Where are Pontoon Boats Made? (Top Manufacturers)

where are pontoon boats made

Pontoon boats are the epitome of water recreation. Offering sophistication, style, comfort, and versatility, these boats can open up doors to new adventures and experiences with your closest friends and family.

These days, pontoon boats abound with new models popping up left and right. For the humble pontoon boat buyer, that means sifting through your options and finding out every detail to make sure you’re buying the right boat. And while most buyers overlook this important aspect, it’s always imperative to ask where your boat of choice was made. So exactly where are pontoon boats made?

The 9 Top Brands of Pontoons

1. Bennington Pontoon Boats


Bennington boats are pretty much synonymous with luxury. These boat models come with the most sophisticated features and aesthetics, easily making them a favorite for boater hopefuls who have extra money to spare.

According to their website, Bennington boats are made right here on US soil in Elkhart, Indiana. They first started making boats in 1997, and recently sold their company to a buyer in the US. Even then, their boats are still made with the same dedication to quality, and their warehouses and factories have stayed put in Elkhart.

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2. Berkshire Pontoons

berkshire pontoons

The Berkshire Pontoon brand is well-known for their ultra durable boats that use the highest quality materials. Their newest feature - the Z42 Composite Deck - is touted to be 40% lighter and 2 times stronger than the average boat deck. It also comes with a whopping lifetime warranty and a solid, one-piece construction.

Based on reports, Forest River Marine (which owns Berkshire Pontoons) is the largest manufacturer of pontoon boats in the United States. In fact, they even claim they’re one of the largest in the entire industry. Their factories and main offices are located in Middlebury, Indiana.

3. Suncatcher Pontoon Boats

suncatcher pontoon boats

The Suncatcher brand is actually owned by G3 Boats which is in turn a Yamaha company. And although we all know that Yamaha is a Japanese brand, their Suncatcher pontoon boats are actually made in Lebanon, Missouri.

Although they might not be quite as luxurious as other brands, Suncatcher boats are esteemed for their ultra powerful Yamaha engines that are said to last much longer than your average engine. They’re also fairly easier on the wallet, making them a good choice for hopeful boat owners who are working with a limited budget.

4. Crest Pontoon Boats

crest pontoon boat

Manufacturing boats since 1957, Crest is dedicated to delivering quality boats that cater to every kind of boater. They combine comfort, style, and performance to bring boats that maximize the fun and enjoyment in various conditions. They’re also known for their extensive range of boat models that makes sure everyone has a boat that matches their needs.

The Crest line of pontoon boats are manufactured in Owosso, Michigan. Their manufacturing process stands on what they call the Six Pillars of Excellence that include structural superiority, innovation, style, comfort, precision, and performance.

5. Qwest Pontoon Boats

qwest pontoon boats

Owned by Apex Marine, Qwest Pontoon is the manufacturer’s line of pontoon boats that are designed for general recreational purposes. They also have AnglerQwest pontoons that are slightly altered to cater to boaters who want something they can use for fishing.

The Qwest Pontoon line is manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri where they produce all of their pontoon boats - both from Qwest and AnglerQwest. As of writing, they have 12 different pontoon boat models - four of which are leisure pontoon boats and the rest are for fishing.

6. Avalon Pontoon Boats

avalon pontoon boat

These are yet another line of boats in the luxury boat segment. Avalon Pontoon boats are known for their sophisticated designs that push the limits of present-day pontoon boats. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, and so it’s really no surprise how they’ve become so well known to pontoon boat lovers from across the country.

Their boats are manufactured in Alma, Missouri - the same state where most other pontoon boat manufacturers are based. This just helps make it easier for them to stay close to their market base so they can also establish a more prominent personality among their prospects.

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7. Hampton Pontoon Boats

hampton pontoon boat

Here’s one for the budget conscious. Hampton Pontoons are family friendly, comfortable, and yet affordable. Their boats are designed with all of the basic comfort features and promise reliable performance, albeit not being quite as powerful as other more expensive boats on the market.

Hampton Pontoon Boats are designed and manufactured right in Richland, Minnesota. They’re owned by PlayCraft and have boats that are 20 to 27 feet in length, in both leisure and fishing-adapted designs.

8. Cypress Cay Pontoons

cypress cay pontoon boat

Now, these boats were designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. The Cypress Cay brand specializes in lounge pontoon boats with loads of floor area and seating space. Their designs are perfect for large families that want to bring more than the average number of passengers aboard their boat for a trip.

Built to last, the Cypress Cay line of pontoon boats use only the highest quality materials and designs to ensure lasting performance. They’re made in Wayne, Indiana and they also offer services that let you customize your own boat.

9. Manitou Pontoon Boats

manitou pontoon boat

These guys have been around for quite a while, and they offer excellent boat designs that handle much better than the average pontoon boat. They’re great for family-friendly boating trips too, since they usually provide lots of deck space for passengers to comfortably enjoy the experience without cramping together on a limited boat.

While they did manufacture their boats in Delta Township for a while, the Manitou manufacturing office has since moved to Lancing in Michigan as of 2015. Here they managed to size up their facilities and beef up their factories for more efficient manufacturing.

Homegrown is Always Best

We’re not saying that other places don’t know how pontoons should be made. But because pontoon boats are most popular in the United States, isn’t it fitting that locals take on the task of making them? So if you were wondering where are pontoon boats made, then here are the answers. Fortunately for you, all of the most popular pontoon boat brands are made right here on US soil, making it easier to acquire them and allowing boat owners to get in touch with manufacturers without all the fuss.

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