Want a New Boat? Here Are Some of the Best Luxury Pontoon Boats

Do you enjoy spending sunny days floating on the water, but want more comfort and style than the average pontoon boat offers? If so, there are a number of luxury pontoon boats on the market that have been designed for performance, comfort, and elegance.

What to Look for in a Luxury Pontoon Boat?

The best luxury pontoon boats come with features that aren’t offered with your standard, run-of-the-mill pontoon boat. When choosing a luxury pontoon boat, you want to find something that looks and feels better than its competitors, while also having a reputation for excellent performance and durability.

Superb Design

Aesthetics play a big role in how the boat was designed. Just like with luxury automobiles, luxury pontoon boat manufacturers pay more attention to the details when designing the watercraft. Things like high-quality seats, computerized control panels, and hints of chrome or wood on the steering panel are common features for luxury pontoon boats.

Improved Technology

Luxury pontoon boats come with improved controls that aren’t featured on standard boats. Features like improved navigation and state-of-the-art stereo systems provide an extra layer of safety and comfort.

Top Performance

Luxury pontoon boats aren’t only designed to be stylish and comfortable, they’re also created to outperform their competition. Lightning fast engines and improved controls make luxury pontoons easy to navigate, even in more narrow waterways.

Here are some of the best luxury pontoon boats on the market:

Avalon Windjammer 2585 ENT

Avalon has a reputation for building some of the most reliable pontoon boats on the market; their brand image is synonymous with style and innovation, and the Windjammer 2585 ENT is no exception. This boat has a sleek, two-tone body style that looks as if it was inspired by the classic luxury cars of the 1960s and ‘70s.

The Windjammer 2858 ENT is comfortable and spacious. The seat cushions are durable and soft, and are attached to welded aluminum seat frames. This doesn’t only increase the durability of the pontoon boat, it also makes the Windjammer 2585 ENT more spacious and helps boost its capacity to drain water.

Those who’re looking for a quick and maneuverable pontoon boat will be pleased with the Windjammer 2585 ENT. The boat comes with Mercury 150 engine that is capable of reaching nearly 36 mph, and its underdeck is fitted with an aluminum layer designed to improve acceleration.

Bennington 21 SLX Premium Saltwater

best luxury pontoon boats

Image from Benningtonmarine.com

With a suggested retail value of around $45,000, the 21 SLX is a top-of-the-line luxury pontoon boat with an affordable price. The 21 SLX is more compact than some of the other pontoon boats on the market, but its 6x4’ bow and 9’ aft lounges make it large enough to comfortably sit your entire family.

The 21 SLX’s seats are made out of a soft, but durable, vinyl which was designed for comfort. The console is made fiberglass and contains a state-of-the-art stereo system with Bluetooth technology. The 21 SLX is also the perfect pontoon boat for picnics and barbecues. It comes with a small table and ample cup holders for every seating area of the boat, meaning everyone can relax while they picnic on the water.

The 21 SLX is one of the most comfortable and beautifully designed boats on the market. Its helm comes with a beautiful spoked stainless-steel steering wheel and wood accented panels, and the metal on the boat is anodized and resistant to corrosion. This makes the Bennington 21 SLX Premium Saltwater a good-looking boat that will give years of quality performance.

Premier Marine Dodici

pontoon boat with cabin

Image from Pontoons.com

Premier pulled out all of the stops when they released the Dodici. It’s a 12’ wide pontoon boat with cabin that is equipped with three BRP Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard engines that are capable of putting out a combined 900 horsepower.

The Dodici is the perfect pontoon boat for large groups. It is able to comfortably sit 26 people while being able to easily reach 60 mph on the open water. There is a small door on the helm which leads to a cabin, which comes with a small lounge area with couches, as well as a large-sized bed. This makes this pontoon boat perfect for overnight boating trips, and is also great for taking a short nap away from the heat.

The Dodici isn’t just designed for performance and comfort – a lot of effort when into making it a beautiful boat. It comes built with a top-of-the-line steering wheel, created by Zenith, and has a stylish body. Other features that make the Dodici one of the most luxurious pontoon boats on the market include refrigerated cup holders and a top-of-the-line stereo system.

Bennington 2552 QCWWA I/O

When it comes to luxury pontoon boats, Bennington is a name that you can trust. The 2552 is beautifully-designed pontoon boat that is stylish and elegant, making it the Rolls-Royce of pontoon boats. The boat has dual-lounges sitting opposite each other, comfortable sofas with roto-molded seat bases, and armrests that flip down. There are also ample cup holders, so that everyone on board is able to store their drink in a convenient location.

The Bennington 2552 is a superb pontoon boat. Its dark purple and tan interior is a stylish combination. The help comes with a number of luxurious features, including a spoked steering wheel, wood panels, and ample storage space for small devices and gadgets.

The pontoon boat is also a top performer. It comes with a Volvo Penta engine that puts out 430 horsepower and is able to reach a top speed of 51 mph. Other features that make the Bennington 2552 a good pontoon boat to have include increased storage space and ample legroom.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pontoon boat that gives you the comfort that you need for those long boating excursions, this is the perfect boat for you.

Berkshire 231 RFC STS

The Berkshire 231 is a luxury pontoon boat that is perfect for anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. It is spacious and comfortable, and comes with a variety of perks geared for anglers, like a fishing station, rod holders, and two spooling racks. The 231 also comes with a pop-up room that allows for one person to privately change attire without being seen.

The Berkshire 231 is fitted with comfortable chairs that provide spacious legroom for everyone onboard – it even has two chairs specially designed for anglers. Another nice feature that is special to the 231 is the storage compartments in the cockpit lounge, including a space specifically for tackle boxes and spools.

Along with its convenient features, the Berkshire 231 is also built for looks. The instrument panel has a beautiful faux-wooden trim that adds to the boat’s style. The boat even comes with a state-of-the-art fish finder and GPS system.

If you're someone who likes fishing trips, but you don't want to sacrifice your comfort and luxury, then the Berkshire 231 RFC STS is a fantastic pontoon boat. Other special features include ample cup holders, a dining table, and at telescoping ladder that is easy on space and simple to use.

The 231 is the perfect pontoon boat for the angler who enjoys relaxing on the water. Its ability to double as a fishing and recreational boat makes it one of the best luxury pontoon boats available.

Cypress Cay Cayman LE 250


Image from cypresscaypontoons.com

The Cayman LE 250 is a sporty pontoon boat that is as stylish as it is luxurious. The spacious lounges and comfortable seats make this luxury pontoon boat a favorite among people who enjoy entertaining a four or more people at a time.

The Cayman LE 250 is designed with comfort in mind. The lounge area is spacious and gives optimal legroom, and the seats are able to recline for maximum comfort. You don’t have to worry about your backpacks or gear getting in the way in this boat. The seats are built on hinges, meaning that you can lift them up to store items underneath.

Another feature that the Cayman LE 250 has that improves comfort is its advanced draining system. All corners and compartments of the boat are equipped with drains and gutters to keep water out. Not only does this ensure that your pontoon boat stays dry from spray or rain, but it also means that you can wash it with a hose without leaving standing water.

The Cayman LE 250 is a fine-looking pontoon boat that is guaranteed to catch the attention of people nearby. It is one of the best luxury pontoon boats available on the market for people who are interested in looks and performance. It is fitted with a powerful Mercury Verado 350 engine that is capable of reaching 30 mph in less than seven seconds, and can reach a top speed of 51 mph.

Other features that make the Cypress Cay Cayman LE 250 an excellent luxury pontoon boat include a stowage locker that's capable of storing 6' skis, a private pop-up changing room, and a state-of-the-art Polk stereo system with six built-in speakers. It also comes with cruise control and touch-screen control panel.


As you can see, there are a number of luxury pontoon boats on the market. While all of these types of boats are designed for comfort, some specialize in other features like performance or fishing. Whichever type of pontoon boat you choose, you are guaranteed to get a vessel that provides hours of fun with friends and family.

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