5 Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Trailers & Dolly Systems

inflatable pontoon boat trailers

The humble inflatable pontoon boat is a cost-effective, compact choice that’s perfect for solo or duo anglers who want to get the best of fishing without spending a fortune on their watercraft. However despite being ‘inflatable’, these boats are anything but lightweight.

A lot of people think that since inflatable pontoon boats are filled with air, they’re easy to move around. But these things can easily weigh over 100lbs, inflatable gear and accessories included. And that’s why you might want to consider looking into the best inflatable pontoon boat trailers to make it easier to get from your garage to the lake.

Different Types of Inflatable Pontoon Boat Trailers

There are two main types of inflatable pontoon boat trailers, and both of them serve the exact same purpose. Of course, choosing between the two kinds ultimately depends on your own preference and how you’d like to get around with your trailer.

Hand-Drawn Trailers

Simple and lightweight, these trailers essentially let you tug your trailer along. They’re great for boat owners who might keep their inflatable pontoon near their favorite fishing spot. If you carry along a pump to inflate your boat when you arrive on the scene, then a hand-drawn trailer might also come in handy since you won’t need to tow your boat while you travel.

Hand-drawn trailers are cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to use. If you expect to walk a significant distance from where you park your car to where you plan to enter the water, then this pick might be what you need.

Vehicle-Drawn Trailers

By the name itself, the vehicle-drawn trailer requires that you hook it up to your car. These are the choice for boat owners who want their boat inflated right out of their home. The trailer attaches to a vehicle, and keeps your inflatable pontoon boat safe while you travel to your favorite fishing spot.

The vehicle-drawn trailer could be a good choice if you don’t have to lug your inflatable pontoon from your car to your water entry point. It’s also a suitable pick for boat owners who want to keep their pontoons inflated the moment they leave their garage.

Be sure to read up on our advice for trailering pontoon boats.

The Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Trailers

There are quite a few choices for inflatable pontoon boat trailers, so it might not be immediately apparent which one you should get. To help narrow down your options, we’ve lined up the five best inflatable pontoon boat trailers that definitely won’t disappoint.

1. BRIS Stainless Steel Boat Launching Dolly

stainless steel inflatable boat launching dolly

Designed specifically for inflatable boats, the BRIS Stainless Steel Boat Launching Dolly features a stainless steel frame that’s built to sustain up to 160lbs of weight. Underneath, the design touts 16-inch pneumatic tires that promise to provide a smooth ride over rough, rocky, and muddy terrain.

As a hand-drawn trailer, this choice comes equipped with rubberized handles that provide a comfortable grip during transport. To secure your boat to the frame, all you need to do is tie around a few straps around your boat and the steel framework.

Easy to use, durable, and simple, this choice makes a great pick for boat owners who just want something that works. So if you need a little help moving your boat around the dock, or out of your car and near the water, this hand-drawn trailer could be for you.

yakima rack and roll inflatable pontoon boat trailer

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, Yakima’s Rack and Roll Trailer could be the answer. This burly vehicle-drawn trailer features motorcycle-style shock absorbers that cushion the framework to prevent excessive bouncing on bumpy roads. The result is an ultra protected trailer construction that minimizes the risk of damage to your boat during travel.

The design can carry up to 300lbs of weight, making it more than capable of towing a fully equipped inflatable pontoon, complete with accessories and all. It also touts an independent suspension system that allows a smoother, more comfortable ride for your beloved boat.

And in case you’re parking your car a ways away from the water, the Rack and Roll also comes with a converter handle. Just slap that baby on and you can convert your vehicle-drawn trailer to a hand-drawn trailer for easy transport around the dock, the garage, or on the trail to the water.

sea eagle ez cart for inflatable pontoon boats

The Sea Eagle EZ Cart wasn’t kidding when they said it was going to be easy. The nifty little contraption weighs just 7lbs, but provides a carrying capacity of 125lbs which should be more than enough to tow your boat around. The simple design uses nothing but a set of wheels that attach to your boat via two straps that are included in the package.

Ideal for low-maintenance boat owners that want something they can throw on without a hitch, the EZ Cart touts a simplified design that uncomplicates the transport process. It also easily comes off after each use, so you can stow it away when you don’t need it.

Keep in mind though that the EZ Cart doesn’t have a handle system, so you’re going to have to grab on to your boat and pull it around to use the cart as a trolley. Other than that, the Cart seems to get lots of positive reviews for its hassle-free use and durable construction.

abn universal carrier for inflatable pontoon boats

Designed for rough terrain, the ABN Universal Carrier is like a beefed up EZ Cart. Its pneumatic tires and oversized foam bumper pads make sure that your boat is protected from dings and impact as you pull it over muddy, rocky terrain on your way to your favorite fishing spot.

Like the EZ Cart, this contraption attaches to your boat via a series of straps that come with the package. But unlike the previous pick, this design features a spring loaded kickstand that minimizes the weight on your boat when you set it down to rest.

Aside from its durable and straightforward construction, the ABN Universal Carrier also takes portability into consideration. The entire thing can easily slip into a backpack when not in use, and may even be tossed on board your inflatable pontoon boat while you’re in the water.

seattle sports paddleboy all terrain carrier cart

Last but definitely not least on our list is the Seattle Sports Paddleboy All Terrain Carrier Cart. This beauty features extra large diameter wheels that make it easier to pull along rough, sandy terrain. The urethane tires are also completely flat-proof, so you won’t have to worry about bursting them or losing air.

Made from heavy duty, powder coated steel, the frame touts a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. Its padded top bars provide a safe place for your inflatable pontoon boat to rest so as to minimize the risk of puncturing your boat while you walk and travel over bumpy paths.

Complete with a cinch strap, attaching the device to your inflatable pontoon boat should take no more than a minute. And because the whole thing folds down to a convenient little size for storage, you can keep in on-board without eating too much space on your boat.

How to Choose the Right Trailer

Not quite sure which inflatable pontoon boat trailer would work best to suit your needs? Here are a few factors worth considering before you jump into a purchase:

Ease of Use

Anything that takes too much time or effort to set up, use, and stow away will definitely collect dust in storage. Consider how easy it would be to use your chosen trailer, and whether you’d prefer hooking it up to your boat or simply lugging your boat to the water the good old fashioned way.

Weight Capacity

It’s important that you know how much your inflatable pontoon boat weighs - complete with the accessories, motors, gear, and all. A trailer can only take so much weight so it's important to understand how the weight distribution a pontoon works. Overloading the frame could cause damage to the trailer, and even get your boat in an accident.


What’s your boat trailer made of? Most of them use stainless steel which holds well against rust and corrosion. You should also factor in maintenance to help preserve your trailer’s functionality.

Wheel Size and Make

Pneumatic wheels provide more bounce, absorbing shock so your boat doesn’t get rattled too much on rough terrain. Of course, the downside is that these tires can also lose air if they’re punctured or beat up. Another thing to remember is that bigger tires do well on rocky, uneven terrain, while smaller ones work best for smooth, sloping paths.


Trailers are designed to a high standard because they need to keep your boat safely protected during transport. See to it that you read into the warranty, especially if you’re buying a vehicle-draw design. The longer the coverage, the more confident you can be that you’re getting a quality trailer.

Tow, Tow, Tow Your Boat

Sure, that thing might be inflatable, but it’s size and substantial weight will still make moving it around a chore. Inflatable pontoon boat trailers make it possible for anglers to transport, move, and store their boat with little effort. Check out our recommendations for the best trailers for your inflatable pontoon boat, and find a trusty companion for those solo fishing trips.

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