Kate Chastain Arrest: When, How & Why Was She Arrested?

kate chastain arrest

Kate Chastain is an author, public figure, philanthropist, podcast host, radio host, and is most known for her role as Chief Stew (senior crew member) in Bravo TV’s hit series Below Deck. However, beyond her success and fame, people have frequently talked about what is dubbed as the “Kate Chastain Arrest.”

If you would like to learn more about the facts and details surrounding Kate Chastain’s arrest, as well as other interesting bits of information, keep on reading this article!

When Was Kate Chastain Arrested?

Kate Chastain was arrested on June 13, 2016, on the basis of domestic violence. The arrest warrant was exercised in the residence of Kate Chastain and police footage showed a calm and orderly arrest process with no resistance from Kate Chastain’s end.

What Was Kate Chastain Arrested For?

The events leading to the accusations and subsequent arrest reportedly occurred in June 2016 and according to some sources, Kate Chastain went into a fit of anger and engaged in a physical altercation with her then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez in an attempt to steal her phone.

Other details revealed Kate Chastain pinning down Ro Hernandez and verbally abusing her while smoking a cigarette.

This was allegedly precipitated by Kate Chastain’s act of kicking Ro Hernandez out of their home. The latter refused to comply and thus the conflict ensued.

The arrest, however, was only temporary, as the charges were eventually dropped after a series of litigation sessions.

You can watch the arrest take place here:

Has Kate Chastain Been Arrested Before?

There have been no other confirmed reports of Kate Chastain’s arrest prior to her 2016 arrest on the grounds of domestic abuse.

Interesting Details Regarding Kate Chastain’s Arrest

Other sources have claimed that a portion of the arrest affidavit had indicated that Kate Chastain bit her then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez multiples times on the forearm, inner bicep, and leg allegedly while under the influence of alcohol, having just recently returned intoxicated from a local bar.

Police footage was also able to record Kate Chastain claiming that she was the victim and that she was held hostage inside of her own home for a total of three days.

A couple of years after the incident transpired, Kate Chastain opened up about her harrowing experiences and later stated that the most valuable thing she learned from the events that transpired was to value her privacy.

In terms of love life and relationships in general, Kate Chastain has grown to be more cautious with who she lets in her inner circle and stated that people can appear one way and be totally different behind the scenes.

In 2020, Kate Chastain is now back on television as a head stewardess in the crew of the Valor.

Much remains to be discovered regarding the show that made her most famous, Below Deck, as the last episode of the then hit drama series aired on February 22, 2021, and although there have been rumors of a continuation, there have been no confirmed dates, cast members, and details as of this moment.

Fascinating Information about Kate Chastain

Beyond her private case of domestic violence gone private, let us take a look at a few of the more upbeat things in Kate Chastain’s life that even the most avid fan of her show may not be aware of:

  1. Kate Chastain has accumulated a lot of experience abroad, namely, in New England, the Caribbean, and certain parts of Central America.
  2. As a result of being a well-traveled seafarer, she was able to write and produce her own book, “Lucky Charming,” which was published in 2016. It had also made it to Amazon’s best-seller list.
  3. Kate Chastain pays it forward with businesses and charitable acts. In 2017, Kate Chastain founded Genesis Boutique, a not-for-profit high-end resale center, the proceeds of which go to the Genesis House, an organization that provides aid to homeless children and women to help them transition into careers and permanent housing.
  4. Kate Chastain’s estimated net worth is an astounding $300,000, although her actual net worth might be more than that, as she averages an annual income of $75,000.
  5. In a Twitter exchange a few years back, Kate Chastain confirmed that she in fact has no relation whatsoever to Jessica Chastain, a popular American actress who has received a lot of nominations and recognition (although she would have very much wanted to be related to her somehow).

Who Else From the Cast of Below Deck Has Been Arrested?

Aside from Kate Chastain, there were two prominent people from Bravo TV’s Below Deck that were arrested in the past few years: Ross Inia and Caroline Bedol. Check out the details of their arrest below:

Ross Inia’s Arrest on the Grounds of Battery and Disorderly Intoxication

Ross Inia, Below Deck’s Season 6 Bosun (officer-in-charge of equipment and crew members), was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida December 2018 by the police for battery and disorderly intoxication.

According to some sources, he struck a police officer and began to threaten the safety of the cop and his family.

Caroline Bedol’s Arrest on the Grounds of Larceny in the Sixth Degree

Caroline Bedol, also a Below Deck Season 6 alum (as a 3rd Stewardess), was arrested just recently in Danbury, Connecticut in June 2019 for larceny in the sixth degree (defined in certain states as shoplifting or theft of any item or set of items worth $500 or less).

Other than that, she apparently also had a warrant of arrest issued on the count of skipping two court dates involving a case alleging that her dog attacked another man’s dog. No further details regarding this matter were revealed online.


The Kate Chastain arrest was what fuelled several media outlets and news sources back in 2016, but these days, Kate Chastain has kept almost every personal affair close to her chest and is now doing well in both her personal life and professional career.

We believe there are so many more things in store for Kate Chastain, and we can almost guarantee that we will see her aboard a boat soon enough.

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