Don’t Miss These Luxurious SunCatcher Pontoon Reviews

suncatcher pontoon reviews

SunCatcher pontoon boats are luxury pontoons created by G3 Boats, a subsidiary that’s part of the Yamaha Boat Company. They’re designed to be some of the most balanced pontoon boats on the market, providing anglers and water sports enthusiasts with comfort, style, and performance for a reasonable price. Whether you’re planning on buying your first pontoon, or you want to upgrade from your current model, make sure that you have a look at these SunCatcher pontoon reviews before you make your purchase.

More about SunCatcher Pontoons

For the most part, G3 SunCatcher pontoon boats have a reputation for being durable and built with excellent craftsmanship. One of the benefits of owning a boat like a G3 Tritoon is that you get a vessel that’s already built with excellent specs, so most people don’t have to worry about upgrading or customizing their boat.

Here are six pros and cons about SunCatcher pontoons that you should know when shopping around for your next boat:

  1. SunCatchers are one of the most affordable mid-range pontoons on the market. Granted, their luxury models can be quite pricey, the average SunCatcher model gives you more amenities for less money.
  2. When it comes to reliability, SunCatchers can’t be beat. Their Yamaha engines are powerful, durable, and will always perform to your expectations.
  3. A downside to SunCatcher models is that they don’t come standard with underskinning, which means that boats in humid environments are prone to rotting decks.
  4. SunCatchers are designed strictly and meet all of the standards set forth by the Coast Guard and American Boat and Yacht Club.
  5. SunCatchers have three main series: the Elite Series, X Series, and V Series. Elite Series boats are fully loaded and come with all kinds of benefits. X Series pontoons have some nice upgrades and V Series boats are standard.
  6. The downside of V Series boats is that they can be sluggish when carrying transporting 10 or 11 passengers.

Now that you have a basic understanding about SunCatcher, have a look at these SunCatcher boats and SunCatcher pontoon accessories:

SunCatcher V22RF Pontoon

Are you looking for a family-friendly boat that can do a little bit of everything? The V22RF might be just what you’re looking for. With a sticker price of roughly $32,000, you get power, comfort, and a little bit of luxury along with it.

It’s all about versatility

The V22RF is a jack-of-all-trades type of pontoon. It’s perfect for watersports, relaxing with your closes friends and family members, and fishing. It’s the perfect mid-ranged pontoon boat for skiing, wakeboarding, and towing.

The boat comes standard with a 90hp motor that’s powerful enough to tow when the boat’s not overloaded, but for an additional $900 you can upgrade to an 115hp engine. This upgrade allows you to play around on the water with a full load of passengers.

Do you want a boat that is fun to drive but also doubles as a SunCatcher fishing pontoon? The V22RF does just that. You’ll love its spacious aft deck, which comes with a table which doubles as a fishing station. Here, you can store four drinks and five fishing rods, and the table even has a storage 12 gallon live well built into it.

What I love about the V22RF

  • The storage space is amazing. Three lounges with under-seat storage compartments, a storage locker, and a cubby area near the helm.
  • The dry storage space near in the captain’s area is perfect for keeping important items protected from the water.
  • I love the cooler box space. It’s great for keeping drinks ice cold and out of the way.
  • The vinyl flooring is looks sleek and stylish, and it’s so easy to keep clean.
  • The Alpine stereo with Bluetooth compatibility is a nice addition for anyone who enjoys playing music.
  • It’s already set up for fishing.

Room for improvement

  • Power steering doesn’t come standard with this model.
  • The speaker system isn’t very powerful.
  • The hinges on the under-seat storage are prone to breaking over time.
  • The captain’s chair has no headrest and looks a very basic.

While the V22RF has some areas that could be improved, it’s a beautiful boat overall. People wanting a boat that they can use for any occasion will love this model.

SunCatcher X322 RC Pontoon

Are you ready for a boat that takes cruising in comfort and style to another level? Think of the X322 RC as the Lexus of pontoons. It looks sharp, performs nicely, and provides unparalleled comfort and luxury for you and 11 of your closest friends.

When hopping aboard the X322 RC, the first thing that you’ll notice is how nice the interior looks. Its pillow-soft seating and premium vinyl flooring make you just want to hop on a sofa and stretch out. Also, the boat’s layout is quite spacious and ergonomically designed. Even when the boat is carrying its maximum number of passengers, it’ll still have a spacious feel to it.

It’s got perks

Like other SunCatcher X Series models, the X322 RC comes standard with those perks that you just don’t get with other pontoons. Its top-of-the-line Sony stereo system plays crystal clear audio, is compatible with Bluetooth technology, and is capable of playing satellite radio. It also comes with a convenient remote so you or any of your passengers can adjust the sound settings from any spot on the vessel.

Anglers are going to love the X322 RC for one reason alone: it comes with a Garmin Echo 200 Fish Finder. If you’re someone who loves learning about the hottest spots to catch fish, you’ll greatly appreciate this feature. After all, you’re certainly not going to find a boat with as many premium features as the X322 RC in the same price range.

The X322 is capable of virtually anything. You can fish, cruise, and thanks to its Yamaha 150hp engine, you can enjoy watersports as well.

What I love about the X322

  • The cooler storage unit at the helm is great for keeping food and drinks out of the way.
  • The four lounges, captain’s chair, and first mate’s chair are all extremely comfortable.
  • With a large storage-locker and six under-seat storage components, everything is safely out of the way.
  • The baseline engine is powerful enough without the upgrades.
  • The power steering is a great feature.

Room for improvement

  • It could’ve really used a fishing station.
  • The interior looks a bit boring without accent colors.

It terms of functionality, the X332 RC checks all the boxes. It’s comfortable, dependable, and powerful.

SunCatcher Elite 326 DLX SS


When you’re looking for a high-class luxury pontoon boat and you’re ready to pull out all of the stops, the Elite 326 DLX SS is the boat for you. With a price tag of roughly $62,000, it’s not for people who’re boating on a budget. However, it’s a beautifully crafted boat for anyone who has the extra money to spend on comfort and style.

Some of the finer things

Sailing on the Elite 326 DLX SS is like sailing in somebody’s living room. It has three reclining chairs and four lounge areas, and all seats are made out of a soft vinyl material that feels like you’re sitting on a foam mattress. SunCatcher had no reservations about making the Elite 326 DLX SS a comfortable pontoon; every cushion feels overstuffed for top comfort.

If performance is what you’re looking for, you’re going to love the 250hp Yamaha engine that comes with the boat. This engine is powerful enough for tubing and wakeboarding, even when you load the boat down with the maximum number of occupants.

Additionally, this is quite spacious. Even with all 15 occupants onboard, you’re not going to feel cramped or claustrophobic at all. It’s just that big.

What I love about the Elite 326 DLX SS

  • It looks stunning. You’ll draw the attention of a lot of people when cruising the lakes in this one.
  • The boat’s power-assisted hydraulic steering system makes it easy to maneuver.
  • The guardrails are high and located throughout the vessel. Not only do they add to the boat’s sharp image, the increase its safety also.
  • Both lounge areas have their own MP3 and 12-volt jacks.
  • It comes with a top-range Sony stereo that plays AM/FM, CDs, and satellite radio. It’s also Bluetooth compatible and has an iPod docking station and USB port for MP3s.
  • More under-seat storage than you could possibly need.
  • Electrical box uses breakers instead of fuses. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to manage the power, this is much easier.
  • The plywood deck is covered with a lifetime warranty.

Room for improvement

  • A fishing station would’ve paired nicely with the Garmin GPS 430S.
  • The white storage locker clashes with the overall interior design.

There aren’t any issues with the Elite 326 DLX SS worth noting. As I mentioned, a fishing station would’ve been nice, but the added space in the back is also a plus. Overall, they aren’t many other pontoons on the market that let you party in style like this one. You have more cup holders than people permitted on the boat, so everyone can safely set their drink somewhere.

The Last Word

As you can see from these SunCatcher pontoon reviews, G3 manufactures boats to a higher standard than many other companies. SunCatchers give a lot of premium features for free, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. They make excellent boats that are durable and guaranteed to bring joy and happiness on the water for years to come.

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