What to Wear to a Yacht Party: Business or Leisure

what to wear to a yacht party

For those who belong to boating and yacht communities, the question "what to wear to a yacht party?" pops up almost as frequently as the parties and social gatherings that take place in sea-based luxurious locations.

Luckily, we consider ourselves to be well-versed in the art of fashion, the silent dress code, and appropriate dressing, particularly when it comes to clothing and accessories to wear on a yacht. We have prepared this guide for you to use as a reference in order to not only dress the part but to also stand out from the crowd (in a good way) and make a statement.

If you would like to know how to dress, and what to dress, then keep reading!

What NOT to Wear on a Yacht Party (or any Boat Party)

what not to wear to a yacht party

For this particular section, we categorize items of clothing and accessories that should not be worn by sections of the body, beginning at the feet, and work our way up. Again, these are articles of clothing that should NOT be worn as they could yield disastrous results in any given event or yacht party, whether it be classy, casual, or somewhere in between.


  • Flip Flops - Only wear flip flops if the yacht party involves swimming and water-based activities.
  • Sandals - Sandals are absolutely discouraged because they neither offer the flexibility of flip flops nor present the wearer as a stylish, professional, or formal individual.
  • Heels - Although a common sight in any classy yacht party and dinner event, trudging around the deck with a pair of high heels is not advisable due to safety and stability issues. If needed, try going with thicker and shorter heels.
  • Athletic Shoes or Rubber Shoes - Keep the athletic shoes, rubber shoes, or sneakers at home as they have no place in a yacht party, casual or otherwise.

Lower Body

  • Denim Pants or Shorts - Anything denim is a no-no in any classy event, and when it comes to sea-based attire, there is absolutely no justification to wear such material, regardless of the type of event.
  • Baggy Pants or Shorts - Yes, we could concede that baggy articles of clothing offer a degree of breathability and utility, but you do not attend events such as cocktail parties or dinners wearing a baggy pair of shorts or pants. This is just a fashion prohibition, plain and simple.

Upper Body

  • Jacket or Hoodie - Perhaps you can bring a jacket or hoodie for boat bedtime or fishing expeditions, but when it comes to choosing outfits for a yacht party, slapping a jacket on is a bit out of style.
  • Shirt - Although there are obvious exceptions to wearing a shirt (such as in a summer yacht party or a casual yacht party where a shirt is more comfortable and breathable). A shirt should not be on top of your list of preferred items of clothing when attending water-based events. Avoid casual shirts and stick with buttoned shirts or polo shirts.


  • Hat or Cap - Unless the dress code strictly requires you to bring a hat or cap, there is absolutely no reason to wear either to a yacht party. Sure, it can look good and chic when the style fits your personality and body type, but rarely do we consider a hat as an appropriate piece of clothing to wear to a yacht event.
  • Sunglasses - Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love wearing sunglasses and every bit of the design and substance shades can offer. But in the context of formal events such as cocktail events or night activities, this accessory is discouraged.

Ideas on What to Wear to a Yacht Day Party

what to wear to a day yacht party

For Men

The best outfit to wear for men would be what people usually dress up as for country club/yacht club events or exclusive golf activities. Being exposed to the sun, it would be ideal to go with outfits that include bright polo shirts and khaki pants that match or complement the color of the upper garment.

For Women

The best outfit to wear for women would also be what people usually have as an outfit for country clubs or exclusive social gatherings. Acceptable outfits may involve a dress and heels, but the most ideal outfit for women for a nautical day party would be a polo shirt and either slim-fit khakis or knee-length shirt.

Ideas on What to Wear to a Yacht Dance Party

For Men

For men, a yacht dance party should entail an outfit that does not restrict movement and if possible, aids it even further. We would advise slapping on dance shoes that have tested and proven outsoles (to prevent slipping and imbalance) along with a button-down shirt and dress pants.

For Women

For the females, especially if the dance party is held at night (after dinner), a statement attire would be form-fitting dresses, jewelry that is not too loud or flashy, and light shoes or heels.

What to Wear to a Yacht Business Party

For Men

Men should wear corporate attire to a boat business party, whether it be held in the day or in the evening. A typical combo would entail button-down shirts, formal slacks, black or brown shoes, a coat or blazer, and a tie as an extra touch.

For Women

Females should also be on their A-game in events such as this. Therefore, we would suggest a button-down shirt, simple jewelry, tailor-made slacks or knee-length skirt, and heels that match the colors of the previously mentioned pieces of clothing.

What to Wear to a Yacht Cocktail Party

For Men

Men should be thinking of attending international conferences or exclusive seminars when attending boat cocktail events. A practical look for this particular event would be a button-down collared shirt, dress pants or formal slacks, and brown or black shoes.

For Women

For females, the ideal motif or reference point would be major events and concerts such as clothes one would wear to an opera or musical. We suggest considering form-fitting dresses that are made of lightweight fabric materials.

Ideas on What to Wear to a Yacht Dinner Party

For Men

For dinner time or night time, men should still observe a get-up that is presentable and professional. As a reference point, think of our suggestions for the cocktail party: button-down collared shirts, dress pants or formal slacks, and brown or black footwear.

For Women

For females, stilettos are the most ideal footwear for such an occasion. This can be paired with either a cocktail dress or a full-length gown, depending on the type of formality the dinner activity requires.

Ideas on What Kids Should Wear for a Yacht Day Party

For kids, sporting a more casual look and wearing items that protect your skin from the UV rays are more important considerations to have over style and appropriateness. As such, we would recommend any of the following for kids or teenagers attending boating events:

  • Head: Cap or hat and glasses or shades
  • Upper Body: Shirt and jacket
  • Lower Body: Linen Shorts or Baggy Pants
  • Footwear: Rubber shoes or any pair of footwear that offers sufficient padding and protection

Tips for What to Wear for Summer and Winter Yacht Parties

As for seasonal attire, such as summer attire or winter attire, you can opt for any of the classic looks (beach look, layered winter get-up, maxi dress/flowy clothes).

A suit and tie would definitely not sound appropriate if we are specifically talking about seasonal suits or dresses, but make sure to opt for clothes and accessories that match, whether it be stripes, solid colors, fresh, warm, and light hues, or darker colors.

Consider the time of day. If you are exposed to the scorching hot sun and all its bright glory on a summer day, then going for a flowy outfit would do wonders for your skin and perspiration.

If you are about to experience a harsh, cold, wintery night, perhaps a thicker dress outfit with longer length or a suit and tie outfit layered with undergarments offer a better experience, even by just a little bit.


The sea is a perilous region that may have moments of life and death. But in the context of social activities such as yacht parties and sailing activities, dressing in a suit or dress appropriately and wearing the right pieces of jewelry and accessories can spell the difference between a below-the-deck catastrophe and a life-changing nautical success. It may seem a little bit over-the-top, but you have to consider your appearance for the purpose of self-confidence and establishing the right connections with individuals.

So, wish as you could to change your past blunders (if any), the only thing that can be done is to be well-informed going into your next fun, formal, casual, or classic party. Whether or not a dress code is announced, it is best to keep this guide in handy. The next time you ask yourself what to wear to a yacht party, you should have all the information.

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