South Bay Pontoon Reviews: Top Quality and Performance

South Bay Pontoon Reviews

South Bay designs excellent pontoons that are beautiful and reliable. Anyone who’s looking for a pontoon that provides the full package should look no further than South Bay pontoons. These boats will give you beautifully crafted boats that are sleek, stylish, and chocked full of amenities.

When you buy a South Bay pontoon, you’re not getting a one-trick pony. Instead, you’ll purchase a boat that performs just as great as it looks.

Truly Quality-Driven

Are you in the market for a boat that’s reliable and a notch above its competitors? If so, South Bay might have just what you’re looking for. These South Bay pontoon reviews will cover three of South Bay’s most popular series:

  • The 200 Series.
  • The 500 Series.
  • The 900 Series, also known as the Sport Series.

Continue reading to learn more about these special boats.

South Bay Pontoon 200 Series 217F

Do you want a well-rounded pontoon that's beautiful, dependable, and packs a little bit of power? South Bay's 217F checks all of them boxes and has a sticker price not much more than $20,000, which helps to make this boat one of the most appealing pontoons in its class.

Entry level price with premium features

The 217F is a small and compact boat. With a length of roughly 17.5’, the 217F isn’t designed to host large gatherings. However, its spectacular design provides an intimate feel for you and eight of your closest companions.

The 217F isn’t a pontoon that’s designed for power. Its 60hp engine is just enough to cruise comfortably across the water with maximum occupancy. What you do get, however, is style, comfort, and dependability. That makes the 217F an affordable pontoon with an upmarket feel for anyone looking to relax or do some light fishing on the lake.

What I love about the 217F

  • The interior is absolutely stunning. The furniture has a great look and feel to it, which adds to the boat’s overall image.
  • This baseline pontoon comes with three fishing rod holders, a livewell, and a fishing station. Absolutely incredible.
  • The brown and tan color scheme is breathtaking, but if you don’t like it then you can choose between four accent colors and five panel colors.
  • The mahogany finish on the helm looks terrific.

Needs some improvement

  • There’s only one cup holder in the lounge and the cup holder at the helm is in a strange location.
  • The boat only has one lounge, which isn’t great when the boat’s filled at maximum capacity.

How does it measure up?


The 217F is a spacious boat that can fit a total of nine people without feeling cramped at all. Unfortunately, part of the reason for this is because it’s missing a second lounge.


You really get a lot of benefits with this baseline model. A fishing station, angler chairs, a rod holder, and even a ski tow bar. There’s nothing not to love about this model.


If you’re searching for a fast boat that can make those sharp turns then you’re barking up the wrong tree. This engine is small and functional, but has no extra kick.


The 217F is a comfortable boat that is great to relax on. While you can easily spend hours on this pontoon, it really needs an additional lounge to maximize its comfort.


There’s nothing baseline about how this boat looks. It’s as stylish as they come, and your ability to choose between colors is an added bonus.


The 217F is a great baseline model delivers a lot of style and perks for an affordable price.

South Bay Pontoon 500 Series 523 RS DC

What a beautiful pontoon! If you want a high-end boat that can do it all, have a look at this South Bay tritoon review.

It’s like driving a yacht on the lake

The 523 RS DC isn’t for pontooner looking to make a budget friendly purchase. This model has a suggest retail price of roughly $85,000, and every dollar is worth it. Riding in this beauty is like turning your living room into a pontoon boat.

What I love about the 523 RS DC

  • The interior is beautiful. The helm’s dual fiberglass console and tinted windscreen are great features that add to the boat’s look.
  • Four lounges bring maximum comfort.
  • The 3.0 performance package comes with a lightning fast Mercury 200 Pro engine.
  • There’s more under-seat storage than you could possibly need.

Needs some improvement

  • While the swim deck is a really nice feature, it does make the boat feel a bit cramped.
  • It would be nice if such an expensive boat could support more than 13 people.


For a whopping $85,000, you’d expect the 523 RS DC to be able to seat 13 people without feeling so cramped. The extra-large swim deck takes a lot of room away from this boat.


The amenities are out of this world. The captain has a touchscreen display that doubles as a fish and depth graph. You also get a ski tow bar, waterproof radio compatible with Bluetooth devices, a livewell, and a fishing station with rod holders.


The 3.0 performance package gives you all the speed you need, but the engine can be upgraded to a 250hp if you want to. The 523 RS DC also comes with hydraulic steering, which makes handling a breeze.


The furniture feels more like a bed than it does a chair. Even the carpeting is soft to the touch. You’re also going to love there’s a cup holder conveniently located near every seat.


The boat's absolutely gorgeous. You can choose between a number of different bases, accents, and panel colors, or you can stick with the popular black and tan design.


There’s nothing to dislike about this boat. It could have been a little bit longer, but that’s the only issue I have.

South Bay Pontoon 900 Series 925 Super Sport

Do you want a party boat that’s luxurious, spacious, and one of the most powerful pontoons on the water? If so, look no further than the 925 Super Sport. This 29’5” pontoon has the full package, and with a suggested retail value of nearly $230,000, it’s not designed for the thrifty pontooner.

The peak of luxury and performance

The 925 Series Super Sport delivers a level of elegance and luxury that you didn’t even know was possible with pontoon boats. This tritoon is like a Rolls-Royce of the waters. It’s equipped with twin Mercury Verado 300hp engines that can easily take the boat to a top speed of 59mph, even when loaded with six people and 57 gallons of gas, which made up a load of 550 pounds.

What I love about the 925 Super Sport

  • It’s lightning fast. You’ll be hard pressed to find another pontoon boat that can keep up with this one.
  • Its aerodynamic nose cone helps boost speed and cut back on fuel consumption.
  • All the storage that you could ask for, including an oversized ski locker.
  • The waterproof Clarion stereo system plays loud, clear music and is compatible with Bluetooth, iPods, and MP3 devices.
  • It comes with eight built-in speakers, including two subwoofers.

Needs some improvement

  • The optional hardtop looks nice but doesn’t offer as much shade as the standard single or double Bimini top.
  • There are no perks designed especially for anglers.


The 925 Super Sport comfortably seats 13 people, and I’m serious about the comfortable part. With four lounges and two helm seats, everyone gets a spot on these triple-density foam seats. It feels like you’re sitting on a cloud.


There are so many perks that come with this boat, making it hard to name them all. Some of the top benefits include a touchscreen GSP, sonar, and chart plotter system. It even has an autopilot feature. If that’s not enough, the boat’s also fixed with an improved underdeck skin that greatly boosts the airflow.


You might have known that the 925 Super Sport is one of the fastest pontoon boats on the market, but did you know it’s incredibly easy to handle? That’s because of the Mercury joystick control system which allows you to control both engines independently, making it docking easier.


There’s enough seating for everyone, and each chair or sofa is made with extra thick cushioning. What else is there to be said? It’s like you’re sitting on a foam mattress.


It’s a really beautiful pontoon that looks more like a stylish speedboat than a pontoon. One of my favorite features is the LED lights located throughout the boat’s interior and exterior. It really makes the 925 Super Sport look incredible at night.


There are no drawbacks to this boat other than the price. The 925 Super Sport excels in all categories, and if you don’t like the black, white, and green pattern you can choose from one of its other color schemes. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line luxury boat, this is the pontoon for you.

Still Interested in a South Bay?

If these South Bay pontoon reviews didn’t convince you already, consider this: along with excellent craftsmanship and durability, your boat is protected by warranty. Your South Bay pontoon warranty covers the following:

  • 5 years carpet and vinyl, nontransferable.
  • 20 years decking, transferable.
  • Lifetime warranty for aluminum and below-deck welding for the original owner.

Overall, South Bay offers a diverse range of pontoons for different preferences and budget. However, each model comes with the same pristine customer service.

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