Pontooners Product Review & Editorial Policy

Our Why

Growing up in a family of boaters and being around boating our whole lives we were often asked for advice, in particular around pontoons. We found the resources online were lacking in providing easy to digest information relating to many of the queries we were asked and of our own. This is why we make this content ourselves. To help deepen our knowledge and provide an easy to understand and reliable resource for anyone in need of trustworthy boating information.

The Team

Started by a Husband and Wife team we have since expanded to include a small community of boating enthusiasts who also love to share their knowledge. Different contributors have different passions which has allowed this resource to grow and cover more than just pontoon boats, now including anything that floats, from bass boats to yachts, and more!

The Sourcing & Writing Process

All articles written on Pontooners.com are thoroughly researched first. Although all writers are extreme boating enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge, that’s not enough. Each topic is researched and information is drawn from a variety of sources (often linked to within each article) to ensure everything accurate as well as up to date and keeping up with the changing times. Sources are reliable and authorities such as BoatersEd, and we also stay active in many forums including TheHullTruth.

Our product guides go through the same research process. We also have used and tested most of the best choices picked and reviewed first hand. Other products are chosen because they have been highly recommended by expert boaters. Further to our testing and expert recommendations, we research ALL user reviews to better understand everyones experience with the products and incorporate this in our reviews.

Editorial Process

Every article you see on Pontooners has gone through the above mentioned research and testing process. It is then reviewed by one of Editors for accuracy, spelling, and gramma. A lot of work and edits are made to ensure everything reads correctly, includes all relevant information, and is overall beneficial to our readers.


We make every effort to get everything right, but hey we’re not perfect! So, if you see any errors or would just like to share any suggestions on ways we can improve anything, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us with some feedback and help contribute to improving our guides.

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