Boat Names for Golfers: 49 Golf-Themed Names for Boats

boat names for golfers

Being a golfer may be a hobby or activity to some, but there are several professional golfers who earn bucketloads of cash. What better than to spend some of that hard-earned money on a luxurious possession like a boat? This is why we thought of presenting to you the best boat names for golfers (golf-themed boat names).

If you would like to know what the best boat names for golfers are (in our opinion) and learn about a few pieces of information that would help you have the best boat name for your taste, then keep on reading this guide!

Our Best Suggestions

Here are a few of the most memorable golf-themed boat names we have encountered so far:

Hole in One

The most legendary of golf shots is none other than the “Hole in One,” which is why this boat name is reserved for people who think of themselves as top-tier golfers and even perhaps for those who have managed to secure this highly elusive feat.


For those who are familiar with golf parlance, getting a “Birdie” means you did great in completing a particular hole. What better way to commemorate great performances than to give your boat this name as well?

The Sweet Spot

“The Sweet Spot” has many different interpretations, depending on the sport being discussed. In Basketball, the sweet spot could either refer to the release of the ball during a jump shot or the part of the backboard that allows you to bank those lay-ups in. In golf, on the other hand, the sweet spot refers to the part of the clubface that is the precise area that should come in contact with the golf ball for the best possible swing.

Make your boat the sweet spot of your life!

More Golfing Inspired Names for Boats

  • Knot Golfing
  • Too Hot For Golf
  • Par-Tee On
  • Sea-ing The Green
  • Strokes Of Luck
  • Designated Driver
  • Off Course
  • Sod Sailors
  • Putt Sinker
  • Fore Us
  • Shanks A Lot
  • Dirty Birdie
  • Runaway Birdie
  • Against The Grain
  • On The Fairway
  • Sea Divot
  • Hole In Fun
  • Water Hazard
  • Rough On Me
  • Putt Pirates
  • Fairway To Heaven
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Tiger's Wood
  • Rough Buoys
  • Tee-Boataler
  • Sea Tee
  • Woodsmen
  • Happy Hooker
  • Four Some Time
  • Tee Off
  • Stroke Of Bad Luck
  • How's My Driving
  • Bogey Buoys
  • Hull In One
  • In The Rough
  • The Wet Wedger
  • Gimmie Par
  • Swinging In The Rain
  • Birdie Bandit
  • Just A Par
  • Meet The Putters
  • Gang Green
  • Sand Trap
  • Fore Play
  • Slice And Dice
  • Rough-N-It

Tips and Advice for Choosing the Best Boat Name for Golfers

Here are a few things to take mental note of while picking the name of your boat:

  • Keep your boat name short and sweet. Having a long boat name (more than 3 words) is very impractical and widely unaccepted in the boating world (save for a few rare occasions). A lengthy boat name makes it challenging for other vessels and port authorities to identify your boat and communicate with you. This is not ideal in emergency situations, most especially, so try to keep your boat’s name brief.
  • Although you are generally free to give your boat whatever name you want for it, there are words and phrases you should definitely avoid. According to the rules and regulations governing sea travel and navigation, boat names that are similar to or identical with emergency callsigns and signals are prohibited. In other words, do not give your boat a name that contains words such as “Mayday” or “Emergency Protocol.” Avoid these banned boat name styles.
  • The boat name is typically treated as an extension of who you are, what passions you have, and the challenges you overcame to get to where you are right now. A boat name is very personal to the boat owner, so make sure that, with whatever name you end up going with, you can relate to it on an emotional, spiritual, or romantic level.


Naming a boat can be frustrating, but as long as you keep in mind our best suggestions and words of advice, you will choose the most ideal name for your boat in no time!

Aside from boat names for golfers, we have suggestions covering boat names for dentists, lawyers, accountants, doctors, pilots, electricians, and other passions and professions in life. 

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