Boat Names for Teachers & Principals (Our 5 Best Ideas)

boat names for teachers

Boat names for teachers are pretty underrated, but paying homage to your profession by naming your boat after it is a heartwarming way of keeping the fire burning even after multiple years of teaching.

To help you, we came up with five boat names that teachers and principals will love. We also provide some notes on choosing a boat name that will give it a great personality and timelessness.

Our Best Suggestions

The A-Plus

Receiving an A-Plus at school has always been rewarding, and you have given quite a handful of A plus grades over your teaching career, so why don’t you use it to commemorate a fantastic venture of owning and sailing a boat?

If you are looking for a witty and professional name for your boat, then this might be perfect for you.

Old School

For retired teachers who would like to honor their longtime profession, the name “Old School” is definitely an excellent choice. What makes this name unique is that it could have two different meanings.

First, it could give the boat a prideful meaning for being old-fashioned and traditional. By using this name, your boat will appear mature and proudly authentic.

Second, this specific name could also mean paying respect to your previous profession. It could mean that you used to work at a school; hence, “Old School.”

Class Dismissed

“Class Dismissed” is one of the most beautiful boat names for teachers because it is a highly memorable line that everyone hears at school.

With this name, you can proudly say that your class has finally come to a permanent end (in a good way).

Fishical Education

In naming your boat, it might be better to keep it light. A foolproof way is to incorporate a humorous take on one of the staple subjects at school: Physical Education.

By combining education and fish, you will indeed have a unique yet hilarious boat name that will stand out from the entire crowd.

Detention O’Clock

“Detention O’Clock” is a cool name that pays respects to detention, which is a disciplinary action for students who fail to follow the school’s rules and regulations. It is the process of holding students in a room outside of school hours to reflect on their actions.

If you want your boat to sound strong and mighty, this name would be a great option.

How To Choose a Boat Name

  • Keep your boat's name brief and easy to remember
  • Make sure that you name your boat after something or someone special that you are passionate about
  • You can play around with puns, double-meanings and humor!
  • Keep the name as clean as possible. Make sure that it is PG-13, at least


One thing is for sure: your boat’s name will tell everyone a little more about you, such as your passion, background, and profession.

Aside from boat names for teachers, if you want your boat’s name to reflect who you are as a principal, dog lover, a lawyer or anything else, then we have got your back. We constantly produce new blogs to help you with everything regarding your boat. We will gladly fill you in with detailed information!

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