Best Romantic Boat Names for Couples (+ Funny Ones Too)

boat names for couples

Whether it be humorous or romantic, boat names for couples are a thing to look into for families or couples who would like to invest in a boat. However, most boat names out there are geared towards representing a single person or idea, which is what makes this particular theme a challenge.

For this reason we have created a guide specifically for this theme. We will walk you through our best romantic boat names for couples (and a few funny ones, of course) and share with you a few pointers to consider should you decide to go with other names that are unique to your life.

Our Best Suggestions

First Love

Nothing touches your heart, mind, and soul like your first love does, which is why this is such a good name for your boat, especially if this is the first-ever boat you have purchased.

We find this name to be a great option for first-time boat buyers, as “First Love” perfectly fits the idea and concept of being your first investment into the boating world.


When you are in a relationship that is meaningful and eventful, it becomes very memorable, which is why “Unforgettable” should be a name to consider if you really want to make it known that what you have experienced with your significant other is something that time will never erase.

We find this boat name to match with any boat type or boat size, so feel free to use this at your discretion.

Locked In

Under general circumstances, being a husband or wife means that you are locked in, fully committed to loving, caring, and cherishing your other half. What better name to have for a boat than something that represents eternal companionship?

We find this to be a great boat name as it can also mean that you are focused on your goal  and would stop at nothing to achieve it, no matter the sacrifice.

Forever and Ever

As cheesy as it may sound, romance is about keeping the flames alive, and the boat name “Forever and Ever” is the epitome of a good loving relationship, as it means that you will stop at nothing to make sure that your loved one feels safe and valued.

This name may be quite lengthy for some boats, so we find it better to pair this boat name with a larger boat, so a larger text size can be imprinted on it.


Love, in some aspects, is all about the art of seduction. When you ride a boat, you navigate the seas. Therefore, we have identified “Seaductress” as the best way to marry both the loving and boating world.

This boat name is great and somewhat cheeky, and expresses an enthusiastic, youthful, and sexy energy. We recommend using this only if you feel like you can manage what the name represents and if you have friends and family that are not too conservative or judgmental when it comes to humorous and romantic boat names.

Some More Great Ideas:

  • Get It On
  • Spank It
  • Pleasure Me
  • Splash Of Romance
  • My Precious
  • Kinky Pleasures
  • Why I'm Broke
  • Dream Alliance
  • Flat Broke
  • Our Lil' Secret
  • Ship of Fools
  • Easy Ride
  • She Loves Me Now
  • Amanda Mount
  • Anita Cocktail
  • Wife Approved
  • Annie Position
  • Give Me A Ring
  • True Desire
  • Cupids Arrow
  • Prenup
  • Ivanna Tinkle
  • Kiss and Float
  • No Better Love
  • Reel Sweetheart
  • Happily Ever After
  • Pursuit Of Love
  • Heart 2 Heart
  • Say Yes My Dear
  • Love Boat
  • One Lucky Date
  • SoulMates
  • Comply Or Die
  • The Happy Ending
  • Forever Together
  • The Pleasure Boat
  • Deep Devotion
  • Crew Mates
  • Do Knot Disturb
  • First Dance
  • SexSea
  • Just Us
  • Couples Therapy
  • Better Half
  • Sweet Valentine
  • Instant Attraction
  • Love At First Sight
  • Marina Love
  • Flirtatious
  • Love Onboard
  • She Said Yes

Tips and Advice for Choosing the Best Boat Names for Couples

Boat names for couples may get a bit corny, especially if they are too romantic or comedic, but if the name is something that really speaks to you (or both of you as a couple), then it should not be a hindrance to your happiness.

In this section, let us talk about specific tips and tricks in naming your boat with a couples theme:

  • Naming your boat with a couples theme does not mean you get to double the standard length of your boat name. Stick to no greater than 3 words for practicality and emergency purposes.
  • A boat name for couples may land you in a sticky situation if it is too raunchy or intimate. Try to maintain a degree of professionalism in naming your boat. You never know who might chance upon seeing your boat’s name.
  • The power of the boat’s name does not have to rest on the name itself. It could be powerful because of the idea or story behind it. So if you have a boat name in mind that is fairly different and unique, but best represents the story or feeling you are trying to express, then feel free to use it.

other Themed Names for Boat Owners:


Boat names for couples may seem hard on its face, but once you understand how to properly name a boat (as well as use our suggestions as reference), then you will find it significantly easier to find the boat name for couples that is best for you.

Aside from funny and romantic boat names for couples, we have so much more to offer. If you need to learn about other boat-related procedures and processes, or are looking for more ways to name your boat, check out our website to find out more!

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