Pirate Boat Names (51 Cool Pirate Ship Inspired Ideas)

pirate boat names

Pirate boat names are quite common in the seas, especially in certain areas of the United States, but do not let the theme’s massive popularity take away from the fact that any pirate-inspired boat name can be as intimidating, intriguing, or awe-inspiring as any other great boat name out there.

If you would like to learn about our pirate boat name suggestions, know a little bit of history with every boat name suggestion we have selected, and find out about a few tips and pieces of advice you could definitely utilize to make your boat naming process much easier, then definitely keep on reading this guide.

Our Best Suggestions

Listed below are the best pirate boat names we have found, including both real and fictional ships and vessels:

Queen Anne’s Revenge

For those familiar with Edward Teach, known famously as Blackbeard, the vessel he commands is known as the “Queen Anne’s Revenge.”

It began its wonderful journey in the early 18th century but there are no accurate historical records to determine the actual place and date of origin. Despite being captured by French Privateers (later naming the vessel to La Concorde), its less than 1-year stint under Blackbeard’s command saw many legendary battles and adventures.

If you are looking for something that is historically significant, then look no further. This boat name would bring notoriety and fame to you and your vessel.

The Black Pearl

For fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the most infamous ship from the series, originally named the “Wicked Wench” is none other than “The Black Pearl.”

Originally used as a vessel for the transport of goods and cargo, a lot of epic moments happened in and around this boat, dating back all the way to the battle against Salazar.

This boat name is great if you are a fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and can also be used for any shape and size vessel. However, we find this boat name to be more appropriate for boats of darker shades, such as the different shades of black and blue.

The Flying Dutchman

For those who are fans of pirate horror stories, then the “Flying Dutchman” should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Known as a legendary ghost ship that never had to make port as it was cursed to travel the seas for eternity, this boat sports a near-invincible aura and an arsenal of weaponry that would best any opposing vessel.

This boat name may sound a bit too pirate theme-inspired, but if you are a true fan of spooky pirate stories, then this name should be on your shortlist. It is arguably the most popular fictional ship and boat name in the past couple of centuries, and it does not look like its popularity will fade anytime soon.

Jolly Roger

Another classic is the “Jolly Roger” from the Peter Pan franchise, popularized by its creators and is meant to be the vessel that Captain Hook commands and operates.

Serving as Captain Hook’s true base of operations, it is one of the rare places in Neverland that is treated as pirate or hostile territory. Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook have graced this arena several times with epic battles and colorful dialogue.

If you want a throwback to your childhood years, then this boat name is great for you. We find this to be a suitable boat name for the smaller vessels, but we can see it doing well with medium-sized boats, too.

Golden Hind

Francis Drake was only able to circumnavigate the world with his legendary Galleon, known as the “Golden Hind” through the years 1577 - 1580.

Originally labeled the “Pelican”, this legendary ship was re-named mid-voyage in the year 1578. This was to commemorate Francis Drake’s patron and sponsor, whose crest was that of a golden hind.

If you want your boat to instantly achieve legendary status, then this name is one of the select few that can instantly elevate your vessel. Plus, you can talk about the boat namesake’s history in depth and detail, as the adventures of Francis Drake all around the world would definitely make for interesting conversation.

More Pirate Themed Boat Names

  • Ella Treasures
  • Crimson Sea Dog
  • Damned Jewel
  • Ruthless Rattler
  • Diamond Dasher
  • Lady Tide
  • Sea Wolf
  • Cut Throat Cruiser
  • Muddy Mudskipper
  • Lootin Lizalaroo
  • Salty Bastard
  • Sea Of Terror
  • Grimwolf
  • Cursed Seadog
  • Stinkin' Plank
  • Ol' Tide
  • Shameless Hooker
  • Plagued Soul
  • Angel of Doom
  • The Sea Stalker
  • Crusty Barnacle
  • Seaside Stealer
  • Grand Serpent
  • Shady Waters
  • Bone Rattler
  • Hell And High Water
  • Sea Scallywag
  • Trawlin Tall Tide
  • Monkey's Butt
  • Bloody Waves
  • Betty Tuna Breath
  • Goldheart Chipper
  • The Dark Skull
  • Deep Sea Executioner
  • Lost Dream
  • Ruthless Raider
  • Open Waters Avenger
  • Poisonous Tentacle
  • Dark Horizon
  • Bone Keeper
  • Lobster Legger
  • Rusty Bell
  • Ghostly Gun-Powder
  • Vengeance Vessel
  • Hopeless Hull

Tips and Advice for Finding the Best Pirate Ship Names

There are a few major considerations to be mulled over when choosing a boat name, especially if you plan to name it after a famous pirate ship or vessel. Here are a few things to think about:

  • You do not need to copy famous pirate boat names word for word. You can add your personal twist to it just to make it unique to you and your experiences or passions in life. Get creative and try to ask friends and family for suggestions, too.
  • Boat names should be brief and concise. Despite our suggestion to get creative with your boat’s name, we would still have to mention that it would be better and more practical to limit your boat’s name to no greater than three words. Anything longer would just serve as a hindrance and source of confusion, especially when other vessels or authorities are trying to identify and communicate with you.
  • Avoid boat names that resemble or imitate emergency signals and callsigns. This is actually a rule you have to follow as it is mandated by law. The repercussions of naming your boat after an emergency word or term are not only illegal, but also a matter of life and death, so choose carefully. Check out our guide to banned boat names for a better understanding on this.


Pirate ship names are very fascinating and should definitely have a spot in your list of names considered if you are a fan of boat legends and boat lore.

Aside from pirate boat names, we have so much more to offer over at our website. Are you looking for other boat name themes and suggestions? Check out some of our others such as funny redneck boat names, Irish boat names, Christian themed boat names, boat names for dog lovers, dirty boat names, and many more.

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