon boat owner shake his head, it’s gas prices at the marina. Let’s be real -- it can feel a lot like highway robbery to fuel up at your local dock. But because you can’t just drive your pontoon boat wherever you want and get her gassed up, do you really have a choice?

Contrary to popular belief, you actually do have a choice. Lots of pontoon boat owners these days have turned to gas caddies to help save up on gas prices and keep a stash of fuel at the ready whenever and wherever they might need it. Find out more about this clever hack and discover some of the best gas caddies for pontoon boats with this quick guide.

The Importance of Having a Gas Caddy

There are loads of reasons why you might want to consider packing along a gas caddy, and they may directly impact the price you pay for your boating experience. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Cheaper gas prices since you can gas up anywhere instead of being limited to the marina
  • Fuel availability whenever you need it, even during the middle of a trip
  • Convenient way to keep an extra stash of gas
  • Wheels make it easier to transport your fuel from the station to your boat
  • Easy and efficient operation lets you fill up your tank with little effort
  • Secure storage ensures you don't have to worry about gas leaking out on your boat

On the downside, gas caddies can be pretty heavy especially if you want to bring along a significant amount of fuel. Models that use steel bodies are also particularly bulky and may require two people to move around.

The Best Gas Caddies for Pontoon Boats

1. DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can

pontoon boat gas caddy

As our top choice, this gas caddy from Duramax touts corrosion and rust resistant material that’s designed for lasting performance. The ergonomic design also means that you won’t have to struggle too hard to fill up your can and bring back to your boat.

The body features two wheels that let you easily glide the caddy into your boat so you won’t have to carry its weight. And because it comes with a substantial 14-gallon capacity, the design can definitely provide more than enough fuel to keep you confident during your trip.

2. Roughneck UL Listed Gas Caddy

roughneck ul listed gas caddy

If you’re looking for something a little extra durable, you might want to give the Roughneck UL Listed Gas Caddy a try. The heavy design carries up to 30 gallons of gasoline and comes with 10-inch heavy-duty steel wheels that tout a semi-pneumatic tires for easy transport even on rough terrain.

The design comes with a 2-way heavy-duty rotary pump that delivers fuel at an alarmingly fast pace. Every 12 revolutions of the rotary pump delivers a whole gallon of fuel, allowing you to fill up your tank with greater ease and accuracy.

3. Sea-Doo LinQ 3.8 Gallon Fuel Caddy

sea-doo linq 3.8 gallon fuel caddy

Mainly designed for smaller vessels, the Sea-Doo LinQ 3.8 Gallon Fuel Caddy carries a modest 3.8 gallons of gasoline. The fuel-safe material is both rust and corrosion resistant, providing reliable, safe performance even under hot conditions. Plus, the design is marinized for salt water exposure, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it with extended use in harsh conditions.

While it doesn’t come with wheels, the gas caddy does mount to your boat for secure storage as long as you buy the right accessories. Also, since it doesn’t carry too much gasoline, it might work best as a safety measure instead of a storage solution to let you bring around the amount of a full tank.

How Much Money Can You Save By Using a Gas Caddy?

You’d be surprised how much you can save on fuel by simply buying a gas caddy. In fact, most boat owners underestimate the difference in prices between marina gasoline and regular gasoline you might be able to purchase from your local gas station.

To put things into perspective, marina’s can charge between $0.80 to $1 more on each gallon of gas versus a standard gas station. An average pontoon boat with use about 5 gallons of gasoline every hour at cruising speed.

If you’re going on a 5 hour trip, you could use up to 25 gallons of gasoline for the whole length of time you’re driving your boat. That means you could save anywhere from $20 to $25 on your fuel expense if you’ve got a gas caddy and fuel up at your local gas station instead.

A Practical Addition

A gas caddy is more than just a nice thing to have around in case of an emergency. It’s a practical pontoon boat essential that you might want to seriously consider if you’re tired of overspending on gasoline. Make sure you check out our vetted choices for the best gas caddies for pontoon boats and enjoy this simple hack to cut back on fuel prices.

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