Why are Superyachts So Expensive? [The Costs Explained]

why are superyachts so expensive

Everyone wants a yacht, that’s just a basic fact of life. If you had the budget for it, you might even go for a superyacht. Considered the epitome of luxury maritime relaxation and enjoyment, the superyacht is as sophisticated as they get. These supersized watercrafts feature the latest and the greatest in water-top recreation, making them the golden standard for leisure chasers.

Now, it’s no secret that the humble yacht is already pretty pricey. But when compared to superyacht prices, they’re really no match. But why are superyachts so expensive?

Well, there’s a lot more to them than you might think.

How Much Do Superyachts Cost

Just like any other watercraft, superyachts fluctuate in price depending on a variety of factors. The size, the amenities on board, extra features, and even the brand of the vessel can have a major impact on how much it costs. But more than anything, it’s the size that will tell you what you should expect to pay.

Superyachts can span anywhere from 80 to 590 feet. Obviously, bigger boats cost more. Average prices for superyachts according to size can look something like this:

80 Feet or Less

The smallest superyacht size is anything but easy on the wallet. These babies can cost between $1,895,000 and $4,375,000. That’s exclusive of any added features like furniture, as well as the price of a crew.

80 to 120 Feet

These guys can be big enough to house a fully integrated beach club, pool deck, and a hot tub, to name a few things. They cost between $6,650,000 and $9,843,000.

120 to 160 Feet

Now we’re in celebrity territory. These super sophisticated luxury vessels can cost upwards of $17,933,000 depending on their amenities on board. If you’re a socialite with several hundreds of friends you want to host, this baby’s for you.

Interestingly, you can buy a superyacht through financing. But according to expert superyacht brokers who have been in the business for more than 25 years, there has yet to be anyone who has tried to buy a superyacht through financing. And that’s probably because even if you were to finance one of these luxury vessels, you’d have to pay a monstrous monthly mortgage that not everyone can afford.

Usually, the people who end up buying superyachts are those who can afford to pay them in full. Think along the lines of celebrities, politicians, prominent personalities, and business folk.

What’s the Difference Between Yachts and Superyachts?

When you say ‘superyacht’, you’re usually referring to a vessel that’s more than 80 feet in size. That said, anything below that would be considered just a regular yacht. However there are some debates claiming that yachts around 75 feet or over could still be considered a superyacht.

Other than that, superyachts require a crew - no questions asked. These vessels are exceedingly large, and may be a bit of a handful for just an amateur captain and his family crew. So aside from the yacht itself, you may have to consider the cost of the services of a crew to keep your superyacht operational and safe.

What Luxury Facilities Can Be Found on Superyachts?


If you can dream it, they can build it. Seriously, the sky is the limit when it comes to what kind of facilities you can have on your superyacht. But if you’re having a hard time imagining what you can get, here are some interesting facilities that many others have installed on their luxury boats:

Pool and Hot Tub

One of the biggest, most popular superyachts in the world - the 136-meter Flying Fox from Lürssen is also home to one of the largest pools in the superyacht world. The vessel houses a 12-meter pool, aside from several hot tubs around the deck.


The superyacht was designed so that people can essentially live on board for extended periods of time. And so it comes as no surprise that most of them can feature a complete gym facility. For smaller superyachts, the spaces might be cramped. But larger vessels can tout a full-on gym that can accommodate several tens of people at a time.

Dining Hall

A lot of the people who buy superyachts want to host parties and get togethers, which is why a dining hall might seem like an obvious addition. Space provisions will depend on the size of the yacht all together, but more sophisticated boats can also have complete, commercial-grade kitchens to achieve a five-star restaurant experience on-board.


Seems farfetched but it’s true. Some superyachts come with a helipad. The main purpose of the helipad is to make exotic destinations more accessible from your boat, especially if there isn’t any local transportation in place just yet to bring you from the water on to land. Helicopter not included.


This one would seem like a no-brainer, but just for the sake of laying down the facts, we’re listing it too. The bar will require a few crew members of its own, especially if you want it to be operational any time of the day. The bar is also almost always connected to some sort of party venue, complete with a dance floor and even a DJ booth.

Sports Amenities

Now, this depends entirely on the kinds of sports you enjoy. A superyacht can be designed to have any kind of court you might want, but most owners choose a basketball, tennis, or even a small golf course for their space.

The Epitome of Maritime Luxury

So, exactly why are superyachts so expensive? Well, the answer seems clear. These luxury vessels are much more than just a recreational watercraft. With amenities and features that could easily beat any five-star hotel, a superyacht provides the ultimate leisure experience out on the waves, putting you right in the lap of luxury. Of course, that also means they’re crazy expensive. But if money is no object, then there might just be a superyacht out there with your name on it.

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