Camo Jon Boat Covers: Reviews of Our Top 3 Picks

camo jon boat covers

So you’re in the market for the best jon boat cover. The choices are pretty much endless. And while those dull grays and navy blues might get the job done, wouldn’t you want to match your camo boat with a camo cover? Sure, it’s not necessary but there’s really no harm in indulging that desired to customize your boat from cover to hull.

Camo jon boat covers are pretty popular since jon boats themselves are typically painted a camo pattern to keep them discreet for hunting. But if you’re on the market looking for the perfect marriage of camo design and durable performance, we’re serving up a list of our top picks.

Why Use a Camo Jon Boat Cover?

Covering your jon boat is vital to preserving its cleanliness and integrity. Covers prevent things like leaves, moisture, dirt, insects, and other pests and contaminants from boarding your vessel when it’s in storage.

Obviously, a cover will also minimize the need for extensive, deep cleaning after storage season. So you can pretty much use your boat straight out of the garage when spring comes rolling around the corner.

And then there’s humidity control. Moisture can create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. Interestingly, keeping your job boat protected by a cover with air vents helps improve air circulation while shielding your boat from humidity in storage. This reduces the chances of mold and mildew forming on your boat for the duration of its time in your garage.

So, why a camo jon boat cover specifically? Well, it’s really a matter of preference. It’s just always nice to see your jon boat looking clean and decorated even when it’s in storage. In fact, it doesn’t even really matter if you’ve got your boat painted a camo pattern. A camo print cover will always look better than one of those plain, boring gray ones.

Plus, there’s the fact that camo covers aren’t as likely to look old and beaten the same way solid covers do. A basic colored cover - no mater how durable - will develop discoloration and stains over time. The beauty of the camo print is that it tends to hide cosmetic issues much better than basic covers.

The Best Camo Jon Boat Covers

There’s more to a camo-printed jon boat cover than just aesthetics. Covers are your first line of defense against a wide assortment of pests and contaminants that could eat away at your boat and cause all sorts of maintenance and cleaning problems. So aside from checking how well those camo prints will match your boat’s paint job, it’s equally important that you look into other specifics.

Durability, water resistance, UV protection, accessories, and even warranty coverage should impact your choice. Remember - a cover is more than just a pretty little dress for your boat. It’s a layer of protection against the elements. That said, these top choices can give you the best of both worlds.

1. Leader Accessories Camouflage Jon Boat Cover

leader accessories camouflage jon boat cover

Well, it’s not called the Leader Accessories Camouflage Jon Boat Cover. This leader in the jon boat cover market uses MoorGuard polyester coated in a polyurethane layer that provides an extra barrier of protection against moisture and heat. Its extra durable design promises to retain density, color saturation, and water resistance under intense weather conditions.

For a perfect, snug fit, this choice features an elastic cord sewn along the entire edge so that the cover hugs your job boat closely during use. This prevents any contamination and pests from wiggling their way into the boat, and keeps the cover in place even during transport.

To maintain a moisture-free interior and reduce condensation during winter storage, the cover touts two air vents that promote free air flow to keep humidity at bay. The package includes the cover, a tie down loop, and a braided rope for added convenience. Plus, it’s the only cover on our list that comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can bet on its quality.

komo jon boat cover

Coming it at a close second is the Komo Jon Boat Cover. This pick touts the perfect marriage between aesthetics and performance. It’s made from 600D polyester fabric that’s heavy and durable, ideal for providing reliable protection during those cold winter months.

If you’re storing your jon boat outside, this cover also touts a polyurethane coating that keeps it from fading and cracking under the heat of the sun and UV radiation. Despite its thickness though, it’s still pretty breathable, allowing enough ventilation to keep humidity at bay.

With durable stitches, precise measurements, and premium construction, this pick promises to last you several years before a replacement becomes necessary. Oh, and did we mention it comes with its own carrying bag and trailer tie down straps?

seasense boat cover jon boat

The deep military green hue used for the SeaSense Jon Boat Cover can definitely pass for camo, especially since it blends so well with a camo painted boat. Intended for boats that are 10 to 12 feet in length, this choice uses 100% water resistant polyester coated in a urethane layer for added durability.

According to the manufacturer, the cover is completely mildew resistant, so there’s no need to worry about black stains and harmful mold forming on its surface. It’s also entirely UV resistant, letting you keep your boat under direct sunlight without having to worry about your cover cracking under the heat.

Bundled with a braided rope, tie down loops, and a mesh carry bag, this cover brings you all the essentials for effortless storage. And because it’s pretty cheap, it makes a great pick for boat owners who might want to spend less on their cover.

Covered in Camo Style

There’s no reason to choose a boring neutral color for your jon boat cover. Camo jon boat covers let you achieve the same level of protection while matching your boat’s paint job and giving you that sense of customized pride. But don’t forget to take extra care when choosing a cover. There’s a lot more to these products than just looks, and reading into construction specifics should help you choose a cover that will offer the protection your boat deserves.

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