Best Pontoon Boat Cup Holders: Our Top 5 Picks

pontoon boat cup holders

What’s a pontoon boat without a cup holder? Designed to keep your beverage right within reach whenever you might want a sip, these convenient little accessories make your boat feel a little more like home, no matter where the waves might take you. And while you might think every cup holder is the same, the wide market will tell you otherwise.

There are tons of options on the market, each one offering slightly different performance than the last. So if you were on the hunt for the best pontoon boat cup holders, our definitive guide should tell you everything you need to know.

Top 5 Best Pontoon Cup Holders

There’s a lot that sets every cup holder choice apart from the rest. From looks, to functionality, durability, versatility, and even cost, it’s surprising how each distinct choice can be different from others in the same category. So to make sure you’re getting a cup holder that can really improve your pontoon boating experience, consider these top five vetted picks.

1. Wise 3058-1882 Double Drink Holder for Pontoons

cup holders for pontoon boat seats

Designed to look like the rest of your pontoon seats, the Pontoon Double Drink Holder from Wise is anything but an eye-sore. This clever design features a padded body, fitted with two drink holders that give it a truly sophisticated aesthetic. It also features a weighted vinyl flap that secures the holder between your seat and back rest cushions.

These cup holders for pontoon boat seats uses marine grade plastic frames, dual stainless steel cups and vinyl + foam padding so they blend right in with the rest of your seats. It’s available in two different colorways - platinum and mocha, or sky gray - which should let you choose a design that matches your boat interiors best.

With no need for complicated installation procedures, this nifty addition to your boat can serve its purpose without the risk of tossing and coming undone while you’re underway. And because it installs pretty easily, you could also use it at home on your sofa, or even in your car.


  • Sophisticated aesthetics
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile use


  • Takes up space on your boat seats

skiffdaddy drink cup holders for pontoon boats

The Skiffdaddy Drink Cup Holder was designed with versatility in mind. This nifty holder features a spiral hard-drawn steel that’s coated in PVC. This tough construction guarantees lasting performance even under harsh weather conditions and constant UV radiation exposure.

What makes it particularly convenient is that its hooked arm can easily clasp over boat rails and more. A perfect fit for garden chairs, gunwales, wheelchairs, and many other rails and edges so you get more than just a pontoon boat drink holder. It also takes minutes to install, and holds its place securely to protect your boat against spills.

Heat treated to keep their shape, Skiffdaddy is all about longevity. That said, you can be sure that when you buy these babies, you’re getting cup holders that can pretty much last you a lifetime.


  • Durable construction
  • Versatile mounting possibilities
  • Secure hold


  • Utilitarian aesthetic

secure pontoon boat cup holder

The updated ROBOCUP Drink Holder design features a reinforced clasping mechanism that you can install against an upright pole. The clamps tout a rubberized interior that improves grip, keeping the holder securely in place even when you battle it out with rough waves and choppy waters.

If there’s anything that’s especially appealing about the ROBOCUP Drink Holder, it’s that the design lets you expand your horizons by adding two extra holders to the same piece. That allows a maximum of four cups on a single mount. And since that might get pretty heavy, it also lets you secure the clamp further with a slot for a cable tie.

Available in 16 fun colorways, there’s really no such thing as not matching your interiors with the ROBOCUP Drink Holder. And because they’re made with UV inhibiting marine-grade material, the design touts a 3-year warranty that definitely adds to its overall value.


  • Secure design
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • 3-year warranty


  • Lighter colors can get easily stained and discolored

durable cup holders for pontoon boats

Here’s something for the boat owners who might want to keep more within reach than just their cup. The Kemimoto Boat Caddy Marine Cup Holder features a spacious slot for your cup or mug (complete with a cut-out to accommodate a mug’s handle), but also touts a caddy for things like keys, sunglasses, and other essentials.

The space-saving design takes up minimal surface area against a boat wall, and allows two methods of installation. If you’re not expecting to put too much weight in your caddy, then its velcro attachment might be good enough. Otherwise, you can screw it in place with its bundled screws, nuts, and allen wrench.

The boat caddy is made from marine-grade plastic, and offers lasting performance against the elements. It also comes in bundles of two per order so you can spend less the more you buy.


  • Multi-functional design
  • Durable material
  • Lots of room for other accessories


  • May require drilling

spacious cup holder for pontoon boats

Okay, so if you were looking for something a little more ideal for parties and pontoon get-togethers, the Docktail Ultimate Marine Cup and Bottle Holder should have you covered. This thing features 10 pre-cut bottle and cup slots that accommodate liter-sized bottles, soda cans, cups, and more. It also comes with a cutting board insert that you can use to prepare garnish like limes and more.

The portable boat bar is made from King Starboard and is UV stabilized for extended hours of outdoor exposure. It mounts in place via a stainless steel hardware set that fits most rod holders. There are also other mounting options available if you don’t already have rod holders installed.

Perfect for parties and for pontoon boats that get a lot of guests, this choice localizes all of the cups and bottles on board so you won’t have to worry too much about making a mess on deck. And if you feel that all-white just isn’t your style, the brand also offers teak cladding for a more sophisticated look.


  • Lots of room for cups and bottles
  • Multi-functional design with cutting board inserts
  • Holds large 1.75 liter bottles as well as cups


  • May be a little cramped

Best Replacement Inserts and Drop-Ins

Whether you’ve got a pseudo-table on board that you want to convert to a dining space, or if you’re interested in installing your very own cup holders on board, drop ins should be part of your shopping list. These guys slip right into a hole so you can make your very own cup holders where you want them on board.

1. Brybelly Stainless Steel Drop-In Cup Holder

rust-proof stainless steel cup holder

This simple design uses stainless steel for lasting performance and durability, polished in a chrome finish for added aesthetic appeal. The rust-proof design fits most cups and bottles, making it ideal for use on a boat where drinks might vary for every trip.

The insert itself is 2 5/16 of an inch in depth, and measures 2.75 inches across. This makes it just the right size for your average can, and provides enough depth so your cups, cans, and bottles don’t tip over even when your faced with cranky weather conditions.


  • Rust-proof stainless steel
  • Universal cup size
  • Polished sophisticated chrome finish


  • No drain feature

durable and rust proof cup holder for pontoon boats

Made from a similar stainless steel, the MESHOEN Cup Drink Holder can easily replace plastic cup holders that you might have on board for a more sophisticated and durable insert. It features a drain hole with a hose barb, as well as a mounting gasket and internal pad.

Durable and lasting, the rust-proof piece can fit various cup and bottle sizes with its graduated interior that allows narrower vessels to sit deeper in the design. And because it has an internal padding, it also works well for delicate glasses that might crack and break when bouncing up and down in an unprotected stainless steel holder.


  • Durable and rust-proof
  • Internal pad included
  • Comes with a drain hole


  • Deep design may make it hard to retrieve shallow drink vessels

pontoon boat cup holder insert

If you’re looking for a pontoon boat cup holder insert but you’re working within a budget, this set might be what you’re looking for. The reinforced plastic cup holders come in a set of 3, and cost less than $8 so you can replace a number of inserts on board without having to spend a fortune.

Simple, utilitarian, and plain effective, these cup holders come with a drain hole to get rid of pent up moisture and prevent bacterial growth. They also tout a discreet black color that prevents stains and discoloration from taking away from their aesthetic appeal.


  • Basic yet functional
  • Black color prevents cosmetic issues
  • Affordable and easy to install


  • May give in to UV radiation over time


The best pontoon boat cup holders provide versatility, aesthetics, and lasting durability you can rely on. So before you click on through to check out, make sure you check your options. There are tons of picks on the market, but our vetted choices should lead you straight to a cup holder that won’t disappoint.

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