Where are Bennington Pontoon Boats Made (Manufactured)?

where are bennington pontoon boats made

Bennington pontoons have become synonymous with luxury. These high end pontoon boats bring the latest and greatest in style, comfort, and convenience. And while you’d expect these boats to be made somewhere like Europe, you’d be surprised to know they’re manufactured right here on US soil. So exactly where are Bennington pontoon boats made? Find out here.

The Home of Bennington Pontoons

Typically, expensive, luxury brands for vehicles are made in European countries. But Bennington challenges perceptions with its local origins. The Bennington brand was founded in 1997, with their first offices located in Elkhart, Indiana.

The brand was the brainchild of partners Dick Strefling, Steve Vogel, and Pat Call. To this day, they remain privately owned, with most if not all of their manufacturing happening right in Indiana.

More About Bennington Pontoons

The name ‘Bennington’ isn’t really anything special. When the founders came together to establish their company, Dick Strefling already had a company that manufactured wood products. To cut through the tedious process of having to register a brand new business, they kept the Bennington name and slowly shifted to manufacturing pontoons.

According to sources, virtually all of Bennington’s products are manufactured right here in the USA. Although they might source some of their electrical and other hardware components from outside of the country, the brand tries to keep their boats 100% American made.

But despite being completely local, the Bennington brand is anything but small fry. These guys are the 15th largest employer in all of Elkhart, Indiana. The company employs some 600 employees, providing work and income to hundreds of families in the area.

In terms of sales, they aren’t too shabby. Bennington has sold over 50,000 pontoon boats, with roughly 5,000 of those models completely custom made. According to the brand, some of the best boats they’ve ever designed were concocted by their customers.

As of May 2018, the Bennington brand’s owners officially sold the company to Polaris Industries LLC. The deal earned the owners a whopping $805 million US dollars. According to experts, Polaris Industries LLC stands to earn 10% more in revenue each year as a result of the new acquisition.

If there’s anything that has contributed to the success of the Bennington brand, it’s that they listen very closely to their customers’ input. And since the former owners themselves are die hard pontoon enthusiasts, it’s really no surprise how they were able to come up with designs that incorporate all of the features that a pontoon boat owner might want in their watercraft.

Support Local

Where are Bennington pontoon boats made, you ask? Well, they’re manufactured in quaint Indiana. So if you were looking for a boat that bleeds red, white, and blue, then Bennington would be the brand to go with. This company uses all American made equipment and materials, providing hundreds of jobs to locals in the Elkhart area. And because their boats have been recognized as some of the best in the industry, you can be sure you’re getting more than your money’s worth when you spend on Bennington.

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