How Much are Harris Pontoon Boats? (Cost Examples)

how much are harris pontoon boats

The perfect marriage of sophistication and comfort - this defines the Harris Pontoon Boat. These guys have been in the business of manufacturing pontoon boats for over 60 years, and their luxury boat models have easily won them countless awards in the pontoon boating industry.

Needless to say, everyone wants a Harris boat. But with great sophistication and quality comes a great cost. So how much are Harris Pontoon boats, and could you possibly squeeze one into your budget?

Harris Pontoon Boat Price Range

You’ll be happy to know that Harris Pontoon boats might be right within your budget range, even when they’re brand new. Their boats start at an impressively low price of just $12,353 for their basic model. But if money is no object and you’re looking to get your hands on the best of the best, they offer a $149,831 pontoon boat complete with a twin engine.

Harris Pontoon Boat Models and Prices

So you’re looking to get an even more accurate figure. No problem! If you’re really interested in getting a Harris Pontoon boat and you want to find out if it’s something you can afford, here’s a list of updated prices for their available models:

Cruiser LX 160 Cruise
Cruiser LX 180 Cruise
Cruiser LX 200 Cruise
Cruiser LX 160 Fish
Cruiser LX 180 Fish
Cruiser LX 200 Fish
Cruiser 190
Cruiser 210
Cruiser 230
Cruiser 250

Remember that there are a bunch of custom options and add-ons you could ask for. So prices can change. These are also suggested retail prices, so taxes and other fees might not be included in the quotation. See our guide on how much a pontoon costs to own and maintain.

Is Harris a Good Pontoon Boat Brand?

Is ice cream a good dessert? Harris has become the very definition of quality and style, offering boats that were developed as the result of over 60 years of experience in the pontoon boat market. That said, you really can’t beat them when it comes to quality, sophistication, and of course, their after-sales support that truly makes buyers feel like VIPs.

A Boat Brand to Be Reckoned With

Harris Pontoon boats are the epitome of excellence. Their boats deliver sublime performance and comfort that make them a tough act to follow. Of course, you might be wondering - how much are Harris Pontoon Boats? Although they definitely offer a few choices that are up there in terms of prices, they also cater to budget-conscious pontoon boat enthusiasts who want the perfect mesh of quality without having to put too big of a dent on their wallets.

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