The 5 Best Pontoon Boat Console Covers

best pontoon boat console covers

Your pontoon’s console is the command center, and thus requires a little extra care compared to the rest of your boat. And while it might be totally acceptable to leave your boat uncovered for one night, the same can’t be said for your console. Keeping that specific area of your boat constantly protected should be the minimum standard whenever your pontoon isn’t in use.

And while you might have already known that your console needs extra care, what you probably didn’t know is that the best pontoon boat console covers can be pretty diverse. Wondering which one is right for you? These top five choices should help you make a decision.

The 5 Best Pontoon Boat Console Covers

1. Classic Accessories Stellex Boat Center Console Cover

classic accessories stellex boat center console cover

Made from 100% polyester, this choice touts tough construction that’s backed by a four year warranty. The Stellex Fabric features weatherproof properties that give your pontoon console added protection against UV rays and moisture damage. The fabric itself also works to resist dirt and stains so it stays looking clean and new for years.

Complete with an elastic cord on the bottom, this choice securely fits over your console and stays in place even against strong winds. When you’re ready to go underway, the lightweight cover folds up neatly for storage.

2. Taylormade 80410 Console Cover

taylor made 80410 console cover

This universal fit console cover uses durable materials that work to protect your boat console from UV damage, fading, mold, and mildew. The structured design fits snugly over the console, creating a durable barrier that protects the delicate electronics that sit just underneath your console facade.

Rugged yet lightweight, this choice folds up for easy storage and touts an easy slip-on design that can be set-up with a single hand. The coated material provides weatherproof performance that doesn’t fade or peel even with constant exposure to the elements.

3. Leader Accessories 600D Heavy Duty Boat Console Cover

similar to a bennington pontoon console cover

Perfect for particularly demanding conditions, this choice features heavy duty 600D material that easily protects against UV rays and constant moisture exposure. The heavy material is rugged and thick, providing maximum protection in especially challenging weather.

Smooth and stripped of all the fancy bells and whistles, this choice is similar to a Bennington pontoon console cover and uses a drawstring closure along the bottom to keep the entire cover secure against your console even against strong winds.

4. MSC Boat Center Console Cover

msc boat center console cover

This choice uses marine grade polyester canvas that’s reinforced with a double PU coating. This simply means that the cover provides substantial protection against heat and moisture to prevent damage to your console. The super sealed stitching even keeps out dust to protect your console’s internal workings.

Backed by a two year warranty, this burly, rugged design provides years of hitch-free performance. Its universal fit is made even more snug with a drawstring cable that tightens the bottom edge for secure set up even against challenging weather conditions.

5. TeBaisea Boat Center Console Cover

tebaisea boat center console cover

Constructed from heavy duty 600D marine grade oxford fabric, this choice delivers lasting performance that’s built for rain and sun. The protective material prevents all sorts of damage to your console, including discoloration, sun damage, mold, mildew, fading, and cracking that might result from exposure to the elements.

With a tightening elastic drawstring that allows a secure, snug, and firm fit, this choice promises to stay put even against challenging weather conditions. The product is backed by a two year warranty which definitely says a lot about the kind of durability it delivers.

Why Do You Need a Pontoon Boat Console Cover?

If you already have a cover for your pontoon boat, do you really need an extra cover for your console? Lots of boat owners tend to think that a console cover can be a redundant pontoon boating accessory that doesn’t really have a place on a list of essentials. But there are a bunch of reasons why a pontoon boat console cover might actually be a necessity rather than an optional purchase.

Added Protection

Even with a cover for your entire boat, it never hurts to be doubly protective of your console. As the main control center and helm of your vessel, your console requires specific care and maintenance in order to guarantee its proper functioning and performance.

Over time, constant exposure to heat, humidity, salt water, and other elements can cause significant damage to your console over time. Discoloration, UV damage, mold, and mildew won’t only change the way it looks, but may even have an impact on the way it functions.

Easy Maintenance

When your console is routinely covered, it becomes less prone to stains, dirt, and other debris that could require frequent cleaning. And with less to clean, you also won’t have to expose your console to chemicals and cleaning solutions.

While it is true that products formulated to clean pontoon consoles can remove stains and other blemishes with greater ease, constantly using these strong products can have a negative impact on your console’s integrity in the long run. Fading and discoloration are common problems that result from constant chemical exposure, so covering may reduce the risk.

Safety Considerations

If you’re having kids on board, there’s no denying the attractive appeal of a shiny boat console. But there are dangers to having kids playing around that powerful pontoon boat centerpiece. Using a cover gives added security, providing a visual cue that your console is off limits.

The same goes for unwanted attention. Leaving your console uncovered when you’re docked can attract the attention of people passing by. And if you don’t want to find that your boat’s been tampered with while you were gone, then a cover can be a simple way to deter curious cats.

What Makes a Good Console Cover?

You might be thinking that all pontoon console covers are one and the same. But there are a bunch of qualities that make each choice distinct. Understanding how all of the different factors come into play can help you determine whether you’re buying a cover that’s really cut out for the job.

Substantial Protection

Constant sun exposure can easily take a toll on your console’s integrity. So UV protection should be one of the first things you look for in a cover. Most of these products will be fashioned from durable fabric material that’s intended to deflect harmful rays and keep the console from damage.

Other than UV rays however, console covers should also provide protection against other elements and potential contaminants. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and moisture are just some of the various things that a good cover should be able to shield your console from.


The cover itself will be exposed to the elements, leaving it prone to all sorts of stains, dirt, and mold or mildew. So you should be interested in a product that’s made from weatherproof material that can survive in harsh, demanding conditions.

Polyester is a common choice for console covers because of their waterproof properties. The material also isn’t prone to stains and mold, which makes it ideal for the kind of conditions you’re boat might be exposed to. Others use oxford fabric which is heavier and far more resilient.

Ease of Use

A console cover that takes too much time and effort to slip on will soon find its place in storage. That’s why finding a design that slips on effortlessly should be a major consideration.

A straightforward, tailored design makes it easier to determine where your cover should face for a proper fit. Others also incorporate a drawstring at the bottom that lets you tighten the cover for a more snug, secure fit.

Low Maintenance

Even your covers will require routine cleaning every now and again. But no one wants to spend too much time cleaning something that’s meant to simply protect your console. So it helps to buy something that can be tossed in the wash for effortless maintenance.

Then again, there are some choices that require no cleaning all together. Certain fabrics can be restored to that brand new look and feel with nothing more than a good shaking here and a little dusting there.

Keep It Covered

There are a load of good reasons to cover up a pontoon console. Aside from protecting the integrity of your control center, they also add an extra layer of security. And of course, there’s no denying the fact that a pontoon that’s properly cared for should see more years of pristine functionality down the line.

There are a lot of different covers out there, but the best pontoon console cover should protect your console from damage, keep it looking new, and minimize the need for routine cleaning. So make sure you check out our top five recommendations and find out why they come out on top as the best of the best pontoon boat console covers you’re likely to find.

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