Christian Boat Names (30 Religious Biblical Themed Ideas)

Christian boat names

Boat names that are inspired by religion or faith are actually very common not only because of desiring an added safeguard or protective elements (such as that which is wished for in prayers) but also because it is right and just to respect beliefs and doctrines that have helped pave the way to success.

Although not designed for everyone, we believe that it is appropriate to discuss a few of the best Christian boat names we have found and seen so far, as well as a few things to keep in mind before picking a permanent name for your boat.

Our Best Suggestions

The Samaritan

Christians abide by the acts and deeds of a good samaritan, which refers to someone who acts out of the kindness of his heart through charitable or helpful deeds or activities.

“The Samaritan” is a great boat name to let others know that you are willing to lend a hand as much as you can.

Bringer of Light

Jesus graced the Earth to rid the lands of evil and wrongdoing, and in so doing, he can be seen as the person who brought light to the darkness within each and every one of us.

“Bringer of Light” is a great way to honor the noble deeds and absolute sacrifice that Jesus has made to inspire us to become better people.

The Virtue

Having a high moral standard is something that the bible preaches constantly. This pertains to our sense of acknowledging and distinguishing good from evil, and staying as close to the former as possible, and as far from the latter as practicable.

“The Virtue” is a great name if you want everyone to know that your wealth and success in life were achieved in large part due to the teachings of your faith.

Some More Christian And Biblical Ideas

  • Heavenly Cruiser
  • The Good Boat
  • Amazing Grace
  • Bread Of Life
  • Rise Again
  • Sea Ezekiel
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Reel Blessed
  • Trinity
  • My Ark
  • Still Waters
  • Devout Christian Onboard
  • Water 2 Wine
  • Pray On It
  • Sunrise Service
  • Blessed Art Thou
  • Second Heaven
  • Ocean Devotion
  • Sing To The Heavens
  • Holy Waters
  • Devotion In Motion
  • Big Fish
  • In The Beginning
  • Little Light Of Mine
  • On Holy Ground
  • Everlasting Life
  • Floating Angel

Tips and Advice for Choosing the Best Christian Boat Names

There are a few things to consider when naming a boat. We have gathered three of the most important things to know prior to finalizing your boat’s documentation and registration. Read below:

  • Your boat name should be short and sweet. Your boat’s name will be painted or affixed on several parts of your boat, including both sides and the transom. This is why your boat name should be kept brief, no longer than three words. This is to make it easier for other vessels and port authorities to identify your boat and properly communicate with you, the navigator, especially during important broadcasts or emergency situations.
  • Avoid giving your boat a name that sounds like, resembles, or is completely identical with emergency callsigns or signals often used during vessel-related emergencies. Names such as “Mayday!” or “Emergency Protocol” are a definite no-no primarily because confusion must be avoided at all costs. See our banned boat names guide to understand what is considered un-acceptable.
  • Boat names should ideally be personal and have a story. This could serve as a great conversation piece or conversation starter. If none of our suggestions above feel relatable to you, then feel free to find other boat names that can inspire or encapsulate your experiences in life.


Naming something after your faith or religion is one of the purest forms of worship and respect, and being aware of the rules and guidelines of boat naming simply ensures that you are doing things right.

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