How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Pontoon Boat?

how much does it cost to wrap a pontoon boat

Pontoon boat wrapping is hands down the most appreciable method of personalizing your pontoon and truly making it your own. But one has to ask how much does it cost to wrap a pontoon boat?

We will delve into the details of what goes into the cost of wrapping a pontoon to help you justify the value of such an upgrade, and why you would even want to do so in the first place.

Different Kinds of Pontoon Wraps

Pontoon wraps are vinyl wraps that come in single-colored, multi-colored, or custom graphic versions to suit your tastes.


As the name suggests partial wraps are meant to partially wrap your pontoon. They usually come as a set intended to cover the sides of the deck or maybe even smaller designed to only accentuate your boat. This is a purely personal preference and can be tailored to suit your needs when you discuss this with your intended boat wrapping shop. Partial wraps are also generally cheaper to install rather than full wraps since they don’t cover up as much area.


A full wrap is a tad bit different than what its name suggests. Granted a full wrap does mean encompassing the sides of the deck entirely, changing the entire look of the boat. Do consult with your boat wrapping shop if you intend to wrap the pontoons as most full wraps do not include the pontoons as part of the wrapped surface and you may be charged separately. Compared to partial wraps, these are usually the more expensive choice due to the wide-area covered.

Single Color

Single-colored vinyl wraps are the cheapest of the bunch since they only need to have a single color. Color differences rarely affect the cost of the wrap.


Patterned or multi-colored wraps are a bit more expensive than single-colored wraps due to the added complexity of manufacturing these wraps. However, depending on the pattern design or the number of colors, these wrap prices do vary.

Custom Graphics

Generally speaking, the most expensive and most personalized way of making sure that your boat stands out. Custom graphics costs vary widely due to the intended design. Complex artwork will cost more than a simple set of letters denoting the boat’s name.

Cost Breakdowns

Here is a rough breakdown of how the cost is allocated in terms of materials and installation.


This section focuses mainly on material costs, strictly speaking, the cost of vinyl wrap alone.


Size does matter, and depending on the size of the boat and the extent of wrapping these prices will vary greatly. Here’s a rough estimate for pontoon boats of various sizes based on the use of Supreme Wrap from Avery Dennison graphics solutions.

  • 12 to 16-foot boat would cost you around $800
  • 16 to 20-foot boat; $1000
  • 20 to 24-foot boat; $1200
  • 24 to 29-foot boat; $1800
  • 30 to 35-foot boat; $2700
  • 35 to 40-foot boat; $3200
  • 41 to 45-foot boat; $4100

In short, a larger boat will cost more than a smaller one, but the extent of wrapping will affect this price since wrapping the entire boat is purely a matter of personal preference.


Not all boat wraps are made the same even if they do have the same design of graphics printed on them. Waterproof and UV resistant wraps tend to be more expensive than their base counterparts, but are much more durable and have a relatively long lifespan.


Boat wrapping is a meticulous process and should be left to the professionals for a modest cost.

Professional Fees 

Professional wrapping is another cost to consider as different shops will offer different prices, but this is still better than doing it yourself. Expect to pay around $600 to $1,000 on average for a professional installation in addition to the materials.


Most shops already include costs for material sourcing and a proper environment for boat wrapping but some do not. So do consult them about this beforehand.

What's Great About Vinyl Boat Wraps

Pontoon boat wraps are durable enough to last at least two years and cost not that much compared to repainting your pontoon. Not to mention that intentionally removing the wrap is easy and convenient which gives you the option to breathe new life into your boat every few years, or even every few months if you so desire with no drawback whatsoever.


Custom graphics, durable surface protection, and eye candy that would make everyone around take a second look to appreciate your pontoon for not that much is definitely a massive bargain. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way of personalizing and giving your boat a refreshing new look, then look no further than pontoon boat wrapping.

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