Boat Names for Firefighters and Smoke Jumpers

boat names for firefighters

Boat names for firefighters specifically aim at the 21st Century superheroes in the form of firemen and firewomen. It's no secret that naming your boat out of your profession is a monumental rite of passage, but considering that you are a public servant, it could also feel like a permanent mark of your legacy.

Naming your boat holds a lot of pressure because it will stick for a long time. You need to be careful about the name you choose for your boat because it can be difficult to change it!

Our Best Suggestions

1. Burning Passion

As a firefighter, you have always been passionate about saving people from burning homes, buildings, and even cars. To honor your heroic duty to the state, naming your boat “Burning Passion” will be an excellent choice.

Not only does it show that you are an honorable firefighter, but it also shows how loyal you are to your promise to the state.

2. The Extinguisher

Your primary role in your line of work is to extinguish the dangerous fires and jump through hoops to save innocent citizens from facing a horrible death.

As a way to show how much you value your work, “The Extinguisher” is an epic name to give your new boat. It proudly depicts precisely the type of job that you have; tough and mighty.

3. Controlled Burn

If you want to incorporate two meanings into your boat’s name, then “Controlled Burn” would be a great choice.

Of course, it means that you, the owner, are a veteran firefighter who risks their life in the line of duty. Another meaning behind the name is that you are the boss! You get to oversee anything and everything onboard your boat, which means that you have everything under control.

4. Flame Tamer

“Flame Tamer” is a cool name that will surely let everyone around your boat know that the owner enjoys taking away the flame’s power from ruining people’s lives. On the other hand, it is a humble name that does not catch excessive attention from the crowd.

5. Siren’s Call

Lastly, “Siren’s Call” is a great boat name in honor of the infamous siren that goes off whenever you and your team have to put out some fires. It has an excellent tone to it that will surely make your boat appear superior and faithful to its role in the ocean.

3 Tips on Naming Your Boat

  • Do not make a rash decision. Make sure that you think about your boat's name long, carefully and respectfully.
  • Keep the boat name concise. A short name is easier to remember, and a memorable name will benefit you in the future.
  • Do not use any rude, offensive and sexual terms. It might be hilarious for you, but not everyone can appreciate a below-the-belt joke.


If you are still undecided on a boat name, do not worry because it is better to be picky than settle for a name that does not fit your criteria as a firefighter.

Always remember that it is your boat at the end of the day, and you will have to go with your gut feeling. If you follow your heart, you will not regret whatever it is that you want to name your boat, whether it be boat names for firefighters, realtors, lawyers, teachers, or anything else under the sun!

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