How to Replace Pontoon Seats: Step By Step Guide

how to replace pontoon seats

For as much effort as you might put into keeping your pontoon in top shape, the onslaught of time, wear, and tear won’t spare its parts from much needed repairs or replacement. According to most pontoon owners, their furniture is often one of the first things to show signs of use and wear. And that’s no surprise considering the constant exposure to sun and moisture.

Yes, even the most expensive pontoon seats fashioned from the highest quality materials will succumb to damage over time. Fortunately, they can be relatively easy to switch out for a fresh set. Wondering how to replace pontoon seats? Find out what you need to know with this concise guide.

Tools You Need for Pontoon Seat Replacement

If you’re planning to get the job done yourself you should come equipped with a bunch of tools and essentials that are vital for pontoon seat replacement. Keep in mind that some types of pontoon seats will require certain tools, depending on their unique installation instructions. Nonetheless, you should expect to find purpose for some of the following tools:

Wrench or Socket Set

Certain parts of the replacement seats, like the backrest, will need to be secured in place with ring nuts. Using a wrench or socket set can help guarantee a tight fit so the backrest doesn’t wobble in place.

Hand Drill

The seat cushion of pontoon seats will typically open up to reveal a storage space underneath. The hand drill will come in handy to secure the hinges on the seats by driving fasteners to hold the hardware against the wood.

Carpet Scraper

In some cases, you might find it necessary to use a carpet scraper especially if the flooring underneath the seats are layered in scum and mold. Some other seats might also call for the use of screwdrivers, but that will ultimately depend on the design.

How to Measure Pontoon Seats

If you’re buying your pontoon seats online, then it’s imperative that you take all of the right measurements to guarantee a good fit. Remember that while most pontoon seats are made to meet certain size standards, slight differences in size could become big problems when you finally try to fit the seat into your boat.


  • Measure the distance between the inner side of the port rails and the inner side of the starboard rails
  • Measure the distance between the inner side of the stern rails until the closest side of the gate
  • Finally, measure the distance between the inner side of the bow rails until the closest side of the gate

Remember that one of the benefits of changing your pontoon seats is that you don’t need to follow the original layout your boat had. You can go with as few or more seats that you initially had installed, that really depends on what you prefer.

The purpose of measuring your boat in the first place is to make sure that you’re buying seats that your space can accommodate. If you’re thinking about the size of the seats themselves, you should consider measuring your existing seats to find out whether they match the new ones you’re eyeing.


Most pontoon seats are sold with the promise that they can be installed without the help of a professional. And while it might seem like a daunting task, it helps to know that the replacement process is actually a lot easier and simpler than it seems on the surface.


Scrap Your Existing Seats

If you take a peek underneath your sun damaged boat seats, you’ll find that they’re mounted in place by fasteners that drill straight into the seat base and into your floors. You can start removing your seats by undoing these fasteners. If the pontoon replacement seats you purchased don’t come with their own fasteners, you can set aside the ones from your existing seats and reuse them during the installation.


Assemble the New Seats

Before you mount the seat base to your floors, you’re going to want to assemble the seats first. They’re usually made up of three major parts - the backrest, the seat cushion, and the base. The backrests will typically fix to the back border of the base with fasteners and ring nuts. This is when your socket set or wrench might come in handy.

With the back rest in place, you can start to attach the seats themselves. Place the seat cushion over the base to test for fit. The hinges on the underside of the seat should line up with the outer front edge of the base. By drilling fasteners and holding the hinges in place, your seats should open up to reveal the storage space inside the base.


Install the New Seats

Find places for your seats in your pontoon space. When you took the initial measurements of your space, you should have been able to map out where the different seats you purchased should fit. Once you find their designated places, you can mount them into place with a drill and fasteners. Each base should have at least four fasteners for a secure fit.

wise deluxe pontoon seats

Wise is one of the best known names in the pontoon seats market. Their Deluxe Right Corner Lounge Cushion set is a mainstay in their selection. Offering ample seating space. The high-quality design boasts scuff and mar resistant upholstery. A high-impact plastic frame, and removable seats that reveal ample underseat storage space.

Wise 8WD707P-1 Deluxe Lounge Seat

lounge pontoon seats

If you’re hoping to maximize your space. The Wise 8WD707P-1 Deluxe Lounge Seat can be a great choice. With two seats facing opposite sides of your boat. These high-grade seats are made from high compression contoured foam padding fitted over a high-impact injection molded plastic frame for extra durability and moisture resistance.

Wise Premier Series Radius Corner Seat

Premier Series Radius Corner pontoon seat

If your bases are still in good shape and you’re just looking for a seat replacement, the Wise Premier Series Radius Corner Seat might be a good choice. As one of Wise’s best designs to date; their Premier Series features mold and mildew resistant vinyl upholstery and ultra plush cushions that don’t only make the seats comfortable, but also prevent long-term damage for extended use.

Take a Load Off

You don’t really need to go for an expensive upgrade to freshen up your pontoon. Something as simple as replacement seats can make your vessel look brand new. And if you’ve never done it yourself before, the whole process of how to replace pontoon seats can actually be pretty straightforward, making it the perfect weekend project for any proud pontoon owner.

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