The Best Bimini Flag Mount & Holder

bimini flag mount

There’s a lot of fun in customizing a boat. And while a lot of the modifications you can make might be a little beyond your present budget, others are well within reach. For instance, adding a bimini flag mount and holder can let you put your colors proudly on display for the world to see.

Whether you were hoping to attach an American flag to your boat, or if you were interested in displaying a flag of whatever group or organization you might be a part of, you really can’t go wrong with a bimini flag holder. But just like all of the other boat accessories you’ll find, there’s quite a bit to consider. So to narrow down your options, we’re serving up a short list of the best flag mounts and holders for your bimini top.

The Top 3 Bimini Flag Mounts and Holders

There can be a whole bunch of choices if you’re looking to get your hands on a bimini flag mount and holder. And while they all serve the same purpose, there are things that make each one distinct. Find out more about the three best picks with this quick guide.

1. Airhead Bimini Top Flag Holder

bimini flag holder

Crafted from polished anonized aluminum, this flag holder is far less prone to damage from rust and corrosion. The reinforced material uses a chemical coating that allows the flag holder to withstand the challenging conditions on the waves. This means you won’t have to worry about having to replace your flag holder so often.

Designed to attach to round support poles that hold your bimini top up, the Airhead Flag Holder is easy to install, and features two soft polymer caps on either end of the tube to prevent rattling noises that could get annoying once your boat is underway. Simple, easy, and effective, this one’s a flag holder you really can’t go wrong with.

kemimoto boat flag holder with orange boat flag

What’s particularly interesting about the Kemimoto Boat Flag Holder is that it’s entirely adjustable. The simple design mounts to round poles, and lets the boat owner adjust the holder so that the flag rests at a variety of positions. This is made possible by way of its 360° degree rotating mount that provides excellent mobility.

But despite its moving joint, the Kemimoto Boat Flag Holder remains a super sturdy choice. Its pole is also retractable, so you can pull the flag in and prevent pressure on the joint in the face of strong winds. The whole structure can withstand gusts of up to 40 miles per hour, making it especially effective for freshwater applications.

american flag

You really can’t go wrong with a product from TaylorMade. These guys are praised for their ultra durable accessories that are perfect for various water-top conditions, and their Stainless Steel Flag Mount is no exception. This particular item is made from reinforced stainless steel that’s particularly resistant against corrosion.

At just 15 inches long, this nifty little pole and mount attaches to rails on a boat or a bimini top. Its short structure makes it ideal for strong winds, preventing the flag from ripping out of place when you’re underway. It’s crazy easy to install, making it a good choice for boat owners who might not want to spend too much time figuring out the nuances.

How to Choose a Bimini Flag Mount and Holder

So what considerations should you take into account when you choose a bimini flag mount and holder? Well, there are a few things you might want to look into to make sure you’re getting an accessory that will serve its purpose and live out the whole extent of its service life.


Constant exposure to sun and humidity can easily corrode the wrong material. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel are often the best choice for flag mounts and holders.


How well can your mount and holder stand up against strong winds? A flimsy, thin pole might give way with even just a slight gust, especially with a flag flapping on its end. Thicker poles that are shorter in length might be better for that purpose.


Extendable poles, adjustable flag placement, and removable clasps and mounts make it much easier to get your flag positioned how you want it.

Easy Installation

No one wants to have to drill holes and make tedious measurements just to install a flag mount. Choose something that lets you get your flag up and ready within minutes from taking it out of the bag.

Low Cost

These things don’t have to cost a fortune. But even then, don’t go for a pole that’s way too cheap. If anything, the sweet spot should be somewhere between $15 and $25.

Loud and Proud

Whether it’s the American flag, or your own personal novelty flag, there’s a simply satisfaction to branding your boat with a flag. To do that however, you’re going to need a bimini flag mount. Consider these picks when you look for this nifty little accessory to guarantee maximum satisfaction with your modest new addition to your boat.

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