Top 10 Pontoon Boat Steering Wheels (Reviewed) in 2022

pontoon boat steering wheels

The steering wheel on your pontoon boat is the very interface that you’ll use to control your watercraft and navigate the waves. And although it already comes with a steering wheel right out of the dealership, there’s no reason not to scout the market for something that’s a little more your style.

You’ll find that pontoon boat steering wheels come in an impressive range of designs and choices. Not quite sure which one to buy for your boat? Here’s a run down of vetted steering wheels to narrow down your options.

Our Top 10 Pontoon Boat Steering Wheels

1. Attwood 8315-4 Weatherproof 13-Inch Marine Boat Steering Wheel

attwood weatherproof marine boat steering wheel

The Attwood 8315-4 Weatherproof Steering Wheel has earned quite the reputation as one of the best picks on the market for good reasons. For starters, this steering wheel features a soft grip material that allows more comfortable use for extended periods of time. The patented soft black PVC material is also UV resistant and weatherproof, ensuring lasting performance even under harsh boating conditions.

Designed with a solid one-piece plastic inner core, there’s no need to worry about the steering wheel breaking into pieces over time. It also uses non-magnetic materials to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any of the instruments at your control panel.

Perfect for pontoon boat owners with arthritic conditions affecting the hands, the steering wheel also makes a suitable choice for boaters who might just want something that’s a little more pleasant to the touch.

amarine made boat destroyer steering wheel

Another comfortable pick, the Amarine Steering Wheel uses a permanent foam grip that doesn’t only make the steering experience a little easier on the hands, but also prevents your grip from slipping. The material was designed so as not to absorb heat, letting you steer your boat without having to worry about it being too hot to touch under the noontime sun.

Aside from all of that, the Amarine Steering Wheel also features a stainless knob that makes it easier to steer your watercraft with one hand. And to top it all off, the design touts a sophisticated black on stainless steel aesthetic that makes it the perfect decorative touch to accentuate the rest of your control panel.

dolity aluminum alloy pontoon boat steering wheel

The Dolity Boat Steering Wheel incorporates aluminum alloy spokes for a long service life that can withstand the harsh conditions of sun and rain. But to keep your hands feeling comfortable during the ride, the steering wheel also adds a PU foam cover that provides a pleasant grip feel.

Along the backside of the wheel, smooth finger grooves guide your hands and cradle your grip. And on top of all of that, the steering wheel also provides impressive aesthetics that can improve your dashboard’s overall look. The brown and black combination colors add sophistication to the steering wheel’s appearance, letting you upgrade your control panel with a tinge of class.

homyl replacement battle style boat steering wheel

This ergonomic steering wheel was designed to let you voyage for long periods of time minus the discomfort in your hands. The Homyl Replacement Battle Style Steering Wheel features an enlarged diameter that’s covered in various grooves intended to guide your hands so you can achieve a firmer grip without having to overwork your hand muscles.

The steering wheel uses durable, marine-grade materials that provide lasting performance against the elements that work against boating equipment. But despite being built for rugged performance, it also features a PU layer covering that’s soft to the touch. This doesn’t only make the wheel more comfortable to use, but also helps guarantee that your hands won’t slip out of place.

woqi marine steering wheel

Maybe you were looking for something with a little more character. Well, the Woqi WH007 Marine Steering Wheel might just be for you. Shaped to look like an old timey nautical ship wheel, this pick from Woqi can become a fun conversation starter and a statement piece at the center of your boat. The fun wheel design is an ideal choice for boat owners who might want something that’s a little less conventional for their boat.

The delightful design takes inspiration from boats of old, giving your pontoon a fun little decorative piece that’s both functional and fun. And even with the wheel’s comic appeal, it doesn’t fall short of comfort and performance. The extended handles that jut out of the center piece let you grip your steering wheel in more ways than one to suit your style and comfort. It also has a knob for added steering versatility.

amarine destroyer style stainless steel wheel

If you were in the market for something straightforward and simple, you really can’t go wrong with the Amarine Stainless Steel Steering Wheel. This design is as utilitarian as they get, offering plain simple performance that just works. The large diameter makes it especially easy to maneuver your boat in rough conditions, in case that’s where you usually find yourself.

Complete with a knob for comfortable, relaxed cruising, there’s not really a lot that makes this steering wheel stand out. But its simplistic design and basic performance become nothing but background details when you consider durability. Incorporating few parts and using marine grade 304 stainless steel, this is a wheel you can depend on for many years down the line.

seachoice marine boat steering wheel

Maybe you want something that’s a little more reminiscent of what you drive at home. Well, there’s the Seachoice 28510 for that. This fun boat steering wheel might not look all too fancy, but buyers patronize it anyway for how similar it is to a car’s steering wheel. Designed to look and feel just like the wheel on your four-wheeler, this choice adds a touch of familiarity to an otherwise completely different scenario.

And although it might look pretty basic, the Seachoice Steering Wheel actually offers impressive performance that’s intended for life on the water. The steering wheel uses marine-grade materials that are UV-resistant, allowing long service life that you can rely on. It’s also fairly comfortable to grip, despite doing away with padding and cushions that could wear away over time.

Schmit Burano Polyurethane Steering Wheel

For boat owners who want something as fancy as their luxury pontoon boat, the Schmit Burano might be the solution. At a price of about ten times that of a regular steering wheel, this guy is one of the most expensive luxury boat steering wheels you’ll find. The premium design uses premier materials to give it that sophisticated vibe.

The stainless steel body is accentuated by a chrome center cap and pearl accents that can really catch any boat guest’s attention. The contemporary look and feel however are just secondary to the boat wheel’s premier feel that mimics leather for a truly luxurious boat steering experience. And of course, with that kind of price, you can also expect the steering wheel to come with better customer support and warranty.

seastar solutions champion steering wheel

With a wide diameter and sleek design, the SeaStar Solutions SW59291P Champion Steering Wheel is discreet yet stylish. The all black steering wheel doesn’t beg for attention, but nonetheless has subtle details that can warrant a second glance. Slim and elegant, the wheel’s gentle curves and grooves can definitely look more and more appealing over time.

Aside from appearances, the SW59291P also offers efficient performance. The slim wheel plus its large diameter make it easier to steer and turn with less hand movements. The marine-grade weatherproof material works wonders to resist all sorts of damage from sun, heat, and moisture. And because it offers a faux-leather feel, the steering wheel also provides quite a comfortable steering experience. 

dometic seastar ace steering wheel for pontoons

Last but definitely not least on our list of the best steering wheels for pontoon boats is the Dometic SeaStar Ace Steering Wheel. This particular choice was built for performance, letting boat owners steer their watercraft with little effort and energy. The wheel’s ergonomic design and size mean that you can turn and glide through the water minus the need to exert too much effort or execute severe turns on the wheel.

Simple and straightforward, the wheel doesn’t fail to incorporate a few stylish elements that make it stand out at the helm. With all black construction made from weatherproof materials, the steering wheel also boasts beautiful details such as a decorative center decal that showcases the brand’s logo for added sophistication and class.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel, But You Can Replace It

Whether it’s because you’re just not happy with your steering wheel, or because it actually needs to be replaced, there are tons of options on the market. These 10 pontoon boat steering wheels are the best in the biz, offering a combination of comfort, functionality, durability, and style.

But while they all deserve a spot on our list, they won’t all cater to your preferences. So make sure you check in with each one to find out which wheel will fit your needs and make you feel like the captain you are.

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