How Wide is a Bass Boat? (and Why the Width Matters)

how wide is a bass boat

You’d be surprised to know that boats are built to very specific measurements to guarantee efficient performance in the water. The humble bass boat, for instance, might seem like a pretty uncomplicated boat. But its design follows precise measurements that make it safer and more effective as a fishing boat.

Today, we’re learning all about this humble boat. How wide is a bass boat? Why does it have to follow these measurements? And what does that mean for you? All of these questions and more, answered right here.

What is the Average Width of a Bass Boat?

For the record - manufacturers don’t follow a specific measurement when it comes to the width of their boats. So there will definitely be variations. But what you will notice though is that the best selling bass boats typically measure 95 inches wide. Of course, you will see that number fluctuate especially as the length of the boat changes.

To make things a little more detailed, here’s a list of some of the most popular bass boats and their width measurements:

Boat Model

Width in Inches


Nitro Z12


SeaArk Bass Series BC210


Bass Cat Jaguar


Skeeter FX21 Apex


Ranger Z521L


Tracker Pro Team 195 TWX


As evidenced by the chart above, most bass boats will play within the 90 to 98 inch range, but smaller, narrower boats do exist. And while it might be a matter of preference to some extent, there’s a reason why these 90-inch width boats tend to be more popular.

Why Does Bass Boat Width Matter?

For starters, you’re going to want a boat that matches your garage size and your trailer. And when you consider how wide is a bass boat trailer, you’ll find that bigger ones might exceed your garage space.

Boats that measure within the 90-inch range provide the most deck space without outgrowing your garage area when combined with its coupled trailer. And that’s one of the main reasons why boat owners tend to gravitate towards this size.

Another reason why you might want to get something within this range is because it allows greater stability on the water. Of course, that also depends on the length of your boat. But if the 90-ish inch width and length match, you can get yourself an impressively stable boat that stays upright even when you’re tugging against a fish that doesn’t want to be reeled in.

And then of course, there’s ease of steering. Boats that come in this size tend to glide more seamlessly through the water. The silent, streamlined movement definitely does well to prevent scaring fish.

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The Humble Bass Boat

It’s definitely not a luxurious boat, but the right kind of bass boat can make you feel like you’re fishing from a piece of high-end fishing equipment. So, how wide is a bass boat? It seems the golden width rests at just around 95-inches, give or take a few. These boats prove to be the most efficient, offering excellent maneuverability and stability while being just the right size to fit a standard garage.

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