Lowe Pontoon Boat Reviews: Consistent & Reliable

Are you in the market for a new pontoon boat? If you want something that finds the perfect balance between comfort, sportiness, and power, have a look at these Lowe pontoon boat reviews. Lowe has a reputation of making high-end watercraft for over 45 years.

Take a peek at some of these best-selling Lowe pontoon boats.

1. Lowe SS210 Tritoon Super Sport


When it comes to sportiness, the Lowe SS210 lives up to its super sport name. This 21’ 4” pontoon is spacious, powerful, and perfect for fishing trips and long afternoons on the water. It also comes with a 9’ Bimini top that provides plenty of protection from the sun, which is essential if you’re planning on an all-day fishing or boating excursion.


  • Equipped with a tow bar for pulling tubes and wakeboard riders.
  • Center pontoon provides the boat with a much smoother ride.
  • Spacious and plenty of seating.


  • Only one 12-volt charging point on the boat.
  • Hydraulic steering costs extra.

Overall, the Lowe SS210 is a beautifully crafted sporting boat that is excellent for fishing, tubing, and family get-togethers. It comes with nice little features, like a swiveling captain’s chair, adjustable steering wheel, and stereo system capable of playing MP3s. One of its most popular features is the 150 HP Mercury FourStroke 150 engine, which helps the boat achieve a top speed of 37 miles-per-hour.

Because of this, the SS210 is perfect for people who're interested in a mixture of cruising and water sports. This makes the SS210 one of Lowe's most well-rounded pontoon boats on the market.

2. SS230 WT

lowe SS230 WT

Just like the previous Lowe SS210 review, this Lowe Super Sport 230 WT is the perfect mixture of sport and performance. The SS230 WT has an excellent blend style and power, making it an excellent boat for relaxing with friends and family, or pulling wakeboards across the water.

If you’re looking for a boat that provides excellent comfort, look no further. The forward and aft lounges are able to accommodate a total of 12 passengers. Additionally, the captain and first mate’s chairs are easily the best seats on the boat, as they look more like recliners than seats.


  • Top-of-the-line comfort and style for the affordable price of $35,000.
  • Rides smoothly and quietly – no creaking and rattling.
  • Comes equipped with a Jensen MS230 Bluetooth stereo.


  • Not much offered in the luxury department.

The Lowe SS230 WT is one of the best all-around pontoon boats on the market. So much so, that I had a difficult time trying to find something wrong with this boat. If it’s a luxury pontoon you’re seeking, stick to Lowe’s Infinity Series boats. For everything else, the SS230 WT is able to do it all.

3. Retreat 230 RFL


The retreat is one of Lowe’s mid-to-upper-mid range pontoon boats. If the SS230 WT is a mid-range pontoon that gets the most bang for its buck, the Retreat 230 RFL is an upper mid-range boat that comes with added luxury. This is precisely why a fully-loaded Retreat can set you back more than $50,000.

The Retreat 230 is one of Lowe’s triple pontoon boats, meaning it has an extra tube in the center of the boat. This helps make the Retreat 230 glide smoothly across the water, not causing unnecessary bumps along the way.


  • Ultra-comfortable seats, including reclining captain and first mate chairs.
  • Instrument panel provides a nice, vintage look.
  • Speaker design looks sleek and comes with a five-channel amp and subwoofer.


  • Short on storage space.
  • The ultra-smooth ride quality comes with the premium “Roughwater package.”

The bottom line is that there are few pontoon boats out there that give the full package – the Retreat 230 RFL, however, is one of the pontoons that does. Every boat comes with luxurious features like double-stitched seats, reclining helm and first mate seats, and a Bluetooth-compatible stereo system.

The only downside with the Retreat is that you’ll need to pay extra for some of those luxurious features. The Retreat 230 RFL starts out around $22,000. Upgrades like extra storage space, a fishfinder, and wave tamers cost extra.

4. Infinity 270 RFL


There’s an ongoing debate between what’s better: the Lowe pontoon or the Sun Tracker. Well, Lowe released the Infinity 270 RFL with hopes of clearing up any doubts about their performance.

Like with all Infinity series pontoon boats, the 270 RFL comes with a level of class and elegance that’s hard to be matched. Lowe pulled out all the stops with the 270 RFL, which resulted in one of the best cruising boats around.


  • Comes with its own built-in cooler with an ice tub and rain.
  • Illuminated storage compartments, buttons, and lounge area make it perfect for nighttime sailing.
  • Equipped with 19 cup holders.
  • Equipped a Hook-5 fishfinder and GPS.
  • Four 12V outlets.


  • Expensive – baseline model costs $41,500 and loaded models can reach up to $70,000.
  • Hydraulic steering is a premium feature.
  • Only seats 14 people.

The only thing that the Infinity 270 RFL has working against it is its suggested retail price. For a loaded pontoon boat with all the luxurious features you want with a high-end boat, you’re looking to spend at least $60,000.

Despite the Infinity 270 RFL’s expensive sticker price, it’s one of the best entertaining boats that money can buy. If you’re interested in a pontoon boat that is able to host get-togethers with your closest friends and family members and budget isn’t an issue, the 270 RFL is the boat for you.

5. Ultra 180 Cruise


Are you new to the world of pontoon boating or simply want a watercraft that doesn’t break the bank? Lowe’s Ultra 180 Cruise might be just what you’re looking for. While you won’t be getting any special frills with this budget-friendly pontoon, you will get a reliable boat that’s easy to handle.

With a baseline price of around $10,000, don’t expect the Ultra 180 Cruise to be luxurious. What you will get, however, is an excellent starter pontoon that’s comfortable for half the price. This way, you and eight of your closest companions can sit comfortably on the boat and spend a nice afternoon on the water.


  • Comes with a fold-up angler’s chair in the helm.
  • Ample storage space for such a small boat.
  • Has a quiet, yet impressive, Mercury FourStroke engine.


  • Seats a total of nine passengers – definitely not a boat for hosting bigger gatherings.
  • Only has four cup holders.
  • Doesn’t ride as smoothly as its advertised.
  • Sound system is sold separately.

As you can see, the Ultra 180 Cruise is one of Lowe’s most basic pontoon boats on the market. If additional gadgets and neat little features are something that you look for in a good boat, you should stay away from this model. This pontoon is marketed towards the person who isn’t concerned about the extra features and nifty gadgets. If you want an affordable boat that you can cruise the waters or spend the day fishing on, the 180 Cruise is right for you.

6. SF234

Lowe Pontoon Boat Reviews

The Lowe SF234 is a premium pontoon boat designed to meet all of your fishing needs. If you want a watercraft that can support you and 13 of your closest fishing buddies, the SF234 has you covered. Along with getting a first-class boat, you also get a watercraft that’s equipped with four fishing seats, a rod locker, and other features to enhance your fishing trip.

The SF234 has a baseline price of nearly $16,000, and you have the option of installing a number of different upgrades. Some of its most popular premium features include a fish station, an upgraded trolling motor, and extra fishing rod holders that clamp onto the rail. With that said, it was a bit disappointing that a fishfinder and GPS system didn’t come standard with all SF234 models.


  • There are 10 cup holders throughout the boat.
  • Bluetooth-compatible Jensen stereo.
  • Built-in tackle box and rod holders.


  • Fishfinder costs extra.
  • The fish station is optional, and takes up space of two cup holders.

When you take the fishing features out of the equation, the SF234 performs like the Ultra 180 Cruise. It’s reliable, durable, and has excellent handling – but there’s nothing special about it. For this reason, I would not recommend the SF234 to people who’re just interested in cruising.

However, if you’re someone who likes to frequently go to the lake for fishing trips, you might really enjoy the SF234. It’s a boat that’s truly designed to help anglers get the most out of their fishing experience. If you choose to equip it with a fishfinder, you and your crew will certainly walk away with a prize-winning catch.

What You Should Know

If you’ve read enough Lowe pontoon boat reviews on the internet, you know that there are two camps – people who love Lowe and people who’re indifferent. The reason that you never find anyone who hates Lowe pontoons is because they’re consistently designed to be reliable and top performers.

Generally speaking, people who’re loyal to other brands do so because of personal preference. You will be hard pressed to find someone who is dissatisfied with the way that a Lowe pontoon is developed. While it’s certain that there are more luxurious pontoon manufacturers on the market, few companies other than Lowe have the reputation creating long-lasting pontoon boats.

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