What is the Biggest Crab Boat on Deadliest Catch?

what is the biggest crab boat on deadliest catch

Watching those massive waves assail ships on Deadliest Catch make those fishing boats seem pretty small. But you’d be surprised how enormous those fishing vessels actually are. Carrying several thousand pounds of crab in one go, crab boats are anything but small. But exactly what is the biggest crab boat on Deadliest Catch? We’re taking a look.

What’s the Biggest Boat on Deadliest Catch?

While we’ve seen quite a number of gargantuan ships on the show, there has yet to be a boat that has beaten the Fierce Allegiance. This monstrous vessel measured in at a whopping 166 feet or 50.6 meters long.

It was built in 1979, which makes it pretty young for a crab boat. In terms of carrying capacity, the Fierce Allegiance can take on a load of up to 650 tons of deadweight tonnage (DWT). In terms of fuel capacity, this boat can hold up to 65,000 gallons of diesel for each trip.

Honorable Mentions

Although the Fierce Allegiance’s size definitely makes it a force to be reckoned with, there are a few other monster vessels that come pretty close. Other boats on Deadliest Catch that deserve a mention include:


Measuring 156 feet or 48 meters, the Wizard was built in 1945. It could hold up to 400,000 pounds of crab in its tank, and carried 240,000 gallons of fuel.

Southern Wind

The Southern Wind was headed by Steve ‘Harley’ Davidson, and was associated with Trident Seafoods. The boat measured an impressive 148 feet and carried 493 t DWT.

Lady Alaska

This 29 year old boat was built just in 1992, and measures a total of 138 feet. It carries 498 t DWT.


This boat measures 133 feet in total, and touts a fuel capacity of 50,000 gallons. The massive fishing vessel could carry a maximum of 225,000 thousand pounds of crab in 250 pots.

What are the Smallest Boats on Deadliest Catch?

So, what’s the lower limit? It’s worth mentioning that the massive boats listed above push the limits of crab boat size. But then again, there are a bunch of other efficient ships that do just as much work at almost half the size. These include:

  • Lucky Lady - 58 feet
  • Lisa Marie - 78 feet
  • Western Viking - 86 feet

How Big are Crab Boats on Average?

What exactly is the average size of a crab boat? Well, there’s really no limit. A lot of these boats were once something else entirely. When they were acquired, their owners made modifications to turn them into crab boats. So there’s really no limits as to their potential size.

Some fishing vessels on Deadliest Catch measured between 78 and 110 feet, including the Lucky Lady, Farwest Leader, Early Dawn, Saga, and Summer Bay. Boats measuring upwards of 110 feet include Erla-N, Kiska Sea, Northwestern, Retriever, and Time Bandit, to name a few.

More About Deadliest Catch & Crab Boats

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Bigger Than They Seem

What is the biggest crab boat on Deadliest Catch? Well, that crown would have to go to Fierce Allegiance. This monster boat measured a whopping 166 feet, giving it the greatest carrying capacity versus any other boat on the show.

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