Boat Names for Dentists: 97 Dental Themed Ideas for Boats

boat names for dentists

Boat names for dentists may seem like a weird topic to many, but a lot of successful professionals in the field of dentistry earn a living that would allow for the purchase of luxurious possessions such as a boat.

Therefore, we have decided to list down a few of our best boat name suggestions for you, as well as a quick guide on the things you should know of before finalizing your boat’s name. Read on!

Our Best Suggestions

Squeaky Clean

Dentists are known for keeping things absolutely spotless and germ-free, which is why “Squeaky Clean” should absolutely be on our list.

We like this boat name simply because it is straightforward and easily understandable to everyone.

Dental Freak

If you absolutely treasure your profession as a dentist, then “Dental Freak” shows how much dedication and love you have for your field of expertise.

This boat name is not for everyone, but if you can relate to the message portrayed, then put this on your shortlist.

Seeker of Tooth

If you are looking for something witty and lighthearted, then the “Seeker of Tooth” is something that sounds so majestic, albeit a tad corny in the eyes of others.

If you want everyone to know you are an easygoing individual, and an approachable dentist, then this name is a great fit for you.

More Dental Puns & Inspiration for Naming Your Boat

  • Sweet Tooth
  • Aqua Fresh
  • Once Bitten
  • BlueTooth
  • Denture Venture
  • Reel Flossy
  • Filling Fine
  • Struck By Whitening
  • Crowning Glory
  • Jawbreaker
  • Floss Sea
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Molar Motor
  • Reel Teeth
  • Crowned Jewel
  • The Grind
  • In The Gap
  • Caps And Crowns
  • Dr O Sea D
  • Open Wide
  • Shipped Tooth
  • Down In The Mouth
  • Cash Cavity
  • Floatin Fluora
  • Root Canal
  • Sea Pearly
  • Pik You
  • Filling Time
  • Molar Boat
  • Saliva Sucker
  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum D'Seas
  • Flossy Posse
  • Hull-itosis
  • Over Cavitation
  • Pearl of Wisdom
  • Dry Socket
  • Tooth Hurts
  • Zero Cavity
  • The Gold Crown
  • Wide Open
  • Bite Down
  • Molar Roller
  • 2th DK
  • High Gloss Floss
  • Drill N Fill
  • Mental Floss
  • Gum Getter
  • Long Tooth
  • Knot Reel Teeth
  • Funny Gas
  • Dr Yankem
  • Whitening Lightning
  • Bite Marks
  • Root Us On
  • Tooth Paced
  • Bi Molar
  • Mouth Piece
  • Cap This
  • Acci-Dental
  • Into Oral
  • Floss Boss
  • Sea What's Bitin'
  • Abscessed
  • Bridge Deck
  • Roots Of Wisdom
  • Water Driller
  • Crown Me
  • Oral Seadation
  • Molar Opposites
  • The Hull Tooth
  • Wisdom Extraction
  • The Healthy Grin
  • Brush A Brush
  • Top Pik
  • Oral Abscession
  • Cavi-T
  • Say Aaahh
  • The Big Bite
  • Great Whites
  • Pullin' Teeth
  • What's Up Doc?
  • Incisor
  • Root 4 Me
  • Floss Force
  • Canal Raiz
  • Drill Sergeant
  • Tooth Trouble
  • Royal Floss
  • Plaque Attack
  • Rinse Out
  • More Suction
  • Top Gum
  • Daily Flossers

Tips and Advice for Choosing the Best Boat Names for Dentists

There are a lot of things to know of before registering your boat with your selected boat name. But to keep things a bit less challenging, here are a few tips and pieces of advice you absolutely need to be aware of to give your boat the best name possible:

  • Your boat name should not be unnecessarily long. Limit your boat’s name to two to three words maximum. Anything longer would just make it challenging for port authorities and other manned vessels to identify and get in touch with you.
  • Make sure the boat’s name is something you, as the owner, could definitely relate to. Despite our boat name suggestions, you should feel free to select any name whatsoever because the name of your boat is an extension of who you are and what you have been through.
  • Stay professional and classy with naming your boat. Although we do not judge boat names that are slightly on the naughtier side, we cannot condone boat names that are overtly sexual, offensive, or express certain forms of harassment. As much as possible, keep your boat name wholesome. See our dirty boat names guide for some naughty names.


Naming your boat, especially if this is your first, is a very tricky business. Some people may even say that giving your boat a name is almost as challenging as naming your baby boy or baby girl.

Aside from boat names for dentists, you may be interested in learning about our other boat name suggestions for different professions in aviation, law, finance, real estate and so much more.

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