Boat Names for Lawyers, Attorneys or Judges (Best Ideas)

boat names for lawyers

Lawyers are successful and wealthy. What better to do with the extra cash earned than to buy a boat? Boat names for lawyers can be very challenging in the beginning, but once you know the popular names, you will have a better idea of how and what to name the boat of your dreams.

In this article, let us identify a few noteworthy boat names for lawyers, attorneys, judges, and other professionals in the legal industry.

Our Best Suggestions

Here are a few of our favorite boat name suggestions for lawyers.

Law and Order

The “Law and Order” is a name that does not need explaining. Stemming from the hit TV series, this boat name can be as eye-catching as it is a conversation starter for anyone who happens to visit you and your boat.

We also like this name since it embodies respect for the rule of law in any given society.

Lady Liberty

Another great name to call your boat is “Lady Liberty” as it represents American virtue and is a great way to boost the prestige of your boat while having a legal theme.

We find this to be a good name as boats are commonly given feminine names.

Due Diligence

“Due Diligence” is a term used to describe the process of exhausting every possible avenue or method to arrive at a certain truth or conclusion.

We find this boat name to be very good if you really want to show that you are very good at your job or can serve as a reminder of the standard you have to subject yourself to in order to be very successful in your career.

The Mandate

Another great boat name within the legal realm is “The Mandate” which is essentially a set of instructions or provisions that obligates others to act a certain way.

We relate to this boat name because we direct the boat to where it has to go but in the same vein, the waters will determine how we act and react while at sea.

Here are some more clever ideas:

  • Hull-Truth
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Naut-ical Guilty
  • Legal n Regal

Tips and Advice for Choosing a Boat Name for Lawyers

Listed below are a few tips to consider before finalizing the name of your boat if you are a lawyer.

  1. The boat name does not have to be too complicated.
  2. Do not use any names that may affect the reputation of your profession or law firm.
  3. Avoid any vulgar or disrespectful boat names.
  4. It pays to be unique, but common boat names are still very good choices.
  5. If you are confused or conflicted, just be patient and take your time.


Finding boat names for a profession as specific as this may be difficult, especially if you really want to spice things up, legal style.

Hopefully, with this quick guide, you can identify the best possible name for your law-themed boat. Just remember, even if you can rename the boat eventually, it would be more practical to choose a name you love to begin with just to avoid any future hassle.

If you are in search of other themes for boat names, such as real estate agent boat names, and other boat guides and articles, make sure to visit our website right now to learn more! We post content regularly to keep you educated and well-informed about the life of boats and boating.

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