3 Best Jon Boat Seat Clamps (With Swivel Mounts)

best jon boat seat clamps

The jon boat seat clamp is perhaps the simplest, most intuitive seat mount solution on the jon boat market to date. You can buy these babies pretty much anywhere these days, and they install like magic. So it really comes as no surprise how they’ve become so immensely widespread for jon boat owners looking for a way to make that bench a little more comfortable.

But while it can be easy to find a seat clamp, the sheer number of options also makes it pretty tough to zero in on a choice that’s right for you. So if you were on the market in the hopes of finding the best jon boat seat clamps, this definitive guide should help you make the right pick.

How Do Jon Boat Seat Clamp with Swivels Work?

The genius behind the jon boat seat clamp is that it quite literally clamps onto your bench. They’re great for boat owners who might not be too handy, or those who don’t want to spend time with a tool box and drill. The ingenious design features a type of steel framework that clamps against your bench to keep the mounting hardware in place.

For the swivel seat clamp, the mount is replaced by an upgraded swivel hardware that allows your seat to turn around during use. This can be particularly helpful if you keep your gear and supplies in different areas of your boat, but don’t have the patience to keep standing up or reaching out just to get to them.

Things to Consider When Buying a Jon Boat Seat Clamp

You’d be surprised how manufacturers have switched up what was once a simplistic design. These days, there is quite a lot of variety in the jon boat seat clamp market, so it can be pretty easy to fall into a purchase that might trigger a deep sense of buyer’s remorse later on.

If you’re not the kind to have the patience for a tedious returns process, you might want to consider these factors before you make a purchase:


This one’s probably one of the most important considerations you could make when buying a clamp for your jon boat. These things are typically designed to sustain significant weight, but they still have their limits. While most manufacturers don’t really mention any weight ratings, you could get an average number by contacting them or by reading the manual.

Another thing about durability is construction. Most jon boat seat clamps are made from aluminum or stainless steel. This helps improve resilience versus mechanical damage as well as potential corrosion from water exposure.


You’d think that the mounting feature is all you really need. But the modern seat clamps of today can come with a bunch of added functions that make the more convenient, comfortable, and practical, especially if you’re in the market for a versatile piece.

Some choices don’t only swivel, but also slide to let you move closer to either the bow or stern of your boat. Others come with rubber coated mounting legs so as not to leave a mark on your bench. It’s also pretty common to find seat clamps that adjust so as to fit boat benches of varying sizes.


The whole installation process is probably the last thing you’d have to worry about when it comes to seat clamps for jon boats. These things just snap into place, and come with adjustable legs that you can move around to fit your bench as snugly as possible.

Keep in mind though that there are some clamps that have received poor reviews for stability. Some boat owners complain that their clamps come undone with the slightest shift in weight. That said, these clamps might require extra installation steps, not limited to bolting them in place to prevent them from moving around so much.


Of course, everything you buy for your boat should be something that’s built to last. Unfortunately, if you’re on the market for jon boat seat clamps, you’ll find that a lot of them don’t really care about quality. Lots of picks that are made overseas might entice you with their ultra low prices, but ultimately fail when it comes to providing reliable, safe performance.

On the upside, you can always check the warranty to see just how reliable a seat clamp can be. Boating supply manufacturers who are confident in their products will be more likely to slap on a lengthy warranty. The longer the coverage, the more you can rely that your boat seat clamp will be up to code.

The 3 Best Jon Boat Seat Clamps

Not quite sure which seat clamps are up to the challenge? Consider these vetted choices considered the best seat clamps for jon boats around.

1. Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount

jon boat seat clamp on swivel

You really can’t go wrong with Attwood’s 15700-3 Seat Mount. Featuring a swivel mount, this adjustable clamp comes in a sleek, discreet, powder-coated aluminum finish that makes it easy to conceal under a seat. The durable construction features world class quality that can sustain hundreds of pounds of weight with ease.

Adjustable from 7.5 to 18 inches, this versatile choice’s swivel action mount accepts almost all seats, featuring some of the most popular hole patterns to make it easier for you to find a chair to match. Its rubber coated legs also help guarantee a stable hold on the bench, keeping your seat in place even as you shift your weight.

If there’s anything that’s particularly enjoyable about this mount, it’s that all of its moving parts slide and glide effortlessly like a well-oiled machine. The crisp yet smooth movement allows seamless mobility around your boat without having to lift up your bum.


Parading itself as one of the best manufacturers for marine accessories and equipment, Invincible Marine touts their Adjustable Seat Bracket with Swivel as one of the most durable choices on the market. The aluminum frame features a vinyl coating that protects both your boat from scuffing and the mount itself from UV radiation and moisture damage.

Designed for use in both fresh and saltwater conditions, this seat bracket comes equipped with a 360° swivel feature that allows you to move and reach around your jon boat with maximum mobility. It also comes with adjustable clamps that can be modified from 7 inches to a whopping 20.

If you’re not sure if the Invincible Marine is up to the challenge, it’s worth mentioning that it does come with a 1-year warranty. This design touts a year long coverage for damages and defects, giving you a little extra peace of mind in knowing that your seat mount isn’t going to give way all that easily.

best jon boat seat clamp

Now maybe you were interested in something a little more basic. The Wise Jon Boat Seat Clamp might be for you. This stripped-down seat clamp doesn’t come with a swivel feature, but it makes up for the lack with its ultra durable construction. Its the only choice on our list that uses a reinforced steel for its framework, combined with ultra strong plastic for stable, reliable performance.

The base itself adjusts up to 20.5 inches to fit most jon boat benches, and its hole patterns are designed to accommodate most if not all jon boat seats available on the market.

Easy to mount and complete with rubber vinyl dipped legs for extra durability and grip, this guy comes with a whopping 3-year warranty coverage which might work in your favor if you’re looking for something that’s here to stay.

Tips for Installing a Jon Boat Seat Clamp

By far, the jon boat seat clamp has to be the easiest to install across the board. In most cases, those legs just clamp over the existing bench, allowing you to pop the mount on or off depending on what you need at the moment.

But even then, there are a few things you might want to think about before you make that installation. Here are a few tips for installing a seat clamp on your jon boat:

Keep It Centered

The slightest error with weight distribution can make it possible for your boat to capsize, if we’re talking worst case scenario. Make sure you center your seat clamp as much as possible to prevent any problems with weight distribution on your jon boat.

Make Sure Its Snug

Those adjustable legs are there for a reason. Try to get them to hug your bench as snugly as possible to make sure it doesn’t pop out of place when you’re seated. Also check those bolts and tighten any loose screws to keep the mount from coming off.

Bolt It In Place

If your jon boat seat mount just doesn’t stay in place when you shift your weight or swivel, then you might have to bolt that baby in place. There are lots of boat owners on forums that talk about how they secured their seat clamp in place for stable performance.

Alternatively, you can try a seat bracket kit. This allows boat owners to mount a swivel plate or even just a jon boat seat mount on their bench. The Wise Sure Mount Seat Bracket Kit provides durable performance with extruded aluminum construction, and features hole patterns that fit most mounts.

Have a Seat

That jon boat bench can get really uncomfortable really fast. Fortunately, the best jon boat seat clamps are available almost everywhere. Keep our vetted choices in mind when you go shopping for a seat clamp so you can buy something that’s guaranteed to provide reliable, lasting performance that you can depend on.

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