How to Choose the Best Pontoon Boat Cover for Mooring

best pontoon cover

When it comes to pontoon boat accessories, a boat cover isn’t something that you should cut costs on. A good pontoon boat cover will protect your boat and all of its expensive furniture and accessories from the elements. The best pontoon boat cover will act as an impenetrable fortress around your boat; it’s strong, durable, and is able to dramatically slow down the rate at which your boat experiences wear-and-tear.

Without a pontoon boat cover, you run the risk of having your boat age roughly ten times faster than it should. However, despite the clear benefits that a pontoon boat cover provides, many people still fail to use one.

This is because most covers that come standard with a pontoon boat are cheap and difficult to manage. Another problem with factory snap on pontoon boat covers is that they are more difficult to use in the winter. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent aftermarket pontoon boat covers that are durable and easy to put on.

Boat Cover


Yescom 600D Oxford Blue Pontoon Cover

Best pontoon boat cover for the money

New Vortex Tan/Beige Pontoon Cover

Has 12 straps making it great for trailering

EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Cover

By far the best pontoon cover all around

Tips When Buying a Pontoon Boat Cover

Not all covers are created equally, nor are all pontoon boats. This means that buying a pontoon boat cover that works best for your boat will take a little bit of research and shopping around. After all, one of the main reasons that you want to buy an aftermarket pontoon boat cover is probably for convenience. Here are some tips to help you choose the best pontoon boat cover for your ‘toon:

Go a little bit bigger

Buying a cover that’s a little bit larger than your boat can make covering your pontoon much easier. You don’t have to get a cover that’s exponentially larger, three or four extra inches will do. This will ensure that your boat stays covered and protected.

Don’t buy just any cover

Did you know that there are different types of covers for your pontoon boat? Some pontoon boat covers can sit for extended periods in the water, while others work best for boats that are being trailered. Boats that are trailered, for example, will need a cover with extra-secure ties and the ability to withstand high speeds.

Avoid bright, colorful covers

The reason that you’re buying a pontoon cover in the first place is to protect your boat. Stay away from bright covers that can bleed into your pontoon boat’s upholstery.

Water-resistant does not mean waterproof

Most of the boat covers out there are water-resistant. They help stop water from getting through, but don't prevent it from happening. If you plan on leaving your pontoon standing outside for extended periods of time, also throw a tarp over it to keep water out.

Get a cover that works with your boat

Before you buy a cover, make sure that it will fit with your boat’s design. Check to see if the cover was made for open bow or closed bow pontoons. Some of the covers are also designed to accommodate both designs. However, don’t ever assume a cover is universal if it doesn’t explicitly say so.

Pontoon covers on water can also be challenging. They’re designed with go under the pontoon and connect to each side of the boat. Before buying one of these cover types, you should check and make sure that your pontoon has attachment points on its sides.

Know what material you’re buying

Pontoon boat covers generally come in two types of material: cotton canvas or a synthetic blend like polyester. Synthetic covers are usually given an added layer of acrylic. This helps them better keep the water out than cotton covers.

Another thing to consider is the durability of the cover, which is measured in denier. Denier represents the thickness of the boat cover, and thicker covers are generally better. The higher the number the denier is, the better it will protect your boat. Most top-of-the-line pontoon covers will be around 600D.

Choosing the Right Pontoon Boat Cover for your ‘Toon

As you can see, selecting the best boat cover for your pontoon boat will require a little bit of research and knowledge. You want to have one that’s easy to set up and is strong enough to block out damage from wind, water, and the sun. Here are some of the best pontoon boat covers for your money:

1. 600D Oxford Blue Yescom Pontoon Boat Cover

yescom pontoon boat cover

When it comes to durability and maximum protection, there are few covers that can compete with a Yescom pontoon cover. This cover will fit most pontoon boats that are between 21’ and 24’, and is a popular choice because of how easy it is to use.

If you’re trying to find a pontoon boat cover that is durable enough to protect your pontoon from the harshest of elements, look no further than this cover by Yescom. It’s made from a heavy-duty synthetic material and has been rated at 600D. This means that it’s durable enough to last years of wear-and-tear, and can also protect your pontoon from water and sun damage.

One of the best features of this Yescom pontoon boat cover is that it’s easy to use. The cover has an elastic lining that’s able to stretch around the parts of the pontoon boat that other covers may not reach. Putting this cover on your pontoon will be a piece of cake!

In addition, this Yescom cover is also durable enough to withstand heavy speeds on a trailer. It comes with heavy-duty straps that will keep the cover securely fastened to the boat, even when traveling at high speeds.

2. New Vortex Tan/Beige Pontoon Boat Cover

vortex pontoon boat covers

Vortex pontoon boat covers are durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The New Vortex cover is no exception; this tough 600D pontoon boat cover is able to fit pontoon boats ranging from 22’ to 24’ in length, and also supports a beam up to 102”.

The New Vortex cover also has elastic added to the base of the cover to help it stretch over those unusual areas. It’s made from a 600D material that’s excellent for keeping water out of the boat, so no worrying about water seeping through the cover.

Are you searching for a durable towing cover that can withstand long trailer rides? The New Vortex cover comes with 12 straps that help keep the cover securely fastened to your pontoon boat, so you never have to worry about it flapping on the road. It’s also durable enough to withstand storms and heavy wind without damaging.

The only downside to the New Vortex cover is its price. It’s almost double the price of its Yescom counterpart. With that said, this cover comes with a five year warranty and is incredibly popular with many pontoon boaters.

3. EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Boat Cover

best pontoon boat covers

Do you want an easy pontoon cover for your boat that is durable, protects against rugged conditions, and is quick to set up? If so, the Aqua Armor cover is perfect for you. This boat cover is far from cheap. However, it provides protection that other covers on the market can’t.

The Aqua Armor boat cover is made from a whopping 1,200D polyester – double the thickness of some of the other covers around. You never have to worry about your pontoon boat collecting mold and mildew, or smelling musty from dampness; the Aqua Armor pontoon boat cover is a 100% breathable material that allows for air circulation while blocking out the sun, snow, and rain.

Another feature that sets the Aqua Armor pontoon boat cover apart from its competitors is that it’s 100% waterproof. The cover doesn’t resist water, it actually blocks it from seeping through the material. You won't need to worry about fastening a tarp over your boat when it sits outside. It also comes with an elastic hem sewn in, making it easy to stretch the cover over any hard-to-reach spots that may be on your boat.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line boat cover that will adequately replace snap on or mooring pontoon covers that come standard with most boats, the Aqua Armor is the way to go. This cover is durable enough to withstand heavy storms and high-speed transportation on a trailer, and comes with a seven year warranty guaranteeing its performance.

One Final Word

Don’t let your pontoon boat sit without some form of protection. Rain, condensation, and sunlight can wreak havoc on your furniture and upholstery, making your boat age much faster than it should. Additionally, make sure that you cover your pontoon with a cover designed especially for boats. The last thing that you want is a DIY boat cover that doesn’t have any breathability – this will leave you with a boat covered in mold and mildew.

Remember never to cover your boat while trailering unless your cover can withstand heavy speeds. Trailering with a cover not designed for high speeds is a good way to shred your cover and damage the paint to your boat.

Some of the snap on or mooring covers that come with pontoon boats are annoying. They’re not able to properly cover the boat, they experience shrinkage, or they’re hard to put into place. However, any cover is better than leaving your pontoon boat unprotected. The best pontoon boat cover, on the other hand, has added durability and convenience that won’t come with a market cover.

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