Crest Pontoon Reviews: The Top 3 Performers

crest pontoon reviews

When it comes to crafting top-of-the-line pontoon boats, few companies get it right like Crest Pontoons. That's because Crest has six decades worth of experience in the market. This family-owned business built its first pontoon boat in 1957, and it's been success ever since.

Before you go out and buy yourself a pontoon boat, have a look at these Crest pontoon reviews.

Crest II 230 SLR 2

Are you looking for a luxury pontoon boat that won’t break the bank? If so, the Crest II 230 SLR 2 might be right for you. This Crest II pontoon review focuses on the luxury and comfort of the Crest II 230 SLR 2. This top-of-the-line boat is the type of pontoon boat that you can comfortably spend hours on. If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat that’s built for lake cruising with friends and family, look no further than this beautiful pontoon.

Unmatched comfort

One of the nicest features of the Crest II 230 SLR 2 is its comfortable seating setup. The lounge area has hot-tub style seating on the reclining chairs. This means that people sitting in these chairs dip slightly, making their rears sit lower than their legs. This translates to added comfort for people looking to stretch out and soak up the sun.

Another nice lounge feature is the ample cup holders. Unlike other boats that have few cup holders, or cup holders located in strange or inconvenience places, the Crest II 230 SLR 2 was designed for maximum comfort and socializing. Everyone sitting in the lounge is an arm’s reach from their drink.

Sleek and stylish

The Crest II 230 SLR 2 is a beautiful boat that has a stylish nautical theme. This boat isn’t like other pontoons that were created just for functionality – it has a level of style and elegance that you won’t find elsewhere.

The aft deck of the Crest II 230 SLR 2 is coated with a teak and holly veneer that looks like the real thing. This is the perfect place to dry off before stepping onto the soft carpet.

In addition, the boat’s helm has a beautiful three-spoke steering wheel, stylish instrument gauge panel, and a large vertical storage compartment that’s perfect for wallets and mobile devices. The Crest II 230 SLR 2 also comes with a loud stereo system capable of playing MP3s, as well as four speakers that are installed throughout the boat.

The bottom line

This Crest 230 pontoon boat rides comfortably and is perfect for get-togethers on the water. With a price starting around $35,000, you will be hard-pressed to find a boat as comfortable as this for the price.


  • Seats – there are few competitors with seats as comfortable as the Crest II 230 SLR 2.
  • Style – the Crest II 230 SLR 2 is a beautifully designed boat that will draw the attention of nearby onlookers.
  • Space – this boat accommodates people of all sizes; even the captain’s chair is extra-large.


  • Feels too delicate to be used as a fishing boat.
  • Privacy curtain and ski storage cost extra.

Crest 250 Savannah NX SLR2

crest savannah

Few pontoon boats are able to match the style and performance that the Crest Savannah has. Crest named this boat NX, meaning “Next Generation,” for good reason – they designed this boat in a way that broke away from the traditional design of pontoon boats. Instead, the Savannah has a sporty feel that makes it look like a pontoon-speed boat hybrid.

A cutting-edge design

There is nothing boring or bland about the 250 Savannah NX SLR2. Crest designed the helm in a way to perfectly blend vintage and modern styles. You have a beautiful three-spoke steering wheel, aluminum dash with gauge instrument panel, and a modern console equipped with GPS and a color-screen Hummingbird 385 fish finder. This sleek design, combined with the boat’s faux teak flooring, helps to add to the boat’s powerful look.

Overall, the Crest 250 Savannah NX SLR2 pulls out all of the stops in terms of technology. It also comes with a top-of-the-line stereo system, as well as six speakers mounted throughout the boat. Furthermore, not only does the captain’s chair have a 12-volt outlet, every seat onboard does as well. This makes charging electronics easy for all!

Space and comfort

The Crest 250 Savannah NX SLR2 was designed for two things: maximum storage space and uncontested comfort. The seats on the boat feel more like recliners than they do actual chairs. Especially the first mate’s chair, which looks like it should belong in a home theater instead of a boat. The lounge area and two rear-facing seats are also just as comfortable – and they resemble sofas more than they do actual seats.

Another nice feature to the Savannah NX is the cup holders – there’s more than enough to ensure that everyone can safely set their drink down. Additionally, every cup holder is equipped with an LED light that doesn’t only make them look cool, but also makes them easy to find at night.

The best feature of the Savannah NX isn’t the chairs or the gadgets, but rather the storage space. This boat has an exceptionally large ski locker, as well as storage compartments behind seats in the lounge area. There are also additional compartments built into the fiberglass body of the boat – and if that isn’t enough, the captain also has a glove box large enough to store everybody’s electronics and wallets.

The bottom line

The Crest 250 Savannah NX SLR2 is a boat that looks amazing and feels even better. It comes with a hideaway changing room, cooler, and fishing gadgets for all of those anglers out there.


  • Sporty design – it looks really good.
  • Enough space to go around.
  • Comes with a fish finder.


  • Helm glovebox is hard to reach from the captain’s chair.
  • The aft deck is a little small – but you probably won't want to drag yourself away from the lounge anyways!

Crest Classic 250 SLE

Crest pontoon boats created a classic when they designed the Classic 250 SLE pontoon boat. This stylish boat is the perfect boat for people who enjoy get-togethers on the water. Its ample seating means that up to 15 people can comfortably sit on the boat at once.

It’s one spacious boat

The Classic 250 has a length of 25.6” and enough room to host a mini-party. This makes all-day adventures with friends and family easy to do, as everyone is able to find a comfortable space to plop down on.

In addition, the back lounge on the 250 SLE is second to none. It comes with a sofa-style seat and two bar-style tables that come with matching barstools. This makes it an excellent place to enjoy a comfortable meal or socialize with a group of your closest companions.

Additional perks

The Classic 250 SLE lives up to its name. Crest made no effort to break away from the traditional look of pontoons when they designed this boat. Fortunately, that worked out quite well, as the Classic 250 SLE is an excellent pontoon for socializing on the water.

Along with having ample space to sit, eat, and relax, the 250 SLE also comes with a hideaway changing station. This means that you or one of your companions can privately slip into swimwear without being seen by anyone else on the boat.

Other nice features of the Classic 250 SLE include a Hummingbird 385 fish finder and GPS combo, as well as an array of optional Crest pontoon accessories. If you choose to have a fully-loaded Classic 250 SLE, you will get additional features like a ski/tow bar and an ottoman that doubles as a cooler.

The Classic 250 SLE also comes with an Infinity stereo and four speakers, which are built into different parts of the boat. One of the coolest features of the 250 SLE's sound system is that it's Bluetooth compatible. This means that anyone onboard can play their favorite songs from their smartphone or portable device.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a good pontoon boat to take out on the water with your friend and family, the Crest Classic 250 SLE can’t be beat. It’s surprisingly versatile and packs a powerful Mercury engine capable of putting out 150 – 200 horsepower. If you choose to go with the CP3 configuration, which has three pontoons, the boat’s performance will be upgraded to a horsepower rating of 300!

Ultimately, the Classic 250 SLE is a party boat that doubles as a fishing vessel, which makes it one of the best pontoon boats on the market.


  • Comfortable – there’s no better boat to spend the day on.
  • Surprisingly powerful.
  • Great for eating and drinking on the water with 14 of your closest friends.


  • The design is a bit boring.
  • Not much for storage space.
  • Expensive – has a sticker price between $67,000 and $72,700 depending on version.


The Crest pontoon ratings are in – these are some of the best pontoon boats in their class. The boats mentioned in these Crest pontoon reviews are some of the most comfortable and luxurious pontoons on the market. And the best of all is that there’s a top-of-the-line Crest boat for all price ranges.

If you’re looking for a boat that is guaranteed to be comfortable and perform well on the water, Crest is right for you. Their boats are simply designed with more care and creativity than most.

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