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pontoon boat slide kit

Thinking of new ways to enjoy your pontoon? You don’t really need expensive upgrades and accessories to make your boat more fun. Something as simple and affordable as a pontoon boat slide kit can be an ingenious way to add another dimension to your new boat riding hobby.

Giving the kids an extra little fun, a slide is an indispensable necessity for any pontoon owner who always have their family in tow. But hey, before you go and shell out cash on the first pontoon slide you find, you might want to consider some of these buying tips and reviews to help you land the perfect purchase for your boat.

The 3 Best Pontoon Boat Slide Kits

RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide

pontoon slide

The RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide is a commercial quality slide that uses reinforced material coated in a special treatment to enhance its UV resistance. But more than that, the material is mold and mildew-proof, allowing long years of use without signs of wear, tear, or damage. And because it’s built strong with some of the most durable materials on the market. The RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide can hold as much as 250 pounds in one go.

Able to fit most pontoons, the RAVE Slide was also designed for convenience as it was for durability. Its included pump can get the slide up and running in just 5 minutes. To pack away, simply deflate the slide from the same inflation channel and roll away. For added convenience, the RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide tucks into a nifty sleeping bag-sized roll. This is perfect for storing under the seats.

AQUAGLIDE Freefall Pontoon Slide

heavy duty material pontoon slide

The AQUAGLIDE Freefall Pontoon Slide was designed with the intention of turning your quiet boat into a full-fledged waterpark. The ultra-heavy duty material is especially robust, able to carry a total weight of 200 pounds at a time. Incorporating four attachment points, the AQUAGLIDE fits securely onto almost any pontoon boat of any size, latching on for stable, safe play for a fun-filled afternoon.

With built-in handles and molded handle, this inflatable slide is one of the easiest to use, and makes the perfect addition to your pontoon if you’ve got little kids aboard. And if you were worried about setting it up, not to worry. The slide comes with its own pump that can inflate the kit in a matter of 5 minutes so you can get started on the fun in record time. Packing the slide away is just as fast. Letting out air through the same inflation vent for simplified pack-up and minimized risk of air leaks.


inflatable pontoon slide

Touting an 8 foot long sliding surface, the SPORTSTUFF SPILLWAY Pontoon Slide doesn’t cheap out on the thrill. The sturdy design features four connection points that holds the entire slide in place against your pontoon. It fits almost every boat on the market. Its molded steps and handles give users stability and safety while climbing on. Also two inflatable rails on either side of the slide surface make sure that you stay centered as you spill forward.

With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, the SPORTSTUFF SPILLWAY sits right at the industry standard for inflatable pontoon slides. And just like the others on our list, this slide takes no more than 5 minutes to inflate with its nifty pump included in the package. For storage, simply unlock the inflation valve to let air out the same way, fold it up, and you’re good to go.

Tips on Buying a Pontoon Slide Kit

While some pontoon slides might look all the same on the surface, there are some pretty big differences between each model. And because everyone has their own distinct preferences, you might want to look into some of the aspects of the slide so you don’t cash out on something that might not perform how you expected it to.


As the old adage goes - safety first! No one wants to end up buying a slide that might turn a fun day out on the lake into a trip to the emergency room. Before you buy that slide, make sure it’s safe to use.

Does it have enough attachment points to keep it secure against your boat? Are there handles and steps that your family can use to safely get on the slide? Are there walls on the sides of the slide surface itself to make sure you don’t prematurely fly off before you reach the end? And finally, how much weight can it hold? The answers to all of these questions should give you an idea of the kind of safety a slide will offer.

Durability and Maintenance

We’ve all heard the stories of friends buying into pontoon slides only to find them punctured and retired after just a few months of use. Remember that as with anything else you buy for your pontoon, even these inexpensive accessories are investments. Look out for unbranded pontoon slides that might not be able to hold up against the onslaught of excited children. You might also want to look into warranties before you jump into a purchase. The longer a seller is willing to extend their warranty, the more likely the slide will stay in shape over a longer period of time.

Of course, maintenance also goes hand in hand with durability. Some pontoon slides will have to be wiped down and dried before storage to prevent mold and mildew. While others are specifically treated to minimize the risk of unwanted scum from forming on its surfaces. Some will have to be stored away from sunlight. However there are those that use material that’s developed specifically to fight off UV damage.

Set-Up and Storage

A pontoon slide that’s too tedious to set-up will soon find its place collecting dust in storage. Fortunately, inflatable slides can be relatively easy to install. Requiring nothing more than the pump that usually comes with the kit. Once it’s inflated, all that’s left to do is to tie its ropes securely to the sides of your pontoon to keep it in place. To pack-away, simply deflate the slide and roll up for storage.

Even then, there are some people who might find the whole process to be a little too tedious, especially if they’re the only adult on board. In those cases, a custom, built-in pontoon slide might be a better choice. Sure they’re going to be expensive, and you won’t be able to take them down just like that. But they can be a sound investment if you foresee children hitching a ride on your pontoon for the foreseeable future.

Slip Sliding Away

Inexpensive, easy, and simple. A pontoon boat slide kit can be a smart way to add yet another dimension of fun to your vessel. Turning your pontoon into a full on waterpark, the humble inflatable slide can make those days on the lake even more memorable for the family and friends you take with you. And while there can be quite a few to choose from, the RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide is a runaway winner with its extended weight capacity, impressive durability, and simplified set-up that just makes pontoon sliding all the more enjoyable.

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