Where are the Wicked Tuna Boats Docked?

where are the wicked tuna boats docked

Wicked Tuna has captured the attention of a ridiculously large amount of fans (including my father and me) and for good reason. Beyond all the action, drama, and humor, the show possesses a quality that not a lot of reality-based TV shows have: authenticity. In any case, if you have been a long-time fan of the show, you may have at least once thought to yourself: “Where are the Wicked Tuna boats docked? Fret not! We are here to answer that very question.

Where are The Wicked Tuna Boats Docked?

Since 2012, The Wicked Tuna boats have actually been docked in three distinct locations in Gloucester and Massachusetts, namely:

  • Cape Ann's Marina Resort
  • 7 Seas Wharf (behind The Gloucester House)
  • Smith Cove on Rocky Neck

Can You Go to See the Wicked Tuna Boats When Docked?

Fans and visitors were offered tours to visit each of the iconic boats docked in the aforementioned locations. If you plan to see the boats and their captains up close and personal, you can book a special tour ahead of time.

For more booking details and reservations, check out this link.

Interesting Facts About the Show

Listed below are some of the most interesting facts and tidbits that fans have learned from the hit show Wicked Tuna:

  • Catching large bluefin tuna fish is a very legitimate challenge. Sometimes, it can take up to 200 yards of fishing line to wrestle with and eventually exhaust the bluefin tuna, which can actually swim at a speed of 40 miles per hour.
  • As a result of the pandemic, the fetching rate of bluefin tuna has unfortunately taken a nosedive, with most prices reduced to around 50% - 60% of what it used to fetch before the pandemic. This is primarily because of the impact of the Coronavirus in halting supply lines and shipments and the closure of sushi shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels all around the world.
  • The show, owing to its massive popularity and staying power, actually has a spin-off show called “Wicked Tuna: North vs South” and this spin-off features four of the northern captains from the original show duke it out with the Outer Banks’ top fishermen in capturing bluefin tuna fish in the deep waters of North Carolina.
  • During the pandemic, Wicked Tuna still filmed season 10 and saw Wicked Pissah, led by Paul Hebert grab the top spot over fan-favorite Hard Merchandise, captained by Dave Marciano.
  • Find out how long the Wicked Tuna season is here.


Wicked Tuna is a very niche show about fishing and finding the largest, heaviest, and best-quality tuna fish in the North Atlantic. Despite its rather narrow scope, the television series has captured the affection of people from all different countries and walks of life, which is why the show is still going strong heading into its tenth year on television.

So, the next time you and your fellow wicked tuna fans wonder, “Where are the Wicked Tuna boats docked,” you will definitely have a very good answer to the near decade-old question.

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