Check Out These Hot Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat Reviews

Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat Reviews

Did you know that Sun Tracker makes some of the most well-rounded pontoon boats on the market? Whether you’re looking to buy your first pontoon boat or upgrade to a newer model, Sun Tracker boats can give you a lot of perks for the amount of money you spend as long as you’re not looking for an ultra-luxurious pontoon boat.

To learn more about some of the more popular Sun Tracker models, have a look at these Sun Tracker pontoon boat reviews covering their top three popular boats:

Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 DLX

Are you looking for a pontoon boat to host fun get-togethers with your friends and family? If so, the Party Barge 20 DLX might be the perfect boat for you. This cruiser is designed to provide you and nine of your closest companions with hours of comfort and enjoyment out on the water.

Top comfort

There’s little not to love with this mid-range pontoon boat. Sitting at one of the Party Barge’s three lounges is like sitting on a cloud. Its furniture is built from a soft foam material that you sink right into, meaning that you’re able to comfortably relax for hours. If you want to get away from the heat and sun rays, hop under the protection of the 7' Bimini top and cool off.

Additionally, the captain’s chair is extra-large, fully-adjustable, and comes with foldable arms. Its ability to provide comfort to all ranges of body sizes is a clear bonus.

Great for convenience

Some of the most important components mentioned in this Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 review are the little gadgets and features that boost the boat’s convenience rating. Swimmers will love the boat’s full-width swimming platform, which makes it easy to get in and out of the water without having to worry about being crammed against the aft deck walls.

Other popular amenities that make the Party Barge 20 the premier boat for convenience include:

  • Removable tinted windscreen.
  • Easy-to-access storage compartments in all lounges.
  • Ample drink holders to ensure all passengers have a space for their beverages.
  • Built-in footrest at the helm for added comfort.
  • Net storage compartments for small items like books, hats, sunglasses, and keys.
  • Optional rail-mounted grill available.

What I love

  • Sturdy 1.25” anodized aluminum railing that isn’t flimsy or weak.
  • The four-step swimming ladder is easy to use and doesn’t wobble.
  • Offers more storage space than you’d ever need.
  • Comes with Bluetooth-compatible AM/FM radio.

What’s not so great

  • No power at all. The baseline model comes with a Mercury 20-hp engine.
  • Aluminum parts are prone to corrosion if you don’t give them a coat of anti-fouling paint.
  • Doesn’t come with fish finder or GPS. There is a space for one to be mounted, however, you'll need to install it yourself.

Final thoughts

The Party Barge 20 DLX earned its name as being one of the best boats to host small gatherings on. For all the storage and comfort that comes with this pontoon, the suggested retail price of $17,595 seems like a steal.

Sun Tracker 18 Party Barge Review


The Party Barge 18 DLX is one of Sun Tracker’s smaller party boats. It’s a great low-to-mid range pontoon boat for people who’re looking to spend time cruising on the water. While it’s comfortable and great for small gatherings the Party Barge 18 provides nothing in terms of power and luxury.

Some of its best features

If you want a boat that can provide hours of entertainment on the water for you and eight of your friends and family members, the Party Barge 18 is a great option to consider. This 20’ boat may look compact, but it has plenty of floor space to ensure that people sit comfortably at one of the three lounge sofas.

The boat also comes with a 10-year warranty that ensures that your boat is protected from the elements. This warranty can be extended to a lifetime warranty that transfers to a second owner, provided you sell your boat at any time.

When it comes to relaxing on the water, the Party Barge 18 delivers. Its ample cup holders and cooler storage space make eating and drinking convenient and easy. It also comes with an AM/FM radio that’s capable of playing MP3s via USB.

What I love

  • So much storage! Every sofa has storage compartments under the seat, making it easy to put things away from the water.
  • A storage space specifically designed for the cooler.
  • Ample interior lighting for nighttime cruising.

What’s not so great

  • Doesn’t have the extended swimming platform that the Party Barge 20 has.
  • Furniture bases aren’t sturdy.
  • Mooring cover sold separately, for nearly $600.
  • Comes standard with a weak engine.

2016 Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 20 DLX Review


Anglers looking for an affordable fishing boat will enjoy all of the features that come with the Fishin Barge 20 DLX. This 21’ 11” boat can support 10 people and is loaded with open space, making it excellent for those action-packed fishing trips.

While the Fishin’ Barge 20 isn’t a powerful boat, it’s perfect for fishing. Its 40-hp four-stroke motor is calm enough to cruise across the waters without disturbing the fish.

Maximum convenience while you fish

If there’s anything to be said about the Fishin’ Barge 20 DLX, it’s that the boat was designed for comfort and convenience. Its wheelchair accessibility is certainly a selling point, as it makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the features that the Fishin’ Barge 20 has to offer.

Sun Tracker used the same pillow-like material in their other models to create the furniture on the Fishin’ Barge 20 DLX. The result is one large lounge, small lounge, three seats, and captain’s chair that are soft and mold to your body.

Things I love

  • Three fold-down angler’s chairs for comfortable fishing.
  • Rod storage compartments,
  • More under seat storage compartments than you could possibly need.
  • Optional rail-mounted grill lets you cook what you catch.
  • Two live wells for storing live fish.

What’s not so great

  • Fishing Package is optional, meaning you pay extra for fish finder and trolling motor for your pontoon.
  • Not enough seats to accommodate the boat’s capacity.
  • No option for a fishing station.

Final thoughts

The Fishin' Barge 20 is a great boat for fishing comfortably on the water. While I do feel that it's lacking in the amenities, for less than $17,000, you'll have a difficult time finding an angler pontoon boat for the same price that offers what this one does.

Other Top Sun Tracker Pontoons

Along with the top three pontoons I mentioned in this thread, Sun Tracker also has a number of other successful boats that match anyone's needs and budgets. Here are some of Sun Tracker's other popular models:

Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX Review

A good well-rounded pontoon boat that can perform, cruise, and provide comfort is the Party Barge 22 DLX. The boat’s similar to its high-performance counterpart, the Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 XP3 – except that this version doesn’t come with extra-large pontoons and hydraulic steering.

What I love

  • Comes ready for watersports. Its standard 60-hp Mercury engine can be upgraded to a 150-hp version if needed.
  • QuickLift Bimini top is easy to operate, even when alone.
  • Total of five lounge areas and a captain’s chair.
  • Furniture is made from a soft pillow-like material that’s comfortable.
  • Pop-up changing curtain for privacy.

What’s not so great

  • Without hydraulic steering it’s not easy to maneuver.
  • Mooring cover is expensive and optional.

Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 DLX Review

The Party Barge 24 DLX is Sun Tracker’s top cruising model. It’s designed to hold a crew of 12 passengers while providing maximum comfort and fun on the water.

What I love

  • Really great amenities that set it apart from other models, like a molded cooler space and movable tables.
  • Crystal clear speaker system with Bluetooth and USB compatible stereo.
  • Maximum storage space: under seat storage at every lounge, plus storage pockets throughout the boat.
  • Pop-up changing room for maximum privacy.
  • Ten-year warranty that transfers with ownership. Lifetime warranty optional.
  • Comes with hydraulic steering.

What’s not so great

  • The boat feels choppy when being driven.
  • Base price is around $27,000, but packages to improve performance and handling will bring the price well over $30,000.

Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 22 DLX Review

Looking for a higher-end version of the Fishin’ Barge 20? Have a look at some of the top features of the Fishin’ Barge 22 DLX.

What I love

  • Its 60-hp Mercury engine is a step up from the Fishin’ Barge 20 in terms of power.
  • Two wells, including a 16-gallon live well located in the stern.
  • Lock-up rod boxes that accommodate 7.5-foot rods.
  • Six awesome vertical rod holders and four fishing chairs.
  • Better seating arrangement than the Fishin’ Barge 20.
  • Changing curtain for better privacy.
  • Easy-clean floor for those after-fishing tidy sessions.

What’s not so good

  • Premium version of the Fishin’s Barge 20, but no upgrades like a fishing station or fish finder for your pontoon.
  • Trolling motor must be purchased separately.
  • Can feel a bit cramped with more than five people.

The Bottom Line

These Sun Tracker pontoon boat reviews represent some of the finest and most well-balanced pontoons on the market. However, that’s not to say that Sun Trackers come without problems. Common issues with Sun Tracker products include:

  • Aluminium parts that are prone to corrosion.
  • Flimsy pop-rivet hinges.
  • Weakened welding joints.

For this reason, it’s important that you routinely paint your Sun Tracker pontoon with corrosion-resistant paint, and consider going for the lifetime warranty. Sun Tracker boats have a good reputation of taking care of customers’ needs regarding warranty-covered issues.

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  1. Stay away from purchasing a suntracker pontoon their waranty is very bad.
    Kim Walker at the warranty department is looking for stripes and will deny every claim.
    So sad

  2. My bimini top disintegrated after one year and suntraker
    Refuses to replace it.
    Even though there is a 5 year waranty on it.
    Kim Walker is not a very nice person over at suntracker Warranty department.

  3. When I purchased my BassBuggy I told the dealer that it would be almost exclusively saltwater usage. And he didn’t tell me that the warranty wouldn’t cover it. I wash and flush my boat religiously, and after only three years, the factory refuses to honor the warranty, saying it has been used in salt water. They sure should tell you that the warranty doesn’t cover saltwater usage. Hopefully my negative review will be heard loud and clear every time someone asks me how I like the boat.

  4. Bought a new 2019 subtracted pontoon with fishing option. Just found out that they gave me 2016 debth finder. I could see a 2018, but not a 2016. Rip off?

  5. I am glad I read this post, I want to use it in south Texas Bay. I was about to spend 50k on a 24ft fishing barge. Thank you folks we need to help each other.

  6. The mooring cover on our brand new boat was coming apart at the seams on first use. 6 weeks later the dealer has been unsuccessful in getting it replaced. When we contacted the manufacturer directly ourselves they want us to leave our brand new boat uncovered while we mail the cover to them so that they can affect repairs. They will not replace the cover nor send us something to cover the boat temporarily until the defective cover we did not even get one use out of can be repaired and returned to us. I reported the issue to SunTracker on their website with a request to be contacted and am still waiting to hear from them 3 weeks later.

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