Inflatable Pontoon Boat Repair Kit: Top 3 & Why You Need It

inflatable pontoon boat repair kit

The beauty of an inflatable pontoon boat is that it’s cheaper, smaller, and just overall easier to use than its full-sized counterpart. But then again, it’s not without limits. Since they are inflatable, they’re not going to be as rough and tough as a boat made of steel, aluminum, and other metals.

Of course, that also means that they’re more prone to damage. On the upside, you could always just carry around an inflatable pontoon boat repair kit. Sure, it’s not something you’re ever going to want to use. But it’ll definitely save your skin if ever the need does arise.

Types and Sizes of Inflatable Pontoon Boat Repair Kits

Yes, there are different types and sizes of inflatable pontoon boat repair kits. And that’s just because boat owners tend to have different preferences and needs when it comes to what they want to have at the ready if and when a patch job might rear its head.

In general, size just pertains to how big the little bag or container is and what’s inside. Of course, a bigger repair kit has bigger stuff inside for bigger boats. For instance, the Large Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat Repair Kit has larger clevis pins than both the small and the medium to help you repair a larger vessel.

In terms of inflatable pontoon boat repair kit types, it’s really a matter of packaging and contents. While some kits carry patches, glue, valve parts, bladder repair parts, clevis pins, and oar locks, others contain nothing more than the patches and glue.

This ultimately depends on what you think you’ll need when you’re out on the water. The bags and containers might also play a role in your choice. Most kits that just carry patches and glue will come in a waterproof tube, while more extensive kits come contained in a zippered bag.

The Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Repair Kits

1. Classic Accessories Inflatable Pontoon Boat Repair Kit

classic accessories inflatable pontoon boat repair kit

Considered the golden standard when it comes to inflatable pontoon boat repair kits, this choice from Classic Accessories contains a bunch of essentials that might come in handy when accidents occur. The bag comes in three sizes - small, medium, and large - hoping to cater to boat owners with various boat sizes.

The kit itself contains four clevis pins, an inflation valve, bladder patch kit, valve inflation wrench and adapter and a lock for your oar with cotter pin. It also comes in a nifty little bag that’s available in three colors depending on the size of the kit you get.

Designed to fit easily into a pontoon pocket, this kit makes the perfect companion for boating trips especially if you’re going alone. And because of its nifty little size, it’s one of those things you can just keep in your boat and forget about until you actually need it.

2. SEA DOG Water Sports Tubes of Repair

sea dog water sports tube of repair

This super simple repair kit for inflatable pontoon boats brings you the bare essentials which is basically chemical glue and a bunch of patches. The kit was designed for inflatable boats, seats, beds, water toys - you name it. Its easy use and simple presentation make it a total no-brainer which may come in handy for those stressful moments with a damaged boat.

Contained in an easy little orange tube, the SEA DOG Water Sports Tubes of Repair was designed for visibility. Its bright neon orange case and easy grip handle make it ideal for emergency situations when time is of the essence.

3. Coglan’s Plastic or Rubber Repair Kit

coglans plastic or rubber repair kit for inflatable pontoon boats

Containing rubber patches, rubber cement, and a little metal applicator, this simplified repair patch can easily slip into a jacket pocket or a pontoon pocket. The materials were intended for a variety of plastic and rubber applications, providing a slightly more resilient patch job because of the heavy duty materials the kit contains.

Ideal for the outdoors, these patches are a great essential to keep at the ready if you’re into camping or fishing. Do keep in mind though that the rubber cement may take a little more time to dry up and harden compared to other glues you might find included in most inflatable pontoon boat repair kits.

Make Your Own Repair Kit

waterproof flashlight in repair kit

If you’re just not finding what you want with pre-bundled repair kits, you might be able to get away with putting one together yourself. Again, it’s all a matter of figuring out what you might need.

A lot of these items can be purchased as stand-alone repair essentials, so you should be able to put together a repair kit of your own. Other than that, you can toss in a few other items that you might find important, like a multi-tool, heavy duty adhesive patches, a flashlight, and even a handheld manual pump if things really take a turn for the worst.

It also doesn’t hurt to put your essentials in a waterproof bag. The last thing you’d want is to have your glue and adhesives rendered useless after a swim in the river. Solid containers with locking tops are always ideal for waterproof purposes, but also consider how and where you plan to store the kit on board.

Ready for Anything

When you make your way out to the water, there’s really no way to tell what nature might toss in your direction. So it really helps to be ready for anything. Of course, no one ever wants to have to pull out a repair kit during a trip - especially if you’re already on the water. But wouldn’t it be such a relief to have one at hand if the need ever does arise?

Make sure you keep these essentials with you the next time you take a trip on your inflatable pontoon boat. You never know - a well thought out inflatable pontoon boat repair kit might just make the difference between an inconvenient hiccup and a majorly expensive accident.

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