Boat Names for Dog Lovers (13 Cool Dog Themed Ideas)

boat names for dog lovers

Boat names for dog lovers cater to a specific niche, but honoring your lovely pets by naming your boat after them is a very sweet and memorable way to keep their legacy alive.

This is why in this quick article, we will go through a few of our personal best boat names for owners who love dogs as well as some pointers to be aware of to determine which name suits your boat’s name the best.

Our Best Suggestions

Here are a few of our favorite boat name suggestions for dog lovers.

The Good Boy

As classic as classic boat names can get, “The Good Boy” is a brilliant example of a dog lover’s boat name.

We find this name to be really good and timeless because of the notion that all dogs are good boys (or girls).

101 Dalmatians

For fans of the hit film 101 Dalmatians, and especially for dog lovers who own Dalmatians, this boat name may be one of the best options for you.

We love this name simply because it reminds us of childhood movies and amazing dog scenes on the big screen.

Man’s Best Friend

A name that rivals “The Good Boy” is obviously “Man’s Best Friend” which is yet another name that has reached legendary status when talking about dogs.

If you are looking for an alternative to the first entry that is as popular and classic, then this name should be a great candidate for your boat’s name.

Naughty Dog

For those looking for spicier takes on boat names while still retaining the dog lovers theme, “Naughty Dog” is a name that can show a more adventurous and risk-taking identity.

We also like this name since Naughty Dog is actually a video game developer that has produced several hits such as Uncharted and The Last of Us.

Dog Out of Water

“Dog Out of Water” is a cheesy yet humorous take on the classic saying “Fish Out of Water” which can make your boat’s name stand out among the crowd while still showing off your love for pets and dogs.

We suggest going for this name if you would like a slightly wordier name that is short enough to paint onto the boat.

Some more ideas we like:

  • Wet Dog
  • DogOn It
  • Salty Dog
  • Ruff Seaz
  • Doggy Paddle
  • Floatin' Pupperino
  • Here Doggo
  • Goin' Mutts

Tips for Choosing a Dog Themed Boat Name

Listed below are a few tips to consider before finalizing the name of your boat if you are a dog lover.

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Consider names that are close to your heart, regardless of how common or uncommon the names may be.
  • Name the boat for you and not just to impress strangers.
  • Consider your other passions or hobbies in life before deciding on a dog-related boat name.
  • Consult with your family or friends just to check if the boat name best represents your love for dogs.

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Finding boat names for dog lovers may not be as sought after as other themed boat names, but if you are in need of names that dog lovers can best relate to and identify with, then choosing the right pet-themed boat name is the right path for you.

If you're looking for other boat name suggestions then we've got you covered. We've got more boat name ideas for lawyers, realtors and more.

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