Pontoon Boats with Slides (5 Best Double Deckers)

pontoon boats with slides

You probably think of your pontoon as the epitome of fun and enjoyment. After all - that ship has sailed you off to some of the most memorable summer getaways you’ve ever had, giving your family and friends endless hours of fun and laughs under the sun. But for as immensely enjoyable as your pontoon boat might be, there are boat models out there that double the fun.

Say hello to funships. Designed with a second floor, these double deck pontoon boats are a must-have for boat enthusiasts who use their watercraft for entertaining guests and holding parties. Equipped with all the fancy bells and whistles you need to host the ultimate midlake event, pontoon boats with slides open up the doors to new kinds of fun.

The 5 Best Double Decker Pontoon Boats

1. Tahoe Cascade Funship

Cascade Funship

The Tahoe Cascade Funship is one of the more affordable funships on the market, although it definitely isn’t cheap. Designed with an upper deck that’s about half the floor area of the standard cruise area below, this pontoon touts spacious seating and luxurious interiors for that added aesthetic appeal. The top deck features an essentially clear space, with a single slide attachment that launches riders towards the aft end of the boat.

Equipped with two 27” pontoons, this boat boasts streamlined performance in all sorts of water conditions for easy maneuverability. Able to accommodate up to 12 guests, this supersized pontoon provides spacious seating and a comfortable ambiance for all the people on board.

2. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

Cascade Platinum Funship

If you’ve got a little (actually, a lot) extra to spare, then you might be able to upgrade your Tahoe Cascade to its Platinum Funship counterpart. A more sophisticated, more spacious version of the Cascade, the Platinum features a water-pump equipped slide, a sundeck, a double wide lounge, and a storage center with built-in speakers.

The luxurious watercraft was built for midlake parties, and does its job by offering spacious, comfortable seating for close to 15 passengers. The boat also comes in two different sizes, letting you choose between a 25 foot and a 27 foot alternative to best match your preferences.

3. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship

avalon catalina funship with slide

As one of the most luxurious double decker pontoons you’ll find, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship comes in a 29 foot model that packs major power to get you to the middle of the lake in record time. The polished cruiser offers spacious seating and comfortable, plush lounge areas that are perfect for sitting around and relaxing.

Up top, the entire upper deck features seat padding and upholstery which means the whole space serves the purpose of seating. The second floor is also home to a fun slide that transforms the pontoon into a full-on waterpark on tubes, fully equipped for endless hours of fun.

4. Premier Escalante

Premier Escalante

The Escalante by Premier is a complete recreational watercraft that packs all the fun features you would look for in a luxury pontoon. The upper deck comes with spacious seating, while the boat takes a new twist on the pontoon slide feature by pointing it out towards the portside. And while all of these features might be enough to draw you in, there’s a lot more to the Premier Escalante than just that.

The boat takes every detail into account, starting with the captain’s area. Complete with a refrigerated cup holder and a 10 Star helm chair, the captain of the ship is guaranteed to experience premier comfort with the Escalante. All other guests are provided plush seating, a change room, a washroom, and a galley, giving you every specialized area you might need to feel at home out on the lake.

5. Jungle Float Sport

Jungle Float pontoon

With a tagline that says ‘Spoil your guests’, the Jungle Float Sport doesn’t joke around when it comes to entertainment. This fully-equipped double decker pontoon boat comes with a roomy upper deck, comfortable lounge areas underneath, and an impressive trampoline feature - a first of its kind. The boat was designed to be the ultimate recreational watercraft, giving your guests every kind of entertainment they might look for on the lake.

Built with active boaters in mind, this exciting boat features built-in lounge seats on the upper deck which isn’t common among funships. And with its ladder located centrally on the boat, guests have the option to jump from the upper deck down to the trampoline for a new breed of exhilarating fun that not all double deckers can provide.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pontoon with a Slide

double decker pontoon boat with water slide

It’s true - every double decker pontoon boat with water slide delivers significantly more fun and enjoyment than your average pontoon boat. But for as extensive as a double decker’s features might be, not all of them will give you the same experience. So before you shell out that hunk of cash, make sure you take the time to consider some pivotal factors:

1. Customization

Manufacturers often strip down the upper deck to give boat owners the opportunity to customize the area to their liking. But that also means having to spend more on furniture and other accessories aside from the price of the boat itself.

Consider what you want out of your second deck, and make the necessary adjustments after sales. While manufacturers might let you customize your boat so it arrives at the dealership with all the add-ons you want, it might be cheaper to buy furniture and other essentials from more affordable providers after the sale and then just install them on your own.

2. Safety

You have to admit that there are added risks when it comes to double decker pontoon boats. Slides aren’t free from hazards, and the same goes for trampolines. So if you expect there to be a lot of kids on your boat, you might want to take a look at the safety features that the double decker offers.

Then there’s the issue of tipping over. Uneven boat loads can cause a double decker pontoon to tip in the water, throwing all of its passengers overboard. Make sure you think about weight distribution before installing any new furniture, and consult a specialist before imposing any significant floor area changes.

3. Space Provisions

One of the things that double deckers have over the standard pontoon is space. With a second deck area, pontoon boats with slides provide more seating and lounging area for your guests. But that doesn’t mean you can take as many people on board as you want.

With any other boat, a double decker pontoon can only hold a specific number of people. In general, a 29 foot double decker pontoon can seat around 12 to 17 passengers, depending on the seating space available on board. And while it might seem like you can carry much more than that, manufacturers warn heavily against overloading your boat since this can lead to accidents.

4. Added Functional Areas

The standard double decker pontoon isn’t a one-trick pony. Aside from the fun slide and perhaps trampoline on board, these boats will usually come with other functional areas that can help extend the comfort you experience on board.

Some boats come with a changing room or bathroom, while others feature a galley. However don’t expect a single boat to come equipped with it all. Consider what functional areas you find to be most important to cut back on the total cost. After all, you could always just customize your boat later on to incorporate more functional spaces to your floor plan.

5. Warranties and Insurance

Hey, a double decker pontoon is a big investment, and you want to make sure that your money is protected when you shell out that hefty amount. So take some time to read the fine print to help you figure out how best to take care of your boat.

These large vessels typically come with their own coverage, and various elements of the boat are protected by warranties. It pays to be familiar with all of the stipulations in the coverage so you know when you’re qualified for a claim to protect your investment. It also helps to know that boat manufacturers offer varying levels of protection. Shop around to find out who offers the best coverage to safekeep your cash.

The Benefits of Having a Pontoon Boat with a Slide

pontoon boat with slide and bathroom

Some people might tell you that a double decker pontoon boat is overkill, but there are lots of good reasons why you might want to consider buying one. Dubbed one of the most worthy investments you can make if you’re into watersports and recreational boating, there’s a world’s worth of advantages to shelling out for a funship.

1. Resale Value

A double decker pontoon boat tends to hold on to its value much better than the average pontoon. That’s because these boats offer features that even a brand new single level boat won’t be able to offer. In fact, some double decker owners have gotten away with selling their boat at a slightly higher cost, especially if they’ve installed their own additions and upgrades.

The double decker pontoon boat is an investment that isn’t likely to lose its value over time. And because brand new funships tend to cost a steep price, buyers who fall shy of the price of a brand new double decker are more likely to check the second hand market.

2. Wider Opportunities

Once you experience a single level pontoon, you’ll discover that it might get a little monotonous over time. In the end, it might turn into nothing more than a way to get around to a good fishing spot. That’s why lots of pontoon owners scramble to upgrade their boats with the hottest new accessories and installations to somehow revive its initial appeal.

With a double decker however, that isn’t too much of a problem. Designed to work as a waterpark on tubes, these boats offer significantly more opportunities for fun than the average pontoon. Some boats even come with a water pump that chugs water down the slide for a more realistic, authentic waterpark experience.

3. Greater Capacity

Isn’t it a drag to always have to limit your guests whenever you push off of the dock? A single level pontoon can hardly carry 10 guests, which means you always have to curtail who you inform of your latest midlake plans, unless too many family and friends arrive to hitch a ride on your pontoon.

Because double deckers offer significantly more space than the typical pontoon, you won’t have to worry about limiting your invitations. These boats can carry two or three families at a time, making them ideal for boat owners who want to be able to bring more guests out for fun in the sun.

4. More Lounging Options

If you like taking your pontoon out just to relax on the water, double deckers have the upper hand as well. This is especially true with models that have empty upper decks that serve the purpose of a sunbathing spot.

But other than that, pontoon boats with slides also tend to have more seating space and they can usually fit more varied types of seats to provide new kinds of comfort on board. In fact, the Jungle Float Sport’s trampoline feature also serves the purpose of a hammock, letting you sleep and sunbathe in a full reclining position.

Double the Fun

Maybe your pontoon just isn’t as fun as it used to be and you’re looking for new ways to enjoy the waves. Or maybe that old watercraft is just close to retiring, and you need a worthy new replacement that shakes up the game. Whatever the case, a double decker pontoon boat won’t disappoint.

Perfect for big families and frequent midlake parties, pontoon boats with slides come out as the premier recreational watercraft for adventurous boat owners who just want to get out there and have some fun. Sure, they’re not exactly what you would call cheap. But with the kind of opportunities they provide - and the way they hold on to their worth - you can be sure your money is being spent towards the right investment.

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