Deck Boat Manufacturers: The Top 10 Brands

With so many options and brands of deck boats to choose from, it’s about time you get informed about trustworthy manufacturers that won’t waste your money in the long term. So if you’re in the market for deck boats, then you should pick from at least one from the most popular and reliable deck boat manufacturers.

Before that, however, you should know what a good deck boat is, or for that matter what a deck boat even is in the first place.

Understanding Deck Boats

A deck boat, from its name alone, is a type of boat designed to have the deck in mind. This means that it is intended to be spacious enough to entertain multiple people and various on-deck activities such as fishing, and yet stable enough such that the movement over water and the waves do not disturb said activities.

Pontoons have a similar function as a deck boat. However the main difference between the two is that deck boats have a v-shaped hull typical of the iconic boat shape.

Thus the key things to look for in a deck boat are the deck, obviously, and its stability. Maneuverability, speed, power, reliability, and other features, are all things that should come secondary to a deck boat. What’s more interesting is how the best deck boat manufacturers mix and match these characteristics to make their own signature boat carrying their name with its own personality.

This means that although all the manufacturers listed here build deck boats, they’re not the same.

Best Deck Boat Manufacturers

bayliner deck boat

Now without further ado, let’s head on to the main topic at hand, and in no particular order let’s check out this list of the best deck boat manufacturers.

1. Bayliner

Bayliner produces good entry-level boats at a good price and is especially lucrative for beginner boaters. The build quality on these boats is a bit simplistic in nature but is more than enough for the bare necessities.

Despite being classified as an introductory level boat manufacturer make no mistake in judging their deck boats. Designed precisely for that purpose in mind they have dedicated storage spaces built into their boats to give you an organized and clutter-free boat deck.

Navigational electronics are also present and paired with outboard engines tuned for efficiency and optimal performance.

The DX2250 is one of Bayliner’s more popular models with a length of 21 feet and 7 inches, and a maximum carrying capacity of 11 people, and a maximum outboard motor horsepower of 250 HP. The dedicated wet bar and freshwater sink, along with grocery locker and sunpad options ensure that you and your passengers are well taken care of during the period of the trip.

2. Chaparral Boats

Chaparral’s specialties lie in building high-quality family boats and it is that mindset that allowed them to keep on manufacturing boats ever since 1965. The manufacturer originally started out in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and presently has over a million square feet of facilities built for manufacturing boats.

Building high-quality and high-performance boats are a daily occurrence as skilled second to third-generation craftsmen take pride in building your future boat by hand.

One of Chaparral Boats’ more popular boat models is the 2022 287 SSX.

The 287 SSX is a 28 ft long deck boat with a swim platform and a maximum horsepower of 430 hp and a fuel capacity of 80 gallons.

The boat’s design is quite comfortable to sit in, but is a bit cramped if you’d prefer to walk around, that said, it is yacht certified so you can carry as many passengers that can fit on the seats to remain comfortable and it even has a 15-gallon water capacity.

3. Starcraft Marine

Starcraft Marine stems from a family of boaters with an amazing passion for boating and has been dedicated to sharing its wonders for the past five generations to the present. Their goal is to create the finest boat that you can buy and this is no exaggeration as the manufacturer factors in their own personal boating experiences to truly fabricate the watercraft of dreams.

1965 is a year to note for this manufacturer as they introduced the world’s first high-performance aluminum fishing boat and they went on to become the pioneers in high-performance pontoon boats as well.

Starcraft’s SVX series is one of the prominent models of deck boats that they feature on their website. With multiple deck configurations available to suit your particular taste, the SVX can be modified to your specific needs.

An AM/FM Bluetooth stereo, tilt steering, and EvA Soft Touch Traction Mat on both bow and stern flooring ensuring a safe slip-free environment, are just some of the features which come stock on the boat

4. Regal

Regal also comes from a family of boaters that have transitioned into becoming a boat manufacturer. With “Reinventing Innovation” as their motto, this family company intends to offer state-of-the-art craftsmanship while having determination bold enough to uphold their top-tier customer service ensuring that customer satisfaction is no less than exceptional.

For this passionate manufacturer, their signature model deck boat ought to be the Regal 22 FasDeck. Cruise in comfort with its expansive social seating even in the cockpit and is equipped with a large transom bench fit for a maximum passenger capacity of 12.

Other things to note are the FasTrac Hull design which gives faster speed with better fuel efficiency, and that outboard motors are optional on this model as it comes stock with its own series of engine options all the way up to 280 horsepower.

5. Sea Ray

Meticulous craftsmanship is the core foundation of Sea Ray. They say that they obsess over the details so that you as the boater, don’t have to, and can focus solely on the things that do matter. The aesthetic they follow involves a mix of classic and modern design styles giving you an authentic boating experience but with a tinge of the present-day performance and class.

For when comfort is the key, the Sundancer series offered by Sea Ray is practically second to none. With key features built for liveability inside and outside the boat, this series lets you undergo the idyllic boating experience.

Outboard motors are available on some select models but fret not as the engine the boats come with is more than enough for your cruising needs.

6. Caravelle

Performance, style, and value are the pillars that make Caravelle Powerboats. Created in 1966 it is a highly popular manufacturer with more than 45 years of success. To provide the end-user with the ultimate deck boat experience look no further than the Razor series from Caravelle powerboats.

The Razor comes standard with a refrigerator and kitchen package, plus hydraulic steering and a high-end stainless steel prop.

7. Mastercraft

The cornerstones of Mastercraft’s work philosophy are Legacy, Power, Precision, and Progression. Mastercraft is a world-leading manufacturer of water sports boats and will be sure to give you the optimal boating experience thanks to the innovations that not only provide enjoyment on the water but also help you to rapidly develop your boating skills.

Quite notable for this manufacturer is their XT family of deck boats which are amazing and comfortable when used for water sports. Although the base model is slightly smaller than other boats mentioned previously, it still has a maximum capacity of 11 people and is highly specced out for sports.

8. Monterey Boats

A solid boat manufacturer with a 30-year record of designing, engineering, developing, and building boats for the boat savvy consumer. This manufacturer is a family-operated company dedicated to providing superior boats from both a consumer and producer’s perspective.

The M-205 outboard deck boat from Monterey is a perfectly designed outboard boat filled with features. Some of its prominent features include the fiberglass dash and well-upholstered bucket seats.

9. Crownline

Crownline boats take pride in their innovative designs for a sporty yet classy look which sets them aside from the majority. To balance aesthetics with convenience and luxury yet not skimping out on performance and quality.

The Crownline E25 is their deck boat line’s flagship. Sporty, fast, stable, and yet capable of seating 13 passengers. If you’re looking for a boat that’s both a beauty and a beast, then look no further than this.

10. Concept Boats

Said to be built for simple pleasures and powerful pursuits, Concept boats want you to experience the thrill of boating and yet have the flexibility to relax whenever you want.

With a plethora of boats to choose from, their Open Deck series comes in a multitude of sizes and options. What sets them aside from everyone else is their forward-facing bucket sears and the built-in porta-potty not to mention the very sporty aesthetic.


In summary, always look toward your needs and what you want in a deck boat. There is no one manufacturer that outclasses all as each has its own philosophies regarding what a deck boat should be.

Know what you want, then choose the manufacturer that’s in line with your own boating sense, and you’ll never be disappointed by them. Now you know where to get the right boat from the best deck boat manufacturers out there.

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