Boat Mormonism: What Does It Mean Exactly? [Explained]

boat mormonism

If you want the throwback of throwbacks, well we are absolutely here for you. Let us talk about the concept of “Boat Mormonism” and how this concept has actually made the rounds in social media and certain niche forums and communities.

This concept is confusing to many, and we have even had some people question their boat knowledge and expertise primarily due to the fact that they have no inkling whatsoever about what Boat Mormonism actually is.

If you want to learn more, continue reading!

What is Boat Mormonism?

Boat Mormonism is simply just a fictional religion that was part of a hilarious (although humor is subjective) sketch made by Door Monster. A group of friends who are well-known for their videos and highlights of Civilization, a video game franchise that focuses on turn-based gameplay, strategy, and in most playthroughs, world domination.

The birth of Boat Mormonism specifically springs from the fact that in the game of Civilization, players have the option to either choose from a list of religions (with their own respective themes or motifs) or go with a custom name that they feel suits their playthrough of the game more.

Needless to say, the content creator Door Monster made a living out of the custom-made Boat Mormonism faith.

Does Boat Mormonism Have Anything to Do with Boats?

The direct answer to this is absolutely not. There is no real-life or legitimate circumstance in which Boat Mormonism can actually hold any relevance in the real-world setting other than as a conversation piece that a few groups of gamers or followers of Door Monster may delve into.

However, one could reason out that Boat Mormonism is all about boats in the game. In Civilization, you begin with a humble community and a “home base” of sorts. The goal is to progress through different time periods and eras while building your own civilization (hence the name) through expansion efforts in capturing land and even other occupied territories through tradecraft, diplomacy, religion, or even open war or combat.

If Boat Mormonism were to actually be treated as a pivotal part of the playthrough, then it could be argued that Boat Mormons have traveled far and wide, mainly through sea travel, to spread their faith and beliefs to other communities in the hopes of expanding the reach of their religion.

Again, however, this is just an argument and can amount to nothing more than that. In the real world, the concept of Boat Mormonism holds no significance whatsoever when it comes to boats.

Does Boat Mormonism Have Anything to Do with Mormon Religion?

The direct answer to this, just like the question posed above, is absolutely not. There was no intention on the part of the content creators (Door Monster) or the fans of the YouTube channel to parallel Boat Mormonism with the actual Mormon religion.

However, a certain comparison may be drawn between how actual Mormons travel to different regions of the world to spread their faith and beliefs, but this is not a characteristic that is exclusive to their religion only.

So, if anyone asks you about Boat Mormonism, you can immediately dispel the confusion between the fictional religion and the actual Mormon religion.

Highlights of Civilization

If you are truly interested in Boat Mormonism, maybe it is worth visiting some more concepts of the game itself to get a better grasp about what the fictional religion is all about.

In Civilization, certain strategies, whether it be diplomatic, religious, agricultural, or economic, have distinguishing traits or captions, and even at times actual in-game benefits (buffs) or disadvantages (debuffs) that come along.

According to Door Monster’s video, the Boat Mormons have the following:

  • An abundance of resources and food for the believers of the faith
  • Collection of relics and ancient mystical artifacts
  • A host of cathedrals to practice the faith or religion

This is in direct opposition to another fictional religion, known as Denouncing Venice, which are known to possess the following characteristics:

  • Emphasis on military power and high production levels
  • Disdain for Venice, the City of Water, which is located in Italy
  • A host of synagogues (which are more or less the same with cathedrals)


Boat Mormonism is honestly not something that avid boat fans and owners have to truly get themselves into. The concept is more of a humor piece than anything practical. For the gamers and fans of Door Monster, however, the perspective may be completely different.

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If you are truly interested in learning about Boat Mormonism and the other fictional religions and faiths, do take a visit on YouTube and look up the content creator “Door Monster” for more comical stuff (this kind of content may not be for everyone though).

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