24 Pontoon Boat Accessories [The Essentials & Fun Stuff]

The best part about owning a pontoon boat is having the ability to customize your pontoon in any way you want. With such an incredible range of pontoon boat accessories available on the market, you can create a watercraft that suits your unique needs. This means that you can create the ultimate party boat, build a pontoon that’s great for towing, or design a great fishing boat.

Are you saving up for cool toys and gadgets for your pontoon? Great! Now have a look at these pontoon boat accessories.

Fun Pontoon Boat Accessories

Who doesn't like to have a good time and have some fun? Let's start off with the boat accessories that will keep the family and kids entertained while out on the lake.

1. Airhead AHBL-12 Blast Towable Tube

airhead towable tubes

If you want to spend your money on fun pontoon accessories, there’s nothing better than towable tubes. The AHBL-12 Blast by Airhead is a durable, one-person tube that’s praised for its heavy-duty design.

If you have a pontoon boat that’s packing enough horsepower for watersports, then this is the tube you want to have. Watch your guests squeal with excitement as they skate across the water while riding atop the Blast. By far one of most exhilarating pontoon boat accessories you should buy. So much fun too!

2. Airhead AHTH-3 Tow Harness

fun pontoon accessories

Want pontoon parts that will optimize your watersports capabilities? If so, you’re going to need a good tow harness.

The AHTH-3 by Airhead is a durable harness that’s capable of withstanding 3000 pounds of tension, which is more than enough to pull water skiers and wakeboarders. Don’t let your tubing time get cut short because of a weak harness. Buy one made by a name you can trust, like Airhead.

3. Lillipad Diving Board

pontoon diving board

The Lillipad Diving Board is another fun accessory you can mount to a pontoon boat. Fit this diving board securely to the edge of the boat for maximum enjoyment diving out on the lake. The kids will be jumping off like crazy, and even the adults will love it too!

It's not the cheapest of the pontoon boat accessories on our list cost wise, but a diving board is sure to be one of the most fun and worthwhile investments. The construction is heavy duty, made out of aluminum and steel hardware.

For more information on installation and things you need to know when purchasing a diving board for a pontoon click here.

4. Spillway Inflatable Pontoon Boat Slide

spillway inflatable pontoon slide

There's no denying...slides are fun! And not all pontoons come with slides. So if you're one of those that don't have the luxury of purchasing a pontoon with a slide, why not add one to your boat? 

An inflatable pontoon slide like the Spillway Slide is an excellent way to keep the whole family entertained, especially the little ones, while camping on the water. For more options, see all our slide kit recommendations.

Fishing Accessories

For those anglers out there that love fishing from their pontoons, here are some pontoon boat accessories you may love. Although you probably have most already, hopefully there's an idea in here you may not have thought of. These are just a few ideas. Click here for 22 more pontoon fishing accessory ideas.

5. Engel Livewell Cooler

engel cooler

Own a pontoon boat and love to fish? Engel’s livewell cooler is an affordable way to keep live bait healthy for the duration of your fishing trip.

For avid anglers, this livewell cooler is one of the most essential pontoon accessories. Now you don’t have to regret not spending the extra money buying that pontoon boat designed specifically for anglers. 

The cooler’s dimensions are 19.5” x 12.5” x 14.5”, making it big enough to hold all of your shrimp and minnows. You’ll especially love the ability to switch between batteries and a power cord, so that you never have to worry about the cooler’s pump system dying at the most inopportune time.

Also, consider a pontoon boat cooler table which can double as a cooler and table.

6. Garmin GPS Fish Finder

garmin fish finder

Need help finding fish to catch while fishing from your pontoon boat? Then mounting this Garmin Fish Finder is the perfect accessory for you! You can digitally see the underwater conditions with this depth finder. Garmin is a very trusted brand when it comes to GPS and tech like this, so this one comes highly recommended.

The image quality is very good and detailed and it can help identify fish under and around your boat.

There's also different purchase package options with this model, ranging from with batteries, mounts, covers, and so on.

Looking for assistance to install it? Click here for our installation instructions and how to mount one. If you want more recommendations we have a whole guide on pontoon fish finders.

7. HIUMI Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder

fishing rod holder

Not all pontoon boats were designed for anglers. If you’re an avid fisherman with a boat that doesn’t have a fishing rod holder, you’re in luck. Hiumi’s fishing rod holders are sturdy and compatible with all types of boats and rods.

Unlike the cheaper, plastic snap-on style, Hiumi’s rod holders are created from a strong ABS polymer. They’re able to resist damage from rust and corrosion, making them strong enough for any wear-and-tear you put on them. Since they’re easy to mount and install, you’ll have these on and ready to use in about 20 minutes.

Mounting some of these is a must of any serious angler.

Check out more of the best rod holders for pontoon boats.

Hosting, Cooking & Party Accessories

If you're planning on hosting guests, like to throw a lot of parties, or simply like cooking onboard your boat, you'll need the right items and accessories to do so.

8. Smartech Anywhere Stainless Steel Cup Holders

stainless steel boat cup holder

Got a pontoon boat that doubles as a party vessel? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to run out of spaces to place drinks. Neither you nor your guests want to have to hold their drink while camping and relaxing on the water, which is precisely why you can never have enough cup holders.

If your boat’s cup holder is serious lacking, consider buying one of Smartech’s Anywhere stainless steel portable cup holder. Each holder comes is built from a UV resistant material and comes with two stainless steel spots for holding beverages. You can also choose between a flashy crimson red or a neutral gray color, so you don’t have to worry about buying a holder that clashes with your interior colors.

 9. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Grill

Cuisinart grill

Pontoon grills are an essential accessory for the pontooner who likes hosting day-long events on the water. After a few hours cruising around the lake, people are going to get hungry. Let’s face it, boat snacks like sandwiches, chips, and peanuts will only satisfy your guests for so long before real hunger strikes.

The CGG-180T grill by Cuisinart delivers in ways that other pontoon grills can’t. It’s able to cook evenly and efficiently, and sits nicely on the table top with its aluminum legs. Additionally, with a few modifications, you can also mount this grill to the railing system of your boat.

Have you ever eaten a sizzling steak hot off the grill while relaxing and camping on the water? Now you can!

10. Rectangular Table Kit By JIF Marine

pontoon table

The worst thing about hosting get-togethers on pontoon boats is struggling to find enough surface space to accommodate everyone. Most of us who couldn’t spend at least $65,000 on a luxury party pontoon boat wish that we could find a way to add an additional table on the deck. Fortunately, you can!

JIF Marine’s Ivory Table Kit will let you to mount a 28” x 16” table anywhere you desire. It’s built with high quality materials (aluminum poles) that are able to resist wear-and-tear from the sun, as well as corrosion from salt water. The feature that you’re going to love the most after mounting this table is its four cup holders, conveniently located at every corner of the table.

With a low price, putting an extra table in your pontoon boat won’t break the bank.

11. Docktail Boat Bar Caddy

boat bar caddy

Hosting a memorable party on your pontoon boat means making all of the refreshment easily accessible. Unfortunately, some of us struggle to find a place to put all of our food and drink. This is why Docktail’s Boat Bar Caddy is one of the most revolutionary pontoon boat accessories.

Any pontoon boats that come with a fishing rod holder are able to use the boat bar caddy. This sturdy bottle holder acts as a mini-bar and comes with extra storage space and six bottle spots that hold the following bottles:

  • 75 liter x2.
  • 1 liter X 2.
  • 2 liter x 2.

If you got a bartender on board, this bar accessory is a must.

12. ThermoPro Wireless Remote Cooking Thermometer


If you're going to be utilizing a grill or doing any kind of cooking onboard, then the ThermoPro Wireless Remote Cooking Thermometer is a must. It's in-expensive and can assist you by not burning or overcooking your meat.

The great thing about the ThermoPro is that it allows you to do other things like entertain your guests, or have fun, without needing to worry while the food is cooking. The set up is easy and it just beeps once it reaches the desired temperature. No constant checking required!

13. Sony Marine Speakers

marine speakers

What better way than entertaining your guests and having party, then to have the music actually be heard. Some times it can be difficult to hear the music while camping out on the water. Either way a nice set of marine speakers will add to the mood and make a party or even relaxing more enjoyable, whatever the purpose.

The Sony XSMP1621 Marine Speaker is our recommended pick if you want clear and crisp sounding audio. They also look amazing too, shouldn't have any problems fitting in with the aesthetics of most pontoon boats. What makes them even better is that they're water, salt and UV rays resistant.

If you enjoy your tunes blasting and you want something even more powerful we've highlighted the best marine speakers for pontoon boats here.

Essentials & Must Have Pontoon Boat Accessories

Now that we've gone through all the fun and party stuff, the rest of this list will focus on more essential and practical items. That's not to say ALL of these are necessary, you might see some...well...just plain cool stuff, but majority of these will help either keep your pontoon protected, keep you safe, or some sort of value.

14. EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Boat Covers

pontoon boat cover

It’s important to keep pontoon boats protected from the elements at all times. If you keep your boat sitting outside without a durable cover to protect it, you run the risk of damaging its interior. You don’t want to be stuck with an expensive repair bill just because you didn’t take proper care of your boat – buy it a dependable cover.

EmpireCovers makes economical heavy duty pontoon boat covers that will keep pontoon boats protected from extreme weather. Our favorite is the EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Boat Cover. Since these boat covers are waterproof, you’ll also be protected from damage as a result of mold and mildew.

Check out our guide to the best pontoon boat covers for even more options.

15. Red & Green Navigation LED Lights

pontoon lights

Pontoon LED deck lights are important to have if you do a lot of boating in the dark. If you’re looking to install more lighting on your boat, these red and green navigation lights are a great choice. 

Light up your starboard and port with these colored LED lights, so that you can be safely seen in low-light settings. These are one of the most essential pontoon boat accessories and all pontoon boats should have cool starboard/deck lighting! Not only will these LED lights make the pontoon boat look cool, the cost is very reasonable too.

For more options check out our pontoon LED lights buyers guide.

16. Davis Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer

White Tail Stabilizer

Do you do a lot of boating on rougher waters? Or, does your pontoon have the tendency to be a bit choppy? If so, the Whale Tail by Davis is the perfect accessory for you.

The Whale Tail is easy to install and bolts tightly to the motor, just behind the prop. The materials are high quality, with the aluminim being marine grade. It’s perfect for creating a more stable ride and can even boost the performance and fuel efficiency of your boat. 

17. Captain’s Bucket Seat by Leader Accessories

Captain's seat

Is your pontoon boat suffering from a lackluster captain’s chair? Give yourself the comfort and respect you deserve by installing a chair that fits your role as captain. Leader Accessories makes comfortable, top-of-the-line captain’s chairs that are beautiful and easy to install.

These boat seats are so comfortable and cool that you’ll probably not want to get off them! They come in a variety of colors, so finding one that matches your boat appearance shouldn’t be hard at all. We also have a guide to help you replace pontoon boat seats, that you may find helpful.

18. Earth Pak Dry Bags

pontoon dry bags

The only downside to boating is when you unexpectedly get your belongings wet. Fortunately, Earth Pak dry bags can help. These heavy-duty bags are rugged and sturdy enough to prevent water damage, making them perfect for storing delicate objects. They'll help to keep all your valuables such as phone protected while on-board and come in a variety of sizes to choose from. It's also super easy to carry around.

19. Mothers Cleaner Wax

marine wax

While this isn’t a fun accessory, any avid boater will tell you that the way your boat looks is important. There’s nothing better than having a pontoon boat that’s been polished, cleaned and waxed.

Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax is a powerful marine wax that cleans pontoon boats and protects them from elemental and UV damage. It’ll keep your boat looking freshly new and make you one of the most talked about people at the marina.

20. Polyform G Series Boat Fenders

pontoon boat fenders and bumpers

Fenders and bumpers are essential for preventing damage to your pontoon. When the weather is harsh and strong winds move your boat around a good set of fenders protects boats against scratches, dents and scuffs. They're also great for when parking your boat and protecting it from the dock.

Polyform G Series boat fenders are one of the best going around for cushioning pushes and bumps. Cost effective, strong and durable, they also come in a wide range of awesome colors to choose from. And because they come pre-inflated these fenders are super easy to mount. Check out everything you need to know about pontoon fenders and bumpers here.

21. Extreme Max Pontoon Ladder

pontoon boat ladder

Step your accessories game up with ladder for your boat. A ladder is a very essential accessory all pontoon boats should have. They make it easy to get on the deck of pontoon boats and provide a safe way to exit and/or get in the water in case of an emergency.

There are many different types of ladders to choose from, but one we like in particular is the Extreme Max Pontoon Ladder. It comes in 3 step, 4 step, and 5 step options. They are designed very practical, with wide steps and setting it up is very quick and quite simple.

Of course this is not the only choice, so if you're keen on purchasing one  we advise you to look out all our recommended pontoon ladders to see which suits you and your boat best. The cost doesn't vary too much with these.

22. Attwood Brunswick Pontoon Storage Blocks

Attwood pontoon storage blocks

If you want to winterize your pontoon boat by keeping out of the water and dock, and in storage, then it's best to do so safely. The right set of storage blocks can assist with this. They'll keep your boat off the ground and help prevent causing any damage to your beloved pontoon.

Also storing away your storage blocks is easy and space saving too. Because they are hollow, they can be stacked on top of each other and stored away when not in use. The storage blocks save on storage space too.

Attwood Brunswick Storage Blocks are our go to. Mainly because they are universal so you can use it on any pontoon model. These storage blocks are light and extremely reliable. A wise addition to your accessories!

23. Slide Anchor

Slide anchor

Anchors come in a variety of styles, sizes, and there's no one right anchor for ALL pontoons. So it's important to choose the right one for your boat.

A very popular choice is this Slide Anchor which comes in different sizes to cater for small and larger boats. It's very easy to use; tossing it off and retrieving back on to your pontoon. This anchor also gives you great control with the placement of the pontoon.

24. GigaTent Portable Pop-Up Changing Room

portable pop up changing room

Needs some privacy? Then you may need a pop-up collapsible change room on-board the 'toon. Changing rooms are a great accessory especially if you're planning to host parties or have lots of guests on-board. Even if you don't, it's good to have some privacy even from the family after a swim in the lake.

Pop-up change rooms are super convenient and practical. They can be folded down when not being used, which is great for those with smaller pontoons that don't have a whole lot of room.

We recommend the GigaTent Portable Change Room.


The main reason that pontoon boats are so great is because of all their extra space. This allows you to experiment with various accessories, like additional tables or a wine rack.

As you can see, there are a number of pontoon boat accessories that can help you get the most out of your pontoon. The right accessory can make your boat become the ultimate angler, sporting, or party boat. Just make sure to do your research and see if all parts are compatible with your specific pontoon boat before making any purchases

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