Jon Boat Widths: How Wide is a Jon Boat?

jon boat widths

Jon boats are arguably the best entry-level vessels that were built and designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

Regardless of which jon boat you currently have your eye on, you first have to determine the particular dimensions of the boat. This is important not just because of storage and transportation concerns but also the technical details such as stability, speed, acceleration, and power.

In this guide, we'll cover the typical jon boat widths as well as their corresponding lengths (on average) to help determine which size is the most ideal for different needs. 

How Wide is an 8-foot Jon Boat on Average?

An 8-foot jon boat is the smallest of the jon boat line-up and comes at a significantly more affordable price point than any of the other jon boat variants.

Generally speaking, an 8-foot jon boat would have a width of 32 inches - 34 inches, or a little under 3 feet.

To better imagine this, try to recall your waistline. An average adult male would have a waistline that falls within the range of an 8-foot jon boat. This means that such a jon boat would be a bit too small for larger individuals.

How Wide is a 10-foot Jon Boat on Average?

A 10-foot jon boat is a step above its smallest 8-foot counterpart but also comes at an affordable rate. This is an option for you if you would like to have a little bit more room without drastically breaking the bank.

Normally, a 10-foot jon boat would have a width of 34 inches to 38 inches, or around 3 feet.

This may seem like a small incremental increase compared to the earlier entry, but trust us when we say that if you feel that an 8-foot jon boat is a bit too cramped up, perhaps a 10-foot jon boat would be better size for you.

How Wide is a 12-foot Jon Boat on Average?

A 12-foot jon boat is still on the smaller side of the entire market range of jon boats, but this is definitely one of the most highly sought-after boats for its balance between pricing and space.

On average, a 12-foot jon boat would have a width of 36 inches to 40 inches, or a little over 3 feet.

Alongside the 14-foot jon boat, the 12-foot jon boat belongs to the top of our size recommendations for this type of vessel because of how versatile it can be without sacrificing mobility, transportation, storage, and maintenance costs.

How Wide is a 14-foot Jon Boat on Average?

A 14-foot jon boat is one of the most frequently purchased jon boats in terms of dimensions and is one of the best versions of the boat if you are looking to have an occasional friend or relative tag along for your water-based excursions or fishing trips.

Typically, 14-foot jon boats would have a width range of 38 inches to 44 inches, or roughly halfway between 3 feet and 4 feet.

As mentioned earlier, we believe that the 14-foot jon boat is the best and most ideal purchase for boat enthusiasts (entry-level and experienced). We find this size great for allowing customizations, having someone tag along, and for bringing additional fishing gear and equipment.

How Wide is a 16-foot Jon Boat on Average?

A 16-foot jon boat is one of the larger jon boats available in the market today and is considered to be one of the most purchased versions since the early 2000s.

Under normal circumstances, a 16-foot jon boat would have a width of 44 inches to 50 inches, or around 4 feet.

A 16-foot jon boat is the type of entry-level vessel you can invest in with a first-time fisherman or boat enthusiast. It is an acceptable size for 2-man water-based operations, is usually fitted with a powerful enough engine, and has more than enough room for fishing gear, snacks, and other tools that may be needed for the fishing trip.

How Wide is an 18-foot Jon Boat on Average?

An 18-foot jon boat is the second-largest jon boat in terms of overall dimensions. It is a bit on the pricier side and can take away from the entry-level simplicity that an average jon boat offers.

An 18-foot jon boat, generally speaking, would have a width range of 50 inches to 60 inches, or around 5 feet (which is more than halfway in measurement compared to the length of an 8-foot jon boat).

We would only recommend an 18-foot jon boat if you are looking for a big vessel with a powerful engine without the heftier price tag that other types of boats usually come with.

How Wide is a 20-foot Jon Boat on Average?

A 20-foot jon boat is the largest of the standard line-up of jon boats in today’s market and usually comes with the biggest price range.

A 20-foot jon boat, just like the 18-foot jon boat, would have a width range of 50 inches to 60 inches, or around 5 feet.

If you are into heavy modifications and customization, such as adding auxiliary engines, fitting the hull with slip-free rubber matting, and setting up a bimini or shade, then this 20-foot jon boat would be great for you.

How to Measure a Jon Boat

Is it really important to answer the question, “How wide is a jon boat?” In essence, yes. There are several reasons, including the following:

  • Boat Stability
  • Boat Speed
  • Boat Weight
  • Boat Modifications
  • Minimum Engine Requirement

Measuring a jon boat or any similar-sized vessel is as easy as knowing the starting point and endpoint of each category of measurement to arrive at precise dimensions. Listed below are the specific steps you have to take to get the full measurement of your jon boat:

  1. To measure length, you begin at the transom (the cross-section of the stern/rear) and you make it all the way across the hull right up to the tip of the bow/front.
  2. To measure the width, identify the beam by eyeballing the widest portion of your boat (typically located in the center). Take your measuring tool and start from one side and make it all the way across to the other side.


Jon boat widths are not talked about as much because both people and manufacturers prioritize the overall length of the models offered. Hopefully, with this guide, you are now more knowledgeable when it comes to jon boat dimensions which would help you decide which boat to get. Whether it be a jon boat or any other boat, size matters, and by size, we mean both length and width.

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