Boat Names for Veterans & Military Personnel (30 Great Ideas)

boat names for veterans

Not a lot of people search for boat names for veterans, but in reality, there are several war heroes and former uniformed personnel that own boats in all different shapes and sizes. Even relatives or close friends of veterans who would simply like to honor the service done for their country may have considered using a veteran-themed boat name for their recent purchase.

This is why in this guide, we shall be going through a few notable boat names with a theme in keeping with veterans, war, and military service. Whether you take our suggestions or simply use them as reference, you would not want to miss out on the following section.

Our Best Suggestions

At Ease

What better way to name your boat than using a very popular command given by superior officers to let you know that you can take it easy, relax, and release the tension from your body?

We find “At Ease” to be a great name since it is simple, easy to remember, and in line with the veteran theme without being too technical or complex.


Another cool way to bring the eyes to your boat is another command that may not be as relieving as the previous entry but can capture the interest of people you meet.

“Attention” is a great way to make it known that you own a boat and you are proud of having it as your prized possession after decades of service and hard work.


Finally, we wrap up our suggestions with a name that not only signifies independence but is also a great representation of the culture and idealism of the United States of America.

We believe “Freedom” is the best way not just to describe, but also to name a boat owned by a veteran simply because of the positive energy it brings, as well as the symbolism of accomplishment it bestows upon the boat.

Some more great ideas:

  • Fireworks
  • Boat of the Brave
  • Salute
  • Salute the Sarge
  • Freedom Floatin'
  • The General
  • VE Day
  • Owe Say Can You Sea
  • BattleShip
  • Pure Patriot
  • The Commander
  • Saltwater Trooper
  • Pull Rank
  • The Commander
  • Gunner
  • Boot Camp
  • Sea Sniper
  • Radar
  • Rogue
  • Victor
  • Clipper
  • The Admiral
  • The Stryker
  • Ocean Cadet
  • Reckless Sargeant
  • Strength & Courage
  • Courageous

Tips and Advice for Choosing a Boat Name for Veterans

If you feel that you need other boat names, check out a few of our tips below:

  • Avoid using foul language in naming your boat
  • Make sure to list down every preferred boat name, and weigh the pros and cons for each
  • There is no rush when it comes to naming your boat. You can even change it in the future if you desire, although it could be a bit of a pain.


Owning a boat is no easy feat, but neither is joining the service, so if you want to match both passion and hard work, use our suggestions, tips, and advice as best as you can.

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