What Does BOAT Stand For? Acronyms + Slang for Boat

what does boat stand for

If you’re here scratching your head and wondering what does BOAT stand for, well look no further because this article exists solely to shed some light on that topic.

Without any regard for formalities, BOAT can quite literally mean just a boat; a small vessel intended to traverse water.

Of course, such a definition assumes that the context is with regards to boating and other water-based activities, however, that alone is not enough of an explanation for all the other different acronyms that are either meant to be or just happen to be spelled the same as BOAT.

Not to mention the plethora of pop culture references and internet slang that such an arrangement of letters could entice the average surfer to construct one and easily make it widespread thanks to the internet and social media.

To simplify things and ensure that we discuss things in a clear and structured manner, we’re going to start off with what does BOAT stand for within the context of boating and other water-borne activities.

BOAT Meaning in the Boating World

To reiterate the previous definition, it is a small vessel designed for traveling over water. This is by far the simplest, most common, and easily understood definition for the word. That said, that isn’t the only meaning of the word.

After surfing around some boating forums you will be sure to encounter some if not all of these terms being jovially thrown about by one fellow boater to another.

Bust Out Another Thousand
Blow Out Another Thousand
Bring Over Another Thousand
Boaters Organize Awesome Trips
Boats Often Add Tranquility
Bankruptcy On A Trailer
Boat Operator Accredited Training
Boating Obsession = Affordable Therapy

As it turns out, no matter the fun factor, pride, and joy you feel in owning a boat will give you, it apparently is universally accepted that boating is an expensive recreational activity no matter where you are in the world and that you’re not alone in suffering the financial pain and memes of acceptance.

BOAT MEANING Beyond the Boating World

Also, boaters aren’t the only subculture that enjoys having some fun with the arrangement of letters. Here are some other examples of what the acronym BOAT means in other contexts.

Based On A True Story
Best Of All Time
Byway Open to All Traffic (maybe only UK readers will get this)
Building Officials Association of Texas
Base-station Over the Air Testing
Beautiful Open Air Trips
Bend Over And Take it
Bored On Another Transport
Best Of All Therapies
Bring On Another Thrill
Best Obsession After Thirty
Best Of Adventurous Tendencies
Bored On Another Transport
Beyond Opinions And Time

Other subcultures and technical company jargon may also have their own definition for the acronym so, beyond the boating world, BOAT may have even more definitions. That said people are creative and the world is big after all.

YACHT Meaning in the Boating World

Of course, boaters with boats aren’t the only ones complaining about their expensive tendencies. For fellow yacht owners, they have their own ways of dealing with their obsessions.

Some common examples such coping mechanisms are written here:

Yet Another Cold Hungry Trip
Your Account Can't Handle This
Yachts Are Cash Hungry Toys
Yet Another Cash Hungry Toy

Definition of BOAT

A boat is a small open vessel smaller than a ship designed for travel on water. Beyond what a dictionary definition is capable of showing you, a boat is actually quite a specific type of vessel.

Unlike ships which are designed for ferrying large numbers of passengers and cargo, a boat is more often than not intended for recreational use such as fishing, cruising, or ferrying a small number of people.

A boat also requires only a minimum number of crew, and sometimes a single person is more than enough when it comes to its operation.

Origins of the Word 'BOAT'

The etymology of the word boat can be traced back less than a millennia ago and is presumed to have a lineage from the proto-germanic and Old English word “bat”. Bat was a word used to describe a boat. Other references regarding the origin of the word come from the German and Dutch word “boot”, or Old Norse “batr”.

Regardless of the true origin of the word, they all point to some form of describing a hollowed-out tree trunk and as an extension is also the same naming scheme used to refer to some part of a ship.


In summary, BOAT can mean a myriad of things depending on the context and there isn’t exactly an officially regarded definition as most of it is slang bar some official acronyms professionals use purely due to happenstance.

As always do confirm the context of the subject matter before using the term, as for what does BOAT stand for, feel free to use this article as a reference.

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